File Title
1 Universe is expanding faster than physics can explain
2 Did humans domesticate dogs twice--in Europe and Asia?
3 Bionic leaf turns sunlight into fuel
4 Magma chamber grows beneath New Zealand
5 Galactic 'superwinds' fling heavy metals into deep space
6 How electric eels leap to attack land animals
7 Ice age bison DNA sheds light on human migration
8 High-fat Mediterranean diet does not lead to weight gain: study
9 Tarantula venom helps untangle irritable bowel syndrome
10 Stone age Aegean farmers brought agriculture to Europe
11 Special scales let sea snakes feel movements in the water
12 Sex-shifting dragons hatch a 'third sex'
13 Space-based gravitational wave detector one big step closer
14 Herpes virus kills colonic nerves, causes constipation
15 Jawbone and teeth reveal hobbit's 700,000-year-old ancestors
16 Supermassive black hole found guzzling cold clumpy gas
17 Are clouds blocking our view of water on exoplanets?
18 Parasitic bees reproduce without males--thanks to genetic quirks
19 Coloured lights make mice sleepy--and stressed
20 Carbon emissions turn to stone after two years underground
21 Planning a trip? Scans show how your brain plots the route
22 NASA moves on to Pluto's rugged highlands
23 Light pollution masks night sky for 83% of people
24 Clinical trials show success for new cancer treatment
25 NASA lifts the lid on Martian dust storms
26 Cosmos editor-in-chief receives Queen's Birthday honour
27 Curiosity uncovers Mars' explosive volcanic past
28 Did life begin on carbon planets in the early universe?
29 Fish can recognise human faces: study
30 Are bacteria the secret to a great wine vintage?
31 Why pythons and boas look alike
32 'Handed' molecule found in space--what's the big deal?
33 Distant star shows the 'baby steps' towards a new solar system
34 Mars rover wraps up Marathon Valley exploration
35 Bright bird brains are packed full of neurons: study
36 More gravitational waves as black holes clash
37 How citizen scientists discovered a giant cluster of galaxies
38 Mystery meteorite found fossilised in quarry rocks
39 New insights into Pluto's outer moons
40 Hit the gym to beef up your memory--but not immediately
41 Don't look now, but we're being followed...
42 Gut bacteria linked to autism in mice
43 Meet the X-57, NASA's electric plane powered by sunlight
44 Cats use basic physics to home in on hiding prey
45 Slick new surface wicks oil in one direction
46 How stars blossomed after the baby universe's 'dark ages'
47 Climate change 'the key to megafauna extinction'
48 Quantum effects are key to DNA electronics
49 Giant baby planet found orbiting an infant sun
50 Polly wants a conjunction? Birds learn artificial grammar
51 Is brain training a sham?
52 Why some black hole jets blast out their galaxy--and others fail
53 'Electric wind' stripped Venus of oxygen
54 How to build a diamond factory
55 Mosquito spit and skin welts boost viral infection
56 China smashes supercomputer speed record
57 Aircraft vapour trails beef up--and brighten--clouds
58 Colliding black holes were once stellar giants
59 Wind nebula found around magnetar for first time
60 The sleeping giant black hole that awoke to destroy a star
61 Mesh wrapper bolsters a failing heart
62 Iceland braces for potential volcanic 'disaster'
63 Does this exercise protein boost your brain power?
64 A new tool to study neutron stars
65 An 'arms race' raging beneath our plants
66 Hair and feathers evolved from reptile scales: study
67 Hubble confirms new dark spot on Neptune
68 New models present the universe as Einstein saw it
69 Opal found in Antarctic meteorite
70 The top 10 emerging technologies of 2016
71 Water, water everywhere--the oceans of the outer solar system
72 Stamp out household fuels to help fix China's air pollution woes
73 Asteroid barrage warmed young Earth and encouraged life
74 Kiss or hug? Click or clack? Machines taught to predict sights and sounds
75 Rocks tell of oxygen-rich Martian past
76 Sizing up the Milky Way's first monster stars
77 Vast new reserves of helium discovered
78 NASA finds a better way to investigate Martian dust storms
79 Newest photo of Pluto stuns scientists
80 Astronomers discover colossal, real-life 'Tatooine'
81 One of ecology's oldest puzzles: Why does diversity cluster near the equator?
82 New images reveal Andrea Doria shipwreck deteriorating quickly (+video)
83 What underwater robots might be able to tell us about India's monsoon
84 Why aren't these lemurs singing in harmony?
85 Cat cafe study shows what cats and physicists have in common
86 Meet the first known mammal to go extinct from manmade climate change
87 Scientists discover 'key to life' molecules in space
88 NASA detects methane leaks--from a satellite in space
89 Why ancient butter keeps turning up in Irish bogs
90 Mars had explosive volcanoes? What the Curiosity rover just stumbled upon
91 'Astronomy of the 21st century': LIGO spots gravitational waves again
92 Do you have what it takes to colonize Mars? NASA might need you.
93 Astronomers spot asteroid in 'little dance with Earth'
94 Did our cells evolve out of a slow, symbiotic dance?
95 Are LED streetlights really the best answer to more efficient light sources?
96 Britain's 'Major Tim' readies for journey back down to Earth
97 Have scientists discovered an algorithm that could thwart ISIS?
98 Hold the phone--aliens might not call us back for 1,500 years
99 A 3-D printer is working in space: Why that's a big deal
100 Megafauna mystery: What killed off the mastodons, mammoths, and giant sloths?
101 Oldest oxygen in the universe could solve mystery of star formation
102 How to watch Blue Origin's rocket launch live
103 Will Bezos's Blue Origin be the first company to send tourists to space?
104 Strawberry moon: Rare astronomical coincidence promises an extra bright solstice
105 Britain's 'Major Tim' bids space adieu
106 How sticky spit helps chameleons catch big meals
107 'Strawberry moon' marks this year's summer solstice
108 Scientists look into mysterious force that whisked away water on Venus
109 How do songbirds learn their melodies? Scientists reveal clues.
110 Even as bleaching continues, hope remains for coral reefs