File Title
1 Ultra-thin solar cells can easily bend around a pencil
2 New analysis reveals large-scale motion around San Andreas Fault System`
3 Controlling light: New protection for photosynthetic organisms
4 Strong 'electric wind' strips planets of oceans and atmospheres
5 SORLA controls insulin signaling to promote obesity in mice
6 Crop breeding is not keeping pace with climate change
7 New 'Aspirin-Guide' app for clinicians helps personalize decisions about aspirin use
8 'Holy grail' of breast cancer prevention in high-risk women may be in sight
9 Discovery of newborn exoplanet could help explain planetary evolution
10 Twin birth defect risk may be higher among moms not on fertility treatment
11 Third to half of UK population lives with chronic pain
12 High levels of education linked to heightened brain tumor risk
13 10,000 windows onto biomolecular information processing
14 Scientists engineer tunable DNA for electronics applications
15 Has incidence of Parkinson's disease increased over past 30 years?
16 What does Zika virus mean for the children of the Americas?
17 Aspirin versus blood thinners in atrial fibrillation patients with stroke risk
18 Statins associated with lower risk of cardiac events for some patients, not others
19 Pharmaceutical industry-sponsored meals associated with higher prescribing rates
20 Difficult to predict low testosterone in older men using data on younger men
21 Tiny alpaca-derived antibodies point to targets preventing viral infection
22 New nanoparticle technology developed to treat aggressive thyroid cancer
23 Robotic motion planning in real-time
24 AFib patients at risk for stroke often prescribed aspirin instead of anticoagulants
25 Shared decision-making allows some athletes with heart condition to compete
26 Simple reward-based learning suits adolescents best
27 How early mammals evolved night vision to avoid predators
28 Newer tests could cut hep C diagnosis steps in half
29 Microbiota affect the rate of transplant acceptance and rejection
30 Understanding the resistance to treatments against breast cancer
31 Illuminating detection of deep cancers
32 Study finds manta rays are local commuters; not long-distance travelers
33 Clues from science past: Digitalization of analog data reveals past space weather patterns
34 Contaminated gloves increase risks of cross-transmission of pathogens
35 Artificial synapse rivals biological ones in energy consumption
36 Research shows new mechanism that can cause eye inflammation
37 Solar exposure energizes muddy microbes
38 Ancient rocks yield hard facts on safe storage of greenhouse gas
39 Mammals almost wiped out with the dinosaurs
40 Ongoing monitoring of Legionella in Flint in the wake of the drinking water crisis
41 Sharing of a bacterium related to tooth decay among children and their families
42 A multi-type queuing network analysis method for controlling server number in the outpatient
43 Dewatering natural fiber suspensions via compression
44 World's first 1,000-processor chip
45 News coverage of Hillary Clinton often emphasizes gender over competency, study shows
46 Marrying superconductors, lasers, and Bose-Einstein condensates
47 Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's disease
48 A new trick for controlling emission direction in microlasers
49 Rapid Medicaid expansion in Michigan didn't reduce access to primary care
50 Mothers with diabetes more likely to also have anti-fetal brain autoantibodies
51 New imaging method may predict risk of post-treatment brain bleeding after stroke
52 Researchers open hairy new chapter in 3-D printing
53 Rare, blind catfish never before found in US discovered in national park cave in Texas
54 New lizard found in Dominican Republic
55 Breaking out: How black hole jets punch out of their galaxies
56 Northeastern researchers find T-Mobile's Binge On doesn't live up to the hype
57 Astrophysicists release new study of one of the first stars
58 Fetal BPA exposure in mice linked to estrogen-related diseases after adolescence
59 A new form of hybrid photodetectors with quantum dots and graphene
60 Exercise may have therapeutic potential for expediting muscle repair in older populations
61 Discovery of gold nanocluster 'double' hints at other shape-changing particles
62 Unveiling the distinctive features of a promising industrial microorganism
63 Mother mongooses may risk death to protect unborn children
64 Safety-net hospitals remain vital resource for minority patients following health reform
65 Animal hormone is involved in plant stress memory
66 The pizza slice that comes at a price
67 Major differences between women and men who commit deadly violence
68 Terahertz radiation: A useful source for food safety
69 How much you weigh as a teenager is linked to your risk of heart failure in middle age
70 Circuit technology that resolves issues with high-frequency piezoelectric resonators
71 ECDC rapid risk assessment outlines actions to reduce the spread of the mcr-1 gene
72 E-cigarettes: Gateway or roadblock to cigarette smoking?
73 Unexpected excess of giant planets in star cluster
74 Smoking can hamper common treatment for breast cancer
75 Scientists discover mechanism of thalidomide
76 Bacterial physiology: Two sensors for the price of one
77 The PI3K protein: A potential new therapeutic target in pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
78 New research paves the way for improved individual treatment of patients with cancer
79 How do your parenting methods affect your child's future?
80 New mechanism activates the immune system against tumor cells
81 Multicolor super resolution imaging
82 X-ray free electron laser reveals radiosensitizing effects at molecular level
83 Potential drug target identified for Zika, similar viruses
84 Stanford researchers find new ways to make clean hydrogen and rechargable zinc batteries
85 Racial disparities found in children's urologic surgery
86 Women from the Caribbean and Africa at highest risk of ICU admission during childbirth
87 Improving poor soil with burned up biomass
88 A surprising new anole
89 Researchers refine method for detecting quantum entanglement
90 Tiny mirror improves microscope resolution for studying cells
91 When it comes to knowing your true self, believe in free will
92 The Lancet: Transgender rights critical for the health of 25 million transgender people worldwide
93 New imaging method reveals nanoscale details about DNA
94 Ancient DNA shows perfect storm felled Ice Age giants
95 New surface makes oil contamination remove itself
96 IBS engineers Landau-Zener-Bloch oscillations
97 Dividing the spoils of cooperation
98 Innovative device allows 3-D imaging of the breast with less radiation
99 Dull and dirty: Your workplace could affect brain function
100 Electric fields weaker in slow-healing diabetic wounds
101 Penn study finds sorority rush process negative, membership positive
102 Mechanisms & therapeutic targets of microRNA-associated chemoresistance in epithelial ovarian cancer
103 Analyzing how ISIS recruits through social media
104 Statin drugs reduce infection risk in stroke patients
105 ALMA observes most distant oxygen ever
106 Lacking family support, those transitioning out of foster care need financial assistance
107 Having a relative with epilepsy may increase your risk of being diagnosed with autism
108 Natural molecule could improve Parkinson's
109 Sandia researchers discover mechanism for Rift Valley fever virus infection
110 Study: Exercise can help adults better cope with ADHD symptoms