File Title
1 How citizen journalism can lead to cyber bullying
2 Youth with parents, household members in prison more likely to have first baby before marriage
3 Research reveals pain and pleasure of sad music
4 Huge ancient river basin explains location of the world's fastest flowing glacier
5 Spintronics: Resetting the future of heat assisted magnetic recording
6 Origin of a myth: The second trauma cure for amnesia
7 Blood pressure medications reduce stroke and heart attack in peritoneal dialysis patients
8 Migraine as a risk marker for stroke and heart attack
9 Foam explosion in super slow motion (video)
10 As Olympics near, study finds low levels of physical activity in Brazil
11 Preparing medical students for the 'third science'
12 MicroRNA may help control arterial thrombosis
13 Fighting virtual reality sickness
14 Antibiotics against severe salmonella infections in Africa increasingly ineffective
15 Cats seem to grasp the laws of physics
16 Brain in a dish to learn more about Alzheimer's disease
17 Lifestyle habits linked to pain conditions already in childhood
18 Study enables first-time analysis of earliest stage of HIV infection
19 Helping co-workers can wear you out
20 Oxytocin in the recognition of emotions
21 A new framework for inferring community assembly processes in ecology
22 Overcome strength-training plateau with accentuated eccentric loading
23 MicroRNAs help to predict disease progression in brain tumors
24 Policing: 2 officers 'on the beat' prevent 86 assaults and save thousands in prison costs
25 Islands and their ecosystems
26 Sleep hormone helps breast cancer drug kill more cancer cells
27 End of an era: New sixth volume Research on Chrysomelidae the last with its original editors
28 Chill coffee beans for a more flavorsome brew, say scientists
29 Neolithic paddy soil reveals the impacts of agriculture on microbial diversity
30 Drum beats from a one atom thick graphite membrane
31 Researchers uncover how environmental pollutant dioxin alters brain development in mice
32 Virus uses 'stolen' CRISPR to hack its host's immune system
33 How to diagnose systemic infections much more quickly and reliably
34 Landmark study suggests cranberries can decrease use of antibiotics
35 Genome sequencing helps determine end of tuberculosis outbreak
36 Global ethane concentrations rising again, says CU-Boulder-led study
37 Adolescent alcohol and marijuana use predicts poor academic performance & health problems
38 New plant engineering method could help fill demand for crucial malaria drug
39 PLOS Medicine Policy Forum: Direct-to-consumer marketing to people with hemophilia
40 Climate and society will determine the future of wildfire in the South
41 New study shows nighttime sleep-aid helps people experiencing occasional sleeplessness
42 Healthy plant-based diet linked with substantially lower type 2 diabetