File Title
1 Hobbit discovery: Hopes 700,000-year-old find could shed new light on evolution
2 Frog mating position discovered by scientists in India, previously unknown among 7,000 species
3 How the human voice produces notes over a large range modelled by computer for first time
4 Climate helped drive demise of South America's giant beasts
5 Chameleons' ultra-sticky tongues help them catch dinner
6 The antimatter mystery: Annihilation and a universe that shouldn't exist
7 Why exercise might boost your memory
8 EU referendum: UK science wakes up to new future
9 Solar Impulse completes Atlantic crossing with landing in Seville
10 Scientists hungry to deliver food system paradigm shift
11 Buenos Aires to shut scandal-prone zoo
12 Rise of border fences hampers wildlife movements
13 Diesels more polluting below 18C, research suggests
14 Warmer winters play important role in EU emissions drop
15 Peake: 'I would return to space in a heartbeat'
16 Iceland's fishing industry 'better off outside' EU
17 New crop varieties 'can't keep up with global warming'
18 How early mammals evolved night vision to escape dinos
19 China builds world's most powerful computer
20 We know where the world's loneliest species came from
21 Mars crater named after Nepal quake village Langtang
22 Bloodhound Diary: Funding to crack on
23 Tim Peake: What has Britain's astronaut achieved?
24 Dead Sea drying: A new low-point for Earth
25 Corruption soils Afghanistan's bright blue treasure
26 Brexit: UK tech sector reacts to Leave vote
27 Privacy Shield: White House makes EU spying promise
28 Brexit: 'Surge' in searches on Irish passports, says Google
29 Uber to 'hide' surge pricing notifications
30 Fans angry over 'missing' iPhone 7 headphone socket
31 'Cut!'--the AI director
32 Electric car sets world acceleration record
33 Software firm Twilio soars 88% on first day of trading
34 Mark Zuckerberg masks Mac webcam and microphone
35 Hasselblad is first mirrorless medium-format digital camera
36 Blackberry loss widens to $670m
37 South Korea's Kia tops US car quality ranking
38 Snap, swipe, like: The mobile future of fashion retail
39 'Virtual doctors' helping patients in Zambia
40 The social media tipsters who win when you lose
41 How Wimbledon will use IBM's Watson to serve up data
42 Could tech reduce food waste and help feed the world?
43 Is tech addiction making us far more stressed at work?
44 Twilio IPO: Unicorn start-up faces its Wall Street test
45 EU Referendum: Reassurance sought over EU students
46 Teaching union backs programme of strikes
47 Poor pupils 'are still let down,' warns Ofsted boss
48 'Off-topic' exam sparks protest by Basingstoke students
49 Teaching assistants face violence at work, says union
50 Child sex abuse: More than 100 rapes with online link in past year
51 Sunshine fear halts Jersey school beach trip
52 Welsh universities firmly behind EU membership
53 Second Scottish teaching union to vote on industrial action
54 Northern Ireland Science Park to launch major expansion plan
55 Mexico teachers protest: Six killed in Oaxaca clashes
56 Farnborough teacher struck off for sex with student
57 First fairytale festival to be held in Selkirk
58 Basques reinvent themselves as education power
59 Tutors become part of the app culture
60 Peake practice--boosting primary science
61 Biff, Chip and Kipper books: 30 years of teaching children to read
62 Will Ofsted be less independent without Wilshaw?
63 Princess Beatrice urges young to speak up for themselves
64 Supporting the children who witness domestic violence
65 Kick-starting a campaign for better manners
66 Teacher training: A slow-burning fuse?
67 Abortion demand 'soars' amid Zika fear
68 Ginger and acupressure 'options for morning sickness'
69 BBC's Caroline Wyatt 'determined' after MS diagnosis
70 Second baby for womb transplant mum
71 Yellow fever vaccine: UN backs lower doses amid shortage
72 Philadelphia to bring in 'soda tax' to fight obesity
73 Cancer risk from coffee downgraded
74 Zika virus: Risk of spread from Olympics 'very low' says WHO
75 Obesity boom 'fuelling rise in malnutrition'
76 Pregnant women with epilepsy 'need specialist care'
77 Spread of human disease from animals mapped
78 Light pollution 'affects 80% of global population'
79 Bubbly drink trial 'to boost cancer therapy'
80 'Harmful' robot aims to spark AI debate
81 'Virtual doctors' helping patients in Zambia
82 Microcephaly in Brazil: The battle to survive the first year
83 Butterfly effect--how a mother's loss opened the conversation on baby death
84 Angola's front line against yellow fever
85 The onward march of the new young fogey
86 'There's no point giving free cancer drugs to Africa'
87 Widow's court battle over frozen embryos
88 Science stars of China
89 Infections reveal inequality between the sexes
90 Daring Antarctic rescue mission sets off for South Pole
91 Funding for model-organism databases in trouble
92 Election campaigns edge Australia towards climate consensus
93 First CRISPR clinical trial gets green light from US panel
94 Giant SKA telescope rattles South African community
95 Canadian earthquake detector has deep-sea edge over US rival
96 Stranger bequeaths fortune to prominent neuroscientist
97 Science in China
98 Infectious shellfish cancers may jump across species
99 China's bid to be a DNA superpower
100 Quantum computer makes first high-energy physics simulation
101 Plan to fly rhinos to Australia comes under fire
102 Researchers reeling as UK votes to leave EU
103 Expansion of early Universe modelled in unprecedented detail
104 How scientists reacted to the Brexit
105 Boon or burden: what has the EU ever done for science?
106 The ups and downs of data sharing in science
107 Support gun research
108 The future of Chinese research
109 Bring climate change back from the future
110 Bioethics in China: No wild east
111 Policy: Boost basic research in China