File Title
1 Queen's Researcher Examines the Evolution of Flight
2 DHS Seeks Input to Study Safeguards to Mobile Devices; Industry Day Events to Follow
3 Researchers Discover Key Mechanism for Producing Solar Cells
4 Novel Biomarkers Can Help Detect Illegal Blood Doping in Athletes
5 The Pains and Strains of a Continental Breakup
6 No Blood Vessels Without Cloche
7 New Training Videos Leverage ESnet's Expertise to Improve Network Performance around the World
8 Extensive Variation Revealed in 1,001 Genomes and Epigenomes of Arabidopsis
9 Research Shines Light on Lesser Known Form of Vitamin D in Foods
10 Restaurant Chefs are Using Functional Ingredients to Drive Menu Trends
11 Popularity of Healthy Oils, Clean Labels Heats Up
12 New ORNL Tool Probes for Genes Linked to Toxic Methylmercury
13 Scientists Delve into 'Black Box' of DNA Research
14 FSU Gets $10 million for Nuclear Research Center
15 In Gauging and Correcting Errors, Brain Plays Confidence Game, New Research Shows
16 Innovation Awards Address Clean Label, Sustainability, and Food Safety
17 PeerJ Launches a Free 'Jobs Board' for Academic Positions
18 Researchers Say Milk Works Best to Extinguish the Heat from Chile Peppers
19 Treasure Hunting Tool: New Data Portal Helps Organize Scientific Literature on Linkages Between Conserving Nature and Improving People's Lives
20 UF/IFAS Scientist Digging into Artichokes as Alternative Crop
21 For Ancient Deep-Sea Plankton, a Long Decline Before Extinction
22 Can We Protect Against Computers Being Fingerprinted?
23 Research Team Led by NUS Scientists Develop Plastic Flexible Magnetic Memory Device
24 Oceanographers Grow, Sequence Genome of Ocean Microbe Important to Climate Change
25 Minimalist Swimming Microrobots
26 Landsat--the Watchman that Never Sleeps
27 Cave Discoveries Shed New Light on Native and European Religious Encounters in the Americas
28 Dream Team Chosen to Study Basic Science of Nuclear Waste
29 Travel Broadens Chimps' Horizons Too
30 Scientists Herald 'Tipping Point' in Ability to Predict Academic Achievement from DNA
31 Scientists Create New Thin Material that Mimics Cell Membranes
32 Comparing Fungal Secretions to Uncover Carbon Compound Degradation Pathways
33 The Zebrafish's Growing Impact on Medical Research
34 To Catch a Wireless Thief
35 Stanford, SLAC X-Ray Studies Could Help Make LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector 10 Times More Sensitive
36 Institute of Food Technologists Announces 2015 IFTSA Competition Winners
37 Modern Off-Grid Lighting Could Create 2 Million New Jobs in Developing World
38 University of Massachusetts, Amherst Food Science Team Named Winner in the Disney-IFTSA Product Development Competition
39 Processing Boosts Some Foods' Nutritional Benefits
40 New Sensors on Packages Can Detect Spoiled Foods
41 Rod Linn-Modeling Wildfire
42 5G Wireless Networks Will Be Shaped by UW--Madison Engineers
43 New Study Finds that Expanding Development Is Associated with Declining Deer Recruitment Across Western Colorado
44 Researchers Discover Altruism Is Favored by Chance
45 Role for Enhancers in Bursts of Gene Activity
46 Policy Makers and Ecologists Must Develop a More Constructive Dialogue to Save the Planet
47 UF/IFAS-Developed Web Tool Saves Money for Strawberry Growers in Several States
48 Quantum Drag
49 Energy Department Grants $2.5 million for Biorefinery Waste Use, Renewable Bioproduct Study
50 ACI Chronicles Decades of Cleaning Product Safety Research
51 U-Michigan Solar Car to Defend Title in Race Through National Parks
52 After the Age of Dinosaurs Came the Age of Ant Farmers
53 Map Provides Detailed Picture of How the Brain Is Organized
