File Title
1 HPV-Linked Cancers Still Climbing in U.S.
2 While Teen Cigarette Use Is Declining, E-Cigs Are More Popular, Study Says
3 Kids May Get a Surprising Health Benefit from Thumb-Sucking and Nail-Biting
4 The Surprising Link Between Dehydration and Obesity
5 Was Your Mom Right? Study Suggests Being Cold Might Foster a Cold
6 A Severe Head Injury May Increase Risk of Parkinson's Later On
7 Vanessa Hudgens's Chic Lob Is All the Hair Inspo
8 3 Power Moves We Can All Steal from Beyonce
9 This Cancer Drug Could Offer New Hope for People with Parkinson's Disease
10 Genes Tied to Red Hair and Pale Skin May Raise Melanoma Risk
11 First Baby Arrived Early? Second Baby Probably Will, Too
12 Ronda Rousey on Why She's Not Interested in Perfection: 'Perfect Never Gets to Silence Its Critics'
13 Is It Safe to Swim in Areas with the Freshwater 'Brain-Eating' Amoeba?
14 6 Things You Can Do to Avoid Jet Lag
15 It Turns Out Using Homemade Sunscreen Isn't as Wacky as It Sounds
16 This STD Is Becoming Harder to Treat
17 Too Much Red Meat Might Harm Kidneys, Study Suggests
18 First Case of Female-to-Male Sexual Zika Transmission Reported in NYC
19 New Study Links Gut Bacteria and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
20 Experts Not Sure How Utah Zika Patient Infected Caregiver
21 Definition of 'Dense' Breasts Can Vary Depending on the Doctor
22 This Monthly Vaginal Ring Could Help Protect Women Against HIV
23 Sasha Pieterse Has Something to Say to Body Shamers
24 3 Sculpting Exercises to Steal from Carrie Underwood's Routine
25 More School Is Better for Your Heart, Study Suggests
26 The Best Diabetes Drug for Your Heart and Mind? Experts Weigh In
27 Eating Healthy Fats Could Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
28 6 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Get-Healthy Inspiration
29 Healthy After 90? Yes, There's Good Living, Study Finds
30 New Drug Seems to Help People with Rare Disease that Causes Constant Hunger
31 Good News for Walkers: Brisk Pace as Good as a Jog for Avoiding Diabetes
32 N/A
33 N/A
34 'Mosh Pits' in Star Clusters a Likely Source of LIGO's First Black Holes
35 Activity of a New Synthetic Compound May Be Key to Cleaner Nuclear Energy
36 Scientists Detect Second Pair of Colliding Black Holes
37 Underlying Connection Found Between Diverse Materials with Extreme Magnetoresistance
38 Scientists Using Sunlight, Water to Make Clean Energy
39 With Spiraling Light, SLAC X-ray Laser Offers New Glimpses of Molecules
40 'Map' of Teenage Brain Provides Strong Evidence of Link Between Serious Antisocial Behaviour and Brain Development
41 Let There Be Light
42 Black Holes and Measuring Gravitational Waves
43 New Insights into California Electricity Crisis May Help Prevent Future Crises
44 Real Rocket Science: How Do Hydrogen Droplets Behave When Hydrogen-Oxygen Aerosol Mixtures Burn?
45 Survival of the Fittest Sperm: How New FAU Technology Might Help Infertile Couples
46 Physicists to Study Black Phosphorus for Its Potential Use in Fiber-Optic Communication
47 High Schoolers Study Ancient Pottery at Advanced Photon Source
48 Scientific Gains May Make Electronic Nose the Next Everyday Device
49 Changing Colors for Built-in Sunblock
50 Creating a Better Way to Find Out "When"
51 American Concrete Institute Announces New Concrete Repair Code
52 DOE Isotope Program Provides Target Material for the Discovery of Superheavy Elements
53 American U Physics Prof. Available for Comment on Latest #GravitationalWaves Discovery
54 Zooming in on Gluons' Contribution to Proton Spin
55 Historic Declaration Signed to Ensure Protection of Amazon Basin
56 New High-Capability Solid-State Electron Microscope Detector Enables Novel Studies of Materials
57 Mapping the Medieval: Ithaca College Professor Building Digital Model of Ireland's Trim Castle
58 Confirmed: Heavy Barium Nuclei Prefer a Pear Shape
59 New See-Through Material for Electronics
60 World's Most Efficient Nanowire Lasers
61 Pitch Range Produced by Vocal Cords
62 ALMA Observes Most Distant Oxygen Ever
63 Research Program Studies Industrial Hemp
64 Research Aims to Make Water Cycle Modeling Data More Accessible
65 A New Approach to Building Efficient Thermoelectric Nanomaterials
66 Dull and Dirty: Your Workplace Could Affect Brain Function
67 Multicolour Super Resolution Imaging
68 Tiny Mirror Improves Microscope Resolution for Studying Cells
69 Finding a Needle in a Crystalline Haystack
70 Discovery of Gold Nanocluster "Double" Hints at Other Shape-Changing Particles
71 Blueberries' Health Benefits Better than Many Perceive
72 XMT 2016: World's Top Memory Athletes to Compete June 24-26
73 Laser Manipulates Electronic Properties
74 International Team Investigating Marine Species Adaptation
75 Growing Graphene Ribbons in One Direction
76 Ancient DNA Shows Perfect Storm Felled Ice Age Giants
77 New Approach Measures How Much Carbon Dioxide Comes from Mine Drainage
78 A New Trick for Controlling Emission Direction in Microlasers
79 Will a Tiny Satellite Answer Life's Big Questions? Huge U of M Project Hopes So
80 Patterning Smaller Junctions for Ultrathin Devices
81 Atomic Sculpting with a Microscope
82 Predicting Loaf Volume Without Baking the Bread
83 UND Honored at Annual Summit for Work with Geothermal Technology
84 Scientists Seek New Physics Using ORNL's Intense Neutrino Source
85 Dewatering Natural Fiber Suspensions via Compression
86 Science Educators Convene to Discuss What's Next and New in Teaching Physiology
87 Controlling Light: New Protection for Photosynthetic Organisms
88 A New Partnership for Migration Research
89 Titan Shines Light on High-Temperature Superconductor Pathway
90 Tiny Alpaca-Derived Antibodies Point to Targets Preventing Viral Infection
91 Ultra-Thin Solar Cells Can Easily Bend Around a Pencil
92 Mystery of Powerful Lightning at Sea Not Solved Completely
93 Mysterious Enzyme Does Damage Control, Can Help with Health, Environment
94 'Space Tsunami' Causes the Third Van Allen Belt
95 NERSC Readying for Cori Phase 2 Knights Landing-based System
96 Astrophysicists Release New Study of One of the First Stars
97 New Analysis Reveals Large-Scale Motion Around San Andreas Fault System
98 Rutgers New Supercomputer Ranked #2 Among Big Ten Universities, #8 Among U.S. Academic Institutions by the Top500 List
99 CMI Taps the Power of Supercomputing to Find Rare-Earth Refining Alternatives
100 New Electron Microscope Method Detects Atomic-Scale Magnetism
101 Discovery of Newborn Exoplanet Could Help Explain Planetary Evolution
102 Crop Breeding Is Not Keeping Pace with Climate Change
103 Understanding Rogue Ocean Waves May Be Simple After All
104 Better Soil Data Key for Future Food Security
105 Water Stress Tool Set to 'Go Live'
106 New Test Can Detect Plant Viruses Faster, Cheaper
107 Stony Brook's Clean Water Technology Center Proposes Replacement for LI Cesspools that Removes Nitrogen & Other Contaminants
108 Important Milestone Reached on Road to a Redefined Kilogram
109 Why Planes Freeze
110 How Water Droplets Freeze: The Physics of Ice and Snow