File Title
1 Central line infection prevention bundles reduce number of deadly infections in newborns
2 El Nino drives fastest annual increase on record of carbon dioxide
3 Climate consequences of oil price uncertainty could be significant
4 Chemicals from wood waste
5 Miniature scaffolding could support fight against superbugs
6 Unraveling the food web in your gut
7 Air purification: Plant hemoglobin proteins help plants fix atmospheric nitric oxide
8 How females store sperm
9 Writing their name in the stars: Citizen scientists discover huge galaxy cluster
10 Shaping atomically thin materials in suspended structures
11 USF researchers find stroke damages blood-spinal cord barrier
12 Love is food waste
13 Study: Autologous stem cell transplant should be standard care for HIV-associated lymphoma
14 DNA shaping up to be ideal framework for rationally designed nanostructures
15 Botox's sweet tooth underlies its key neuron-targeting mechanism
16 Aerosols strengthen storm clouds, according to new study
17 Study identifies a potential therapeutic target for lung cancer
18 Starving cancer cells by blocking their metabolism
19 New research provides hope for patients with hard-to-treat breast cancer
20 Drug treatment of hyperactivity in kids may have levelled off in UK
21 Revised UK 'Eatwell Guide' promotes industry wealth not public health, argues expert
22 Good fathers sing simple songs
23 Reclaiming the immune system's assault on tumors
24 New insights into neural computations in cerebral cortex
25 Study gives new meaning to the term 'bird brain'
26 Diabetes drug lowers risk of cardiovascular complications, kidney disease
27 Arc volcano releases mix of material from Earth's mantle and crust
28 What are risk factors for dementia after intracerebral hemorrhage?
29 Breastfeeding, antibiotics before weaning and BMI in later childhood
30 Hospital or outpatient care when patients present with hypertensive urgency?
31 Study, research letter examine aspects of opioid prescribing, sharing
32 Mounting tension in the Himalaya
33 New planet is largest discovered that orbits 2 suns
34 Blocking PRMT5 might force resistant brain-tumor cells into senescence, study suggests
35 Eating more whole grains linked with lower mortality rates
36 Where were you born? Origin matters for species interactions
37 New material has potential to cut costs and make nuclear fuel recycling cleaner
38 Military members with PTSD/depression can be treated successfully in primary care settings
39 Opioid unknowns
40 Six in ten adults prescribed opioid painkillers have leftover pills
41 Not only in Hollywood: Gender pay gap persists in the arts
42 Nano 'hall of mirrors' causes molecules to mix with light
43 Weird, water-oozing material could help quench thirst
44 Many family physicians have inaccurate knowledge about lung cancer screening
45 Household air pollution linked to higher risk of heart attacks, death
46 Eating more whole grains linked with lower risk of death
47 Carbon dioxide biggest player in thawing permafrost
48 A new material can clear up nuclear waste gases
49 Cereal science: How scientists inverted the Cheerios effect
50 Proper maternal folate level may reduce child obesity risk
51 Success in second language learning linked to genetic and brain measures
52 Possible psoriasis drug target identified by Stanford researchers
53 Storage technologies for renewable energy can pay off
54 Radiation and vaccination can magnify effects of immunotherapy
55 Current diversity pattern of North American mammals a 'recent' trend, study finds
56 Eastern US needs 'connectivity' to help species escape climate change
57 Environment protection, profit and safety through mosaic cultivation
58 New nanomaterial offers promise in bendable, wearable electronic devices
59 The most prolific perpetrators of elder abuse may be living among them
60 Canada needs essential medicines list to ensure supply
61 Review: DJI's Phantom 4 sets new standard for affordable drones
62 New leaks show bigger lens opening on 'iPhone 7,' dual-lens camera on '7 Plus'
63 Apple hands out rainbow Apple Watch bands to commemorate LGBT Pride
64 Rumor: Apple's space gray 'iPhone 7' will be a 'much darker color'
65 French talk show resorts to iPhones to continue shooting after power outage
66 Twitter photo stickers coming soon to iOS app
67 Facebook launches custom-curated event picks to improve recommendations
68 Google may release self-designed smartphone by end of 2016--report
69 Safari 10 brings fast, native App Extensions to the macOS browser, web content
70 Apple under investigation by South Korean anti-competition body
71 New Chinese rules say Apple's App Store must track identities of users, developers
72 Apple's iPhone install base features growing 'powder keg' ripe for upgrades, Cowen says
73 New Apple patent backs company's interest in micro-LED for future devices
74 Review: Rachio's iPhone-connected Smart Sprinkler Controller is efficient, easy to use
75 Supplier ASE says Apple 'conservative' on orders ahead of expected 'iPhone 7' launch
76 Alleged 'iPhone 7' chassis shows symmetrical speakers, lacks 3.5mm headphone jack
77 Inside tvOS 10: New Apple TV Remote app for iPhone replaces your Siri Remote
78 Florida man sues Apple for over $10B, claiming violation of 1992 'reading device' concept
79 Apple retail employees invited to evaluate watchOS 3 wheelchair activity tracking
80 Apple expands iPhone "Trade Up" program to cover carrier fees, lowers maximum handset value
81 iOS 10 cracks open Apple's Siri voice assistance to third party apps
82 Apple Music banks on content creation to win artist exclusives
83 Apple's 'iPhone 7' again rumored to feature 'Force Touch ID' home button
84 On its 9th birthday, Apple's iPhone finds itself at a crossroads
85 Apple supplier Flexium expects sales rebound in July, likely tied to 'iPhone 7'
86 Samsung projected to ship 40M OLED panels to Apple ahead of rumored 2017 all-glass iPhone
87 Users upset by Evernote price hikes & two-device limit for free Basic customers
88 Apple issues fourth beta of iOS 9.3.3 as developers await iOS 10 beta 2
89 Cirrus Logic unveils Apple-authorized Lightning headphone development kit
90 Porsche expands Apple CarPlay support with 2017 Panamera
91 New photos show possible Lightning-equipped EarPods for Apple's 'iPhone 7'
92 Sioeye iPhone-connected sports camera streams live via LTE, includes 5GB free with T-Mobile
93 Hillary Clinton's tech platform backs Apple positions on encryption, privacy, innovation, patents, education
94 Apple uses platform dominance to 'lock out' competition, says Elizabeth Warren
95 Nancy Pelosi expresses disappointment over Tim Cook's GOP fundraiser
96 Apple gives away iPhone drawing app 'Procreate Pocket' through Apple Store app
97 TSMC expected to net big revenue boost on Apple 'A10' chips for 'iPhone 7'
98 Inside watchOS 3: Apple Watch app in iOS 10 lets you browse & customize watch faces
99 MetroPCS to sell Apple's iPhone for first time on Friday, but only in Florida
100 Spotify says Apple rejected update over App Store policies, 'causing grave harm' to service
101 NYC Apple reseller and community staple Tekserve to close Manhattan store
102 Sling TV splits into 'Orange' and 'Blue' tiers, adds NBC, BBC America & other channels
103 JVC ships promised KW-V820BT receiver with support for Apple's CarPlay
104 Apple CEO Tim Cook named lead independent director at Nike
105 Apple and NASA collaborate on Jupiter-themed short film 'Visions of Harmony'
106 Dell abandons its remaining Android tablets, 6 months after HP
107 Apple reportedly mulling Tidal acquisition for access to exclusive content
108 Renderings of Space Black 'iPhone 7' has hints of rumored dark Space Gray option
109 New third party iOS 10 App Extensions designed to extend Siri, Maps in tandem
110 Facebook removes 'Paper' newsreader app from iOS App Store, to discontinue service