File Title
1 BC Children's Hospital researchers discover an early warning sign of transplant rejection
2 vs.Drugs@FDA: A comparison of results reporting for new drug trials
3 Permafrost thawing below shallow Arctic lakes
4 Gravitational waves detected from second pair of colliding black holes
5 Does inflammation contribute to premenstrual symptoms?
6 Diverting redirection spam
7 Vitamin D may not be the great solution to health problems
8 Innovative approach makes for a smoother ride
9 Study underscores ongoing need for HIV safety net program
10 Climate scientists are more credible when they practice what they preach
11 Special education professor advocates for steps to combat replication crisis in research
12 Eye-tracking system uses ordinary cellphone camera
13 Device for irregular heartbeat may be more cost-effective than medication
14 CSeptember announces new Canadian 24-hour movement guidelines for children and youth
15 Scientific gains may make electronic nose the next everyday device
16 How older people learn
17 Stem cell transplant from young to old can heal stomach ulcers
18 New insights into California electricity crisis may help prevent future crises
19 How do hydrogen droplets behave when hydrogen-oxygen aerosol mixtures burn?
20 Gravitational waves caught again
21 'Half of the people of Turkish origin do not feel recognized'
22 Black holes and measuring gravitational waves
23 700-year-old West African soil technique could help mitigate climate change
24 7-day doctors cut weekend emergency hospital visits by 18 percent, study finds
25 Liquid crystals open new route to planar optical elements
26 Color vision helps birds find good food and the right partner
27 African subterranean animal exhibits 'extraordinary' cancer resistance
28 Unlocking secrets of the immune system could help combat colitis
29 Survival of the fittest sperm: How new technology may help infertile couples
30 Cerebral microbleeds in MS are associated with increased risk for disability
31 Women's long work hours linked to alarming increases in cancer, heart disease
32 Pre and post testing show reversal of memory loss from Alzheimer's disease in 10 patients
33 Research may point to new ways to deliver drugs into bacteria
34 A single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-related social behavior in mice [cf. 63]
35 Carrots and sticks fail to change behaviour in cocaine addiction
36 'Disease outbreak guarantees'-- a proposed mechanism for enhancing public health capacity
37 Impaired decision-making may contribute to motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease
38 Pregnant women's high-fat, high-sugar diets may affect future generations
39 Your weight as a teenager is linked to your risk of heart failure in early middle age
40 Let there be light
41 Extent of resection associated with likelihood of survival in glioblastoma
42 Cancer-preventing protein finds its own way in our DNA
43 Combined radiotherapy and immunotherapy improve efficacy in a murine lung cancer model
44 Pitch range produced by vocal cords
45 Identification of an adrenaline receptor mutation in a family with atypical lipodystrophy
46 Receptor variation influences fingolimod efficacy in mouse multiple sclerosis models
47 African-American lupus patient immune cell characteristics may increase disease severity
48 Lab-grown nerve cells make heart cells throb
49 Football performance impaired by mental fatigue
50 Scientists detect most distant signs of oxygen in the universe
51 Summer session fruit fly data leads to promising new target in colorectal cancer
52 California county health programs yield high returns
53 How fat becomes lethal--even without weight gain
54 New procedure allows long-term culturing of adult stem cells
55 Overweight adolescent men more likely to develop severe liver disease later in life
56 Canadian forests a refuge as warming creeps north
57 The FBI must develop 21st-century investigative savvy
58 China's environmental programs pass the test
59 Modeling the behavior of pro-ISIS groups online, to make predictions
60 Absent investments, 200 million children may not reach their potential: Experts
61 Stinky or fragrant? Predicting changing odor preferences
62 Pitch range produced by vocal cords
63 A single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-related social behavior in mice [cf. 34]
64 China's big investment to fix environmental wrongs shows both people and nature can win
65 In science essay, WPI professor says FBI approach to investigations puts security at risk
66 Certain factors affect vitamin D levels in children with chronic kidney disease
67 ALMA detected the most distant oxygenstem 2
68 Life as we know it most likely arose via 'long, slow dance'
69 Need to remember something? Exercise 4 hours later!
70 Genetic mutation causes ataxia in humans and dogs
71 Cholera vaccine study in Haiti suggests problems with current booster regimen
72 Mosquito saliva increases disease severity following dengue virus infection
73 Cause of heart arrhythmia in adult muscular dystrophy clarified
74 Key compound for high-temperature superconductivity was found
75 Legions of immune cells in the lung keep Legionella at bay
76 New 'GreenWeb' tools aim to create an energy-efficient web
77 Video captures tadpole escape artists in Panama
78 Changed gut bug mix linked to C-section, antibiotics and formula lasts through baby's first year
79 Functional traits of Giant Sequoia crown leaves respond to environmental threats
80 Super-resolution microscopy reveals unprecedented detail of immune cells' surface
81 Researchers find potential key to preventing heart attacks, strokes in older adults
82 EARTH: Double trouble
83 Simulations describe HIV's 'diabolical delivery device'
84 Historic fossils find new life telling the story of ancient proteins
85 'Mosh pits' in star clusters a likely source of LIGO's first black holes
86 Engineering the immune system to kill cancer cells
87 Scientists detect second pair of colliding black holes
88 Depressed, out of work? Study suggests skills to help land a job
89 New gravitational wave observed from second pair of black holes
90 Postpartum depression least severe form of depression in mothers
91 A broken calorie sensing pathway: How overeating may lead to more eating
92 New type of meteorite linked to ancient asteroid collision
93 Bioactive film improves how implants bond with bone in animal study
94 New 3-D printed polymer can convert methane to methanol
95 Study offers explanation for why women leave engineering
96 Rush hour on Palmyra Atoll
97 Invasive Asian carp respond strongly to carbon dioxide
98 Adolescent sleep duration is associated with daytime mood
99 This week from AGU: Clues to life's origins, Martian dust storms, and more
100 CWRU physicists deploy magnetic vortex to control electron spin
101 On the path toward bionic enzymes
102 Misleading images in cell biology
103 Face of the future
104 When Britain was fringed by tropical seas
105 Research shows promising results for a device designed to protect athletes from sports-related brain injuries
106 Did gravitational wave detector find dark matter?
107 Bristol and Leeds collaboration reveals a new mechanism for protein secretion
108 New study highlights power of crowd to transmit news on Twitter
109 At any skill level, making art reduces stress hormones
110 A simple numbers game seems to make kids better at math