File Title
1 Mercury's surface was formed deep within the planet
2 A 6,000 year old 'telescope' to watch the stars
3 Scientists discover new 'dark' state of hydrogen
4 Fireplace discovery sheds light on hobbits' demise
5 Stealth black hole found lurking in the Milky Way
6 Mysterious Martian dunes snapped by Curiosity rover
7 How frigate birds stay aloft for months
8 Juno's risky rendezvous with Jupiter
9 Rosetta all set for fact-finding finale
10 Our primitive solar system was a mixed bag of ice and rock
11 CERN finds four new X particles--how big a deal is this?
12 Where did Mars' moons come from?
13 Does grass hold the secret to more efficient crops?
14 NASA extends New Horizons mission
15 Antarctic sea ice expansion driven by natural variability: study
16 'We conquered Jupiter': Juno successfully slots into orbit
17 What coconuts can teach us about building design
18 The problem with a long penis (if you're a beetle)
19 Singing cicada advertises a singles bar for parasitic flies
20 Volcanoes weakened dinosaurs while asteroid dealt knock-out blow
21 The secret to a flea beetle's powerful jumping skills
22 Swordfish hit high speeds thanks to lubricating oil
23 How pear-shaped nuclei may help search for antimatter
24 A ringside seat at the birth of stars
25 Deadly fungal spores stab holes in Zika mosquito larvae
26 Tails gave early land animals a leg up
27 Astronomers discover planet with three suns
28 Introducing robo-ray: part animal, part machine
29 Does a shifty lens help octopuses see colours?
30 Dawn maps Ceres' permanently icy craters
31 Bacteria gene may help crops soak up more sun
32 Gravity tested for the first time with quantum spin
33 Humans are still evolving: study
34 Did supernova radiation showers accelerate evolution?
35 Double memory storage with magnetic and electric signals
36 Computers 'cheat' the Turing test by staying silent
37 Astronomers spot new distant dwarf planet
38 Scientists warn of Bangladesh earthquake time bomb
39 How artificial sweeteners can beef up your appetite
40 NASA releases first image from Juno's orbit of Jupiter
41 The latest from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
42 New coral camera zooms in on reefs' secrets
43 Poo transplants transfer much more than bacteria
44 For lizards, looking good can be lethal
45 Star blast gives astronomers a first-time look at baby solar system 'snow line'
46 Looking back on a year since the Pluto fly-by
47 Bizarre giant galaxy found in quiet corner of the universe
48 Ducklings: not the bird brains you thought they were
49 Neolithic farming 'invented by several populations at once'
50 Dinosaurs disappeared under a blanket of smoke: study
51 Prefer death metal to Debussy? You have your environment to thank
52 Ironing out the mysteries of Earth's deepest rocks
53 Carbon nanotube implant guides spinal nerve growth
54 3-D map of 1.2 million galaxies sheds light on dark energy
55 Hubble spots distant starburst galaxy
56 Kepler discovers 104 new exoplanets
57 New dinosaur species had tiny arms like T. rex
58 Supercontinents tore apart 'like a thick piece of dough'
59 Room temperature quantum computing on the way
60 How the moon causes Californian earthquakes
61 Ancient brain of our closest fish cousins uncovered
62 Humans can see a single photon at a time
63 Why supervolcanoes erupt with cataclysmic explosions
64 What shape are photons? Quantum holography sheds light
65 Moon basin gouged by pieces of proto-planet
66 Why jetlag is worse flying east
67 Meet Murusraptor, a 'giant thief' among dinosaurs
68 Latest search for dark matter draws a blank
69 Baby's Healthy Gut Bacteria Could Be Altered by Antibiotics, Formula Feeding, and C-Section
70 After 26 Years, Here's Why this Oregon Woman Decided to Stop Shaving Her Face
71 3 Babies Born in the U.S. with Birth Defects from Zika
72 Why IVF Made Maria Menounos Feel Self-Conscious at Her Health Cover Shoot
73 After Three Nights of Poor Sleep, Even Caffeine Can't Help
74 Nearly 2 Million U.S. Kids Suffer from Concussions Every Year
75 Have Scientists Discovered a Possible Way to Stop Zika Virus in Its Tracks?
76 No Amount of Lead Is Safe for Kids, Experts Say
77 These Fake Magazine Covers About Anxiety Are So Relatable
78 Why Are More American Men Getting Parkinson's Disease?
79 Long Work Hours May Hurt Health--Especially for Women
80 Scratching a Mosquito Bite May Help Zika Virus Spread Faster in the Body
81 The 'Love Hormone' Gene May Be Key to a Healthy Social Life
82 Americans Spending More Money on Acupuncture, Yoga, and Other Natural Remedies
83 Everything You Need to Know About the Bullet Journaling Trend
84 How One Amazing Dad's Tattoo Is Raising Awareness for Childhood Cancers
85 Daisy Ridley's Face Mask Mishap Is All of Us
86 Brazilian Man with Zika Virus Develops Severe Eye Condition
87 Doing this at Bedtime Could Temporarily Harm Your Vision
88 The FluMist Nasal Flu Vaccine Is Ineffective, CDC Panel Says
89 A Healthy Lifestyle Can Slash Cancer Risk by Up to 45%
90 Want to Live a Longer, Healthier Life? Eat More Fiber
91 At Least 10 Pregnant Women in Dallas Have Zika Virus, Officials Say
92 Kids with Helicopter Parents May Be More Prone to Anxiety and Depression
93 Many U.S. Teens Taking Risky Supplements to Bulk Up or Slim Down
94 Babies Who Stand Earlier May Do Better in Preschool
95 Chrissy Teigen Breastfeeds Her Baby Luna in Her Latest Glam Selfie
96 Cassey Ho Opens Up About Her Past Eating Disorder: 'I Thought I Had to Be Super Skinny'
97 The $9 Beauty Product that Kim Kardashian Swears By
98 Babies with Normal-Shaped Heads Could Still Be Affected by Zika, Report Says
99 Mindy Kaling Celebrating Her Mile PR Is All of Us
100 How to Avoid Getting a Dry Patch from Your Zit Cream
101 7 Famous Women on How They Really Feel in a Bathing Suit
102 These 3 Treatments Seem to Help People with Binge-Eating Disorder
103 How U.S. Farm Subsidies Could Be Contributing to the Obesity Epidemic
104 Ashley Graham's Latest #BodyPos Message Will Leave You Totally Inspired
105 Pasta Isn't the Reason People are Obese, Italian Researcher Say
106 4 in 10 Popular Sunscreens Don't Meet Sun Safety Standards
107 U.S. Teens Are Drinking Less Soda, Survey Finds
108 Medical Marijuana May Reduce the Need for Other Rx Meds, Study Says
109 All About the Scary Throat Emergency that Nearly Killed Sarah Silverman
110 FDA Approves Acne Drug Differin for Over-the-Counter Sale