File Title
1 British astronaut Tim Peake's next mission: inspiring the next generation
2 Astronomers spot infant exoplanet: What can it teach us?
3 National Pollinator Week: Is America doing enough for its bees?
4 Is your favorite pizza joint hurting the environment?
5 Newfound space rock is a 'quasi-moon' of Earth
6 Does Pluto harbor a hidden liquid ocean?
7 What's happening with the San Andreas fault?
8 Rare bipartisan bill to make household goods safer becomes law
9 South Pole rescue flight of 2 sick workers leaves Antarctica
10 Why do gravitational waves matter so much, anyway?
11 Dormant black hole awakens to devour star
12 Powered by the sun, aircraft makes historic transatlantic flight (+video)
13 Why is this Arctic snow turning pink?
14 Hubble spots a dark and stormy vortex on Neptune
15 Amber fossils trapped ancient insects wearing camo
16 Feathers, hair, and scales: Do they share a common ancestry? [cf. 84]
17 Have we been missing a hidden haven of biodiversity?
18 Could microbes be 'sentinels' for protecting coral reefs?
19 Global underwater camera survey reveals where sharks like to hang out
20 Monkeys' social circles shrink as they age--much like ours
21 Chocolate with less fat? Scientists make shocking discovery.
22 Will NASA really be ready to send astronauts to Mars by 2030?
23 Rocket launch success keeps China on track for second space station
24 NASA's Juno is about to make a bold attempt to orbit Jupiter
25 New Horizon's spacecraft spots humongous canyon on Pluto's moon
26 Could ancient wheat species play a big role in the future of food?
27 Enormous helium discovery deflates fears of shortages
28 Did our planet once have more than two magnetic poles?
29 What can amber-encased baby bird wings say about prehistoric flight?
30 How an invasive fish is threatening the Mediterranean Sea
31 See how NASA simulates year on Mars...on Earth's largest volcano
32 Is Jeff Bezos's secretive rocket company coming out of the shadows?
33 Will Adelie penguins be devastated by climate change?
34 Why cities of the future could be made of bone
35 Hubble reveals stellar fireworks in 'skyrocket' galaxy
36 Ceres comes into focus as a less icy, more mysterious world
37 Motivation to bully is regulated by brain reward circuits
38 Watching the brain during language learning
39 Little to no association between butter consumption, chronic disease or total mortality
40 Truth to age-old maxim 'work hard, play hard'
41 Hubble captures vivid auroras in Jupiter's atmosphere
42 Pipelines affect health, fitness of salmon
43 Hubble reveals stellar fireworks in 'skyrocket' galaxy
44 'Squishy' motors and wheels give soft robots a new ride
45 Watching a forest breathe
46 Climate study finds human fingerprint in Northern Hemisphere greening
47 It's not just a grunt: Pigs really do have something to say
48 Night-time light pollution causes spring to come early
49 Researchers discover powerful defense against free radicals that cause aging, disease
50 Early diagnosis, effective therapy vital for treatment of deadly invasive aspergillosis
51 Scientific breakthrough may limit damage caused by heart attacks
52 Genetically inherited high cholesterol increases long-term risks of coronary heart disease, stroke
53 Breakthrough in brain cancer research
54 New neuroendovascular technique shows promise in stroke patients with large-vessel clots
55 Stem cell treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease may be safe
56 New research could lead to restoring vision for sufferers of retinal disorders
57 Make no mistake, revenge is (bitter) sweet
58 Educating parents on healthy infant sleep habits may help prevent obesity
59 Physical activity boosts kids' brain power, academic prowess
60 Eczema: Daily 'soak and smear' or steer clear?
61 Electron scavenging to mimic radiation damage
62 Synthesized microporous 3D graphene-like carbons
63 Medical device regulation in the EU and US needs urgent reform, say experts
64 Saved by the sun: Solar-powered oxygen delivery system helps save lives in Uganda
65 Researchers create new method for identifying black holes
66 Tracking solar eruptions in 3D
67 Space team discovers universe is self-cleaning
68 How planetary age reveals water content
69 Key power-splitting component for terahertz waves
70 Surprising qualities of insulator ring surfaces
71 New artificial intelligence beats tactical experts in combat simulation
72 Animals 'inherit' their social network from their mothers, study shows
73 Fruit flies adjust to sudden drops in temperature, just keep buzzing about the fruit bowl
74 Ocean acidification affects predator-prey response
75 Protein in, ammonia out
76 El Nino could drive intense season for Amazon fires
77 As sea level rises, Hudson River wetlands may expand
78 Asteroid day will draw eyes to the stars, but the more urgent threat may be under our feet
79 Research reveals widespread herbicide use on North American wildlands
80 Plate tectonics without jerking: Detailed recordings of earthquakes on ultraslow mid-ocean ridges
81 Previously unknown global ecological disaster discovered
82 Mercury's origins traced to rare meteorite
83 Ancient 'Deep Skull' from Borneo full of surprises
84 Hairs, feathers and scales have a lot in common [cf. 16]
85 Analysis of 1976 Ebola outbreak holds lessons relevant today
86 UK's oldest deep-water Marine Protected Area successfully protects coral reefs
87 Statins controversy linked to rise in UK patients stopping the treatment
88 New study shows impact of human-made structures on Louisiana's coastal wetlands
89 'Get children playing outdoors' to improve academic success and reduce obesity
90 Simple reward-based learning suits adolescents best
91 How your parenting style affects your child's future
92 Need to remember something? Exercise four hours later!
93 Power causes distrust, study shows
94 New vision, model for genomic and clinical data sharing
95 Weak spots in Europe's 'Right to be Forgotten' data privacy law
96 Meaningful work not created, only destroyed, by bosses, study finds
97 Chronic fatigue syndrome is in your gut, not your head
98 Fix for 3-billion-year-old genetic error could dramatically improve genetic sequencing
99 Cannabinoids remove plaque-forming Alzheimer's proteins from brain cells
100 NASA scientists discover unexpected mineral on Mars
101 What makes individuals nasty or nice? Mathematical model explains
102 The universe is crowded with black holes, astronomers predict
103 Benefits of drinking coffee outweigh risks, review suggests
104 Scientists just made it cheaper to produce hydrogen from water
105 Fire discovery sheds new light on 'hobbit' demise
106 Text Messaging with Smartphones Triggers a New Type of Brain Rhythm
107 Some surfaces are wetted by water, others are water-repellent: A new material can be both
108 Engineers to use cyborg insects as biorobotic sensing machines
109 Mountaineering ants use body heat to warm nests
110 Humans artificially drive evolution of new species
111 Opal discovered in Antarctic meteorite