54 NASA's Hubble Telescope Makes First Atmospheric Study of Earth-Sized Exoplanets
55 New Sun Cream Compound Offers Unprecedented Protection Against UVA Radiation
56 North American Forests Unlikely to Save Us from Climate Change, Study Finds
57 Neurons Form Synapse Clusters
58 More for Less in Pastures
59 Emotional Appeal Is a Crucial Ingredient for a Product's Success
60 New Surface Coatings for Food Facilities Hold Promise for Food Safety
61 Scientists Call for Replacement of Animals in Antibody Production
62 The Science Behind Beer and Food Pairings
63 Designing a Geothermal Drilling Tool that Can Take the Heat
64 New Therapeutic Targets for Small Cell Lung Cancer Identified
65 Tide-Triggered Tremors Give Clues for Earthquake Prediction
66 Scientists Unlock 'Green' Energy from Garden Grass
67 Cerebrospinal Fluid Signals Control the Behavior of Stem Cells in the Brain
68 New Intellectual Disability Syndrome Caused by Genetic Damage to Single Gene
69 Lighting the Way
70 Imaging Software Predicts How You Look with Different Hair Styles, Colors, Appearances
71 How the Brain Improves Motor Control
72 Researchers Discuss Challenges, Successes of HIV Cure Research in Science
73 Rare Wood Bison Calves Born at the University of Saskatchewan
74 Ecologists Create a Framework for Predicting New Infectious Diseases
75 Neuroscientists Get $3.2 Million to Study Brain Mechanisms Underlying Sex Differences in Social Stress
76 An Engineered Protein Can Disrupt Tumor-Promoting 'Messages' in Human Cells
77 Hubble Image of the Week-- a Stubborn Dwarf Galaxy
78 Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Jupiter
79 Engineers Design Programmable RNA Vaccines that Protext [sic] Against Ebola and H1N1 Influenza
80 Astronomers Discover Evidence of a 'Direct-Collapse Black Hole'
81 New Study Improves Our Understanding of Intercellular Communication
82 Astronomers Discover a Planet in a Triple Star System
83 Hubble Views the Heart of the Crab Nebula
84 Hitomi Mission Discovers a Quiet Space in the Perseus Cluster
85 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Maps Ceres Craters Where Ice Can Accumulate
86 New Study Adds Clues about Possible Water in Mars Canyons
87 Hubble Image of the Week--Starburst Galaxy MCG+07-33-027
88 Astronomers Reveal the Secrets of 'Frankenstein' Galaxy UGC 1382
89 New Cassini Image--Tethys Tops Saturn
90 A Peek Inside the Fuel Tank for World's Largest Rocket
91 A New Design Strategy for Better Lithium Oxygen Batteries
92 First in-orbit View from NASA's Juno Spacecraft
93 Astronomers Prove the Existence of a "Gravitational Vortex" Around a Black Hole
94 Researchers Develop A Universal Quantum Gate
95 Kepler Shows Warm Jupiters Not as Lonely as Expected
96 New Map Measures the Effects of Dark Energy in the Expansion of the Universe
97 New Research Opens New Realms of Light-Matter Interaction
98 A Quiet Space in the Core of the Perseus Cluster
99 Chandra Reveals Evidence for Violent Stellar Merger
100 NASA's Top 10 Pluto Pics from the New Horizons Spacecraft
101 Hubble Reveals the Vibrant Core of Galaxy NGC 3125
102 ALMA Detects Water Snowline Around Young Star V883 Orionis
103 Yale Scientists Recode Organisms to Resist Viral Contamination
104 Cassini Image Shows Saturn's Rings with Dione and Epimetheus
105 WISE Reveals the X-Shaped Bulge of the Milky Way
106 Scientists Show How Synapses Are Arranged with Respect to Each Other
107 Engineers Reveal a 'New Universe' of Organic Molecules that Can Store Energy in Flow Batteries
108 Hubble Unveils Galaxies Near and Far
109 Yale Researchers Cross the "Break Even" Point in Preserving a Bit of Quantum Information
110 NASA Study Reveals that Historical Records Miss a Fifth of Global Warming