File Title
1 Dose of nature is just what the doctor ordered
2 Ocean forecast offers seasonal outlook for Pacific Northwest waters
3 Human brain houses diverse populations of neurons, new research shows
4 IU study: 'Smoke alarm' one of 36 genes newly found to play role in pain sensation
5 Broccoli sprout extract may protect against oral cancer recurrence
6 Fix for 3-billion-year-old genetic error could dramatically improve genetic sequencing
7 Driverless cars: Who gets protected?
8 Next-generation fluorescent and LED lighting thanks to new phosphor?
9 Lasers carve the path to tissue engineering
10 New findings challenge current view on origins of Parkinson's disease
11 Dengue virus exposure may amplify Zika infection
12 People with low birthweight due to genetic factors are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes
13 Longevity and human health may be linked to a muscle cell enzyme
14 Successful first observations of galactic center with GRAVITY
15 Providing bite count feedback helps lower calorie intake
16 Discovery of an epigenetic regulator of tumorigenesis suggests new strategies against
17 Novel study in Nairobi infants may accelerate path to HIV vaccine
18 Unexpected findings reveal insight into how cancer spreads in the body
19 Adherence to cancer prevention guidelines may reduce risk
20 Explosive renewables development can deliver on Paris
21 Good bacteria vital to coral reef survival
22 Loss of essential protein in the choroid plexus epithelium linked to hydrocephalus
23 Index could help identify women at risk for rapid bone loss
24 Maximizing biomedical research through integrated science
25 A strategy for 'convergence' research to transform biomedicine
26 Single gene drives prostate differentiation
27 Why fathers don't pass on mitochondria to offspring
28 Public's moral inconsistencies create dilemma for programming driverless cars
29 Doubled sensitivity could allow gravitational wave detectors to reach deeper into space
30 Researchers find more uses for immune system's 'Swiss army knife'
31 Easy integration of biological knowledge improves understanding of diseases
32 Scientists use 'virtual heart' to model heart failure
33 Scientists identify ways to prevent heat-related deaths from climate change
34 New technique settles old debate on highest peaks in US Arctic
35 New study provides unprecedented insight into the fine details of neuronal communication
36 Precise control of brain circuit alters mood
37 Diabetes and kidney disease may increase African-Americans' cardiovascular-related risks
38 Evaluation of commercially sold rapid rabies tests reveals serious problems with accuracy
39 Running releases protein associated with improved memory in mice
40 Monkeys get more selective with age
41 Smell tells intruder mice how to behave
42 The arms race at the plant root: How soil bacteria fight to escape sticky root traps
43 TSRI scientists reveal single-neuron gene landscape of the human brain
44 Researchers discover new chemical sensing technique
45 Light combined with time-based data sees more deeply inside the body
46 SwRI team finds a possible solution to 'faint young Sun paradox'
47 For women, healthy diets may help with mobility when aging
48 Finding new clues to a sugar suspect in birth defects
49 Zika virus alerts may have prompted uptick in abortion requests in Latin America
50 U of T Mississauga professor discovers new origins for farmed rice
51 Simple measures can reduce post-operative cognitive dysfunction in older patients
52 Creating more effective product recalls by improving traceability
53 The call of the sea: Mammalian evolutionary transitions back to the sea
54 Rates of nonmedical prescription opioid use and opioid use disorder double in 10 years
55 94-million-year-old climate change event holds clues for future
56 A 'Fitbit' for plants?
57 NYU research: The struggle to maintain accurate data on the prevalence of opioid abuse
58 X-ray echoes of a shredded star provide close-up of 'killer' black hole
59 RIT professor predicts a universe crowded with black holes
60 More reasons to eat your broccoli
61 Scientists reveal sub-Saharan Africa's legacy of past migrations over last 4,000 years
62 How huanglongbing affects oranges' detachment force, fruit properties
63 New study helps determine which older adults might need help taking medications
64 Bioplastic and biofabric tested for cucumber production
65 Teachers optimistic about Common Core writing standards, but not tests
66 Study: As Alaska warms, methane emissions appear stable
67 Some older adults live well, despite advancing years and the burdens of chronic diseases
68 Tele-psychiatry reaches rural kids in need
69 The new system that uses sound to alleviate water shortage
70 Are older adults being appropriately screened for colorectal cancer?
71 New gene therapy strategies emerging to combat vision loss
72 Study addresses safety concerns for older adults with diagnosed and undiagnosed dementia
73 Looking for a good nonprofit CEO?
74 How a woman with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory
75 Understanding how chemical changes in the brain affect Alzheimer's disease
76 Experts examine the environmental impact of crime
77 CU Anschutz researchers discover how West Nile virus triggers memory loss
78 Wild boars and wart hogs may have an internal compass
79 Lizard tail adaptations may reflect predators' color vision capabilities
80 Study links omega-3s to reduced mortality
81 Cancer, violence among top health concerns for Chicago's South Siders
82 New targeted drug effectively dissolves blood clots, has fewer side effects
83 Researchers provide new insights on coral bleaching
84 Changing the federal legal status of marijuana could boost research, ease confusion
85 Low doses of common cancer drug may promote cancer spread
86 Deficit irrigation from ebb and flow system effective for poinsettia
87 Cognitive reserve may help protect against delirium
88 Compound shown to reduce brain damage caused by anesthesia in early study
89 Protecting grapes from pests by boosting their natural immunity
90 Drug monitoring programs reduce opioid deaths: Study
91 Childhood-onset epilepsy has long-term effects on patients' health and social status
92 Barrier screens reduce damage from brown marmorated stink bug
93 Sequencing method precise enough to reveal mechanisms by which bacteria resist antibiotics
94 Decoding the glass 'genome' contributes to new functional materials
95 Study: One-third of hospitals in developing world lack running water
96 Smoking may have negative effects on sperm quality
97 Treatment of humans and pigs may reduce endemic tapeworm infection
98 Novel combination therapy developed at VCU Massey shows strong response in phase 1 trial
99 Neutralizing acidic forest soils boosts tree growth, causes spike in nitrogen export
100 Hops could help reduce breast cancer risk
101 Psychiatric diagnostic tools may not be valid for African-Americans
102 GraphExeter illuminates bright new future for flexible lighting devices
103 Impulsive children raised in caring families drink less during adolescence
104 Hip implants--metal wear impairs bone-forming cells' function
105 The absence of a single protein spurs muscle aging in mice
106 Bees are more productive in the city than in surrounding regions
107 Childhood antibiotic treatments reduce diversity and stability of intestinal microbiota
108 Soft decoupling of organic molecules on metal
109 Rare moth in severe decline at its last English site
110 NRL astrophysicist probes theory of black-hole accretion