File Title
1 Research connects discrimination, thoughts of death among African-Americans
2 Genetic signatures expose drug susceptibility in breast cancer cells
3 Study on a novel fault diagnosis method of rolling bearing in motor
4 Combination therapy may hold the key to slowing down Alzheimer's disease
5 New devices causing 'paradigm shift' in stroke care
6 Beach replenishment helps protect against storm erosion during El Nino
7 How the federal government limits valid scientific research on Cannabis sativa
8 Relationship quality tied to good health for young adults
9 UTSW research: Primary care visits result in more colon cancer screening, better followups
10 What did Earth's ancient magnetic field look like?
11 Neonicotinoid pesticides cause harm to honeybees
12 Tiny algae ideal for sniffing out nutrient pollution in water
13 MicroRNAs identified as novel targets for treating asthma
14 Computer sketches set to make online shopping much easier
15 Researchers offer new theory on how climate affects violence
16 Insects were already using camouflage 100 million years ago
17 Researchers devise new tool to measure polarization of light
18 Coal to solar: Retraining the energy workforce
19 Eyewitnesses who collaborate make fewer mistakes in police interview
20 'Flower Power': Photovoltaic cells replicate rose petals
21 How does climate affect violence? Researchers offer new theory
22 Arsenic accumulates in the nuclei of plants' cells
23 Top story for cancer research
24 Small brain--astounding performance
25 New era opens as first UK Robotics Week begins
26 Faster detection of pathogens in the lungs
27 Female blue tits sing in the face of danger
28 Molecular scissors help evolutionary investigation
29 Energy from sunlight: Further steps towards artificial photosynthesis
30 3-D-printed kidney helps doctors save woman's organ during complicated tumor removal
31 'Amazing protein diversity' is discovered in the maize plant
32 The use of non-fit messaging may improve patient choices
33 In mice, daughters of overweight dads have altered breast tissue, higher cancer risk
34 Siberian larch forests are still linked to the ice age
35 Where do rubber trees get their rubber?
36 Cross talk between hormone receptors has unexpected effects
37 Beneficial bacteria may protect breasts from cancer
38 Scientists uncover route for finding out what makes individuals nice or nasty
39 Depression decreases adherence to COPD maintenance medications
40 Scientists begin modeling universe with Einstein's full theory of general relativity
41 Amber fossils reveal ancient insect camouflage behavior
42 For nature, gravel-bed rivers most important feature in mountainous western North America
43 Hairs, feathers and scales have a lot in common!
44 New study highlights hidden values of open ocean
45 Analysis of genetic repeats suggests role for DNA instability in schizophrenia
46 Analysis of media reporting reveals new information about snakebites and how and when they occur
47 Simulations foresee hordes of colliding black holes in LIGO's future
48 New cancer immunotherapy drugs linked to arthritis in some patients
49 Should I stay or should I go?
50 How well do facial recognition algorithms cope with a million strangers?
51 Researchers discover oldest evidence of 'farming'--by insects
52 Overweight and obesity impact on periodontitis: A Brazilian birth cohort
53 Development of drugs for local treatment of oral conditions
54 Further characteristics of jaw injury and TMD: The OPPERA study
55 Researchers discover how faulty genetic instructions drive a deadly blood cancer in adults
56 Proteins put up with the roar of the crowd
57 Effectiveness of SDF in arresting root caries in different fluoridated areas
58 Gamma-ray irradiation improves safety of cell therapy for Parkinson's disease
59 Volcanoes get quiet before they erupt!
60 Nanotechnology and math deliver two-in-one punch for cancer therapy resistance
61 Visual cloud computing methods could help first responders in disaster scenarios
62 Salmonella in meat products reduced by 90 percent in new research
63 Hubble confirms new dark spot on Neptune
64 Ultrathin, flat lens resolves chirality and color
65 Starving stem cells may enable scientists to build better blood vessels
66 Nanoscientists develop the 'ultimate discovery tool'
67 Researchers investigate the role of diet in caries prevention
68 Health-care providers do not fully understand cancer risk from CT scans
69 Leading statisticians establish steps to convey statistics a science not toolbox
70 Antibodies that are effective against both dengue and Zika viruses
71 Sex with the lights on
72 Probing giant planets' dark hydrogen
73 Some viruses could survive on children's toys for hours and cause infection, study finds
74 WHO'S TB care advice violated standards, researchers say
75 Not only trauma but also the reversal of trauma is inherited
76 An effective but painful treatment
77 Novel gene-hunting method implicates new culprit in pancreatic cancer
78 A better way to predict diabetes
79 How molecules can do statistics
80 New research uncovers why an increase in probability feels riskier than a decrease
81 CU Anschutz program increases number of grants won by researchers
82 State laws aimed at curbing opioid abuse may not be working for one group with high rates of use
83 Chemists join forces to develop cheap, complementary method for classic reaction
84 Sea star death triggers ecological domino effect
85 Scientists learn more about how star-shaped brain cells help us learn
86 Chemical signal can make it easier to personalize medication
87 Russian physicists create a high-precision 'quantum ruler'
88 Superheroes are real
89 Rice scientists streamline synthesis of potential cancer drug
90 Migratory bears down in the dumps
91 Malaria--a mapping of artemisinin resistance confirms that resistance is confined to Asia
92 JBMR perspective: A crisis in the treatment of osteoporosis
93 The silencer: Study reveals how a cancer gene promotes tumor growth
94 Could wearable biosensors become part of drug rehab programs?
95 How yeast cells regulate their fat balance
96 To tool or not to tool?
97 Better information needed to understand extreme weather
98 Science Bulletin published Special Topic on 'plant development and reproduction'
99 KM3NeT unveils detailed plans for largest neutrino telescope in the world
100 A new bio-ink for 3-D printing with stem cells
101 Borophene: A prospective extraordinary sodium anode material for sodium-based batteries
102 New discoveries on evolution can save endangered species
103 Mycobacterium in olive oil for cancer treatment
104 Warning from the past: Future global warming could be even warmer
105 Molecular tools for bioengineering eukaryotic microalgae
106 Eating air, making fuel
107 Preparing for a new relationship: Coral and algae interactions explored
108 Computer vision system studies word use to recognize objects it has never seen before
109 Object and scene recognition software work together to understand video content
110 Disney method detects human activity in videos earlier and more accurately