File Title
1 Global map reveals 'unsafe levels' of biodiversity across 58 percent of Earth's surface
2 Quantum computing: Mothball chemical naphthalene helps technology work at room temperature
3 Call for more research into antidepressants and obesity link as rates for both grow
4 X marks the spot at centre of the Milky Way galaxy, indicates NASA's WISE mission
5 Humans and wild birds talk to each other to find honey in Mozambique
6 Did early campfires trigger the emergence of tuberculosis?
7 Jupiter's Great Red 'Hot Spot' may explain atmospheric mystery
8 Reef sharks in French Polynesia rely on annual mass grouper spawning for food
9 Captain James Cook delivered first chickens to New Zealand
10 Research head urges UK to seize Brexit opportunity
11 Last woolly mammoths 'died of thirst'
12 Slow-motion replays can distort criminal responsibility
13 Banking Britain's brains: The story of a scientific resource
14 'Hacking nerves can control disease'
15 MH370 was flown into water, says Canadian air crash expert
16 Plastic bag use plummets in England since 5p charge
17 May had objections to Hinkley Point, says Cable
18 Debate needed on 1.5C temperature target
19 English Bulldog health problems prompt cross-breeding call
20 Civic pride 'can help sustain urban biodiversity'
21 How a huge school of sharks 'flips the food pyramid'
22 China's elevated bus: Futuristic 'straddling bus' hits the road
23 Australia plans new co-ordinates to fix sat-nav gap
24 Womad: Bridging the gap between science and music
25 Our weird lack of hair may be the key to our success
26 Bloodhound Diary: Practice for heavy lifting
27 Baby boom for world's rarest parrot
28 Philae Lander: Farewell messages to Philae as life support ends
29 Exxon: An inconvenient truth
30 Where next for solar-powered flight?
31 Telegram denies Iranian mass breach
32 Cat drone inventor works on flying cows
33 Tech-savvy targeted by ID thieves, says Experian
34 Uber faces ban in Taiwan
35 Bitcoin drops more than 10% after security breach
36 iPhone fire left me with severe burns, says cyclist
37 Yahoo probes possible huge data breach
38 Pokemon Go makers face trespassing lawsuit
39 Hove bar blocks mobile phone signal to be more social
40 Self-drive taxis to be tested in Singapore
41 The Great Wall: Is Matt Damon 'whitewashing' or good business?
42 Can machines keep us safe from cyber-attack?
43 New gaming battleground lies in the cloud
44 Blippar's boss: The real life slumdog multi-millionaire
45 Who can't tweet about #Rio2016?
46 How Rio Olympics athletes are using tech to win medals
47 Social division stays in online learning
48 Inside Tesla's gigantic Gigafactory
49 Private schools extend lead in entrants to university
50 Outstanding schools take too few poor pupils, study says
51 Child Genius: 10-year-old Rhea named winner after mother's intervention
52 Eating disorders: Patients with 'wrong weight' refused care
53 Bradford Kings Science academy staff convicted of fraud
54 Student grants replaced by loans
55 Student debts wipe out most graduate pay premiums--report
56 Poverty costs UK 78 billion pounds a year, Joseph Rowntree Foundation says
57 Science careers not only for boffins, says Prof. Brian Cox
58 University research needs 'public impact'
59 Cancelled literacy and numeracy programme had 'positive impact'
60 Eskimology course faces big freeze
61 When students start a business in university
62 Are grammar schools about to make a comeback?
63 Australia's oldest first-time mother gives birth to daughter
64 Cancer: Thousands surviving in UK decades after diagnosis
65 Zika virus: Florida cases 'likely' to be first US-based infections
66 Sweden to investigate sex lives
67 Antibiotic resistance: 'Snot wars' study yields new class of drugs
68 Hour's activity 'offsets sedentary day'
69 Cancer found in ancient human ancestor's foot
70 Florida investigates four mysterious Zika infections
71 Drug 'may slow' Alzheimer's brain death
72 Scans reveal how teenage brain develops
73 Ice Bucket Challenge funds gene discovery in ALS (MND) research
74 Two-time cancer survivor 'feared' disease's return
75 Diabetes is no laughing matter, say young sufferers
76 A cheat's guide to staying active
77 Letter from Africa: Malaria, a bedroom battleground
78 How likely are you to meet your exact doppelganger?
79 What did the first farmers look like?
80 Autonomous space robots could assemble large telescopes, habitats
81 How a 'MeerKAT' sniffed out 1,300 new galaxies
82 SpaceX rocket sends cargo to space station, sticks another landing
83 K2 mission confirms 104 new alien planets
84 Adorable lemur paints a picture of Madagascar's past
85 How do hummingbirds navigate at such high speeds without crashing?
86 How a tiny, atom-by-atom hard drive can offer 500 times more storage
87 Did flight evolve by accident?
88 Slo-mo bot: How scientists built a biohybrid robot from slug parts
89 NASA commissions five new Mars orbiter designs
90 Turtle shells might not have evolved for protection, say scientists
91 SpaceX's next mission: to land three rockets at once
92 Is this Chinese delivery worker a real-life 'Good Will Hunting'?
93 Cave etchings reveal early dialogue between Native Americans, Europeans
94 Not an earthquake: US Navy explains vibrations in Florida
95 How tidal tugs trigger tiny earthquakes on San Andreas fault
96 Will 2016 be the hottest year on record?
97 Success! SpaceX Dragon cargo ship nails another mission.
98 Postage stamp travels to Pluto, earns world record
99 How hybrid butterflies evolve in the absence of males
100 Two Earthlike exoplanets might have evidence to support life
101 How was the right eye of the 'Man in the Moon' made?
102 Hollow-boned, predatory dinosaur offers insights into enigmatic Megaraptor
103 Why dark matter still proves difficult to detect
104 This wild bird will lead you to a beehive, if you know the password (+video)
105 Mars rover gets an upgrade and a new trick: self-guided laser shots
106 Hubble boldly peers where no man has gone before
107 Delta Aquarids will peak this week: Here's how to catch the meteor shower
108 Why scientists are trying to rebuild oyster colonies
109 Massachusetts was once full of loons. Can conservationists bring them back?
110 In lichen's symbiotic pairing, a third partner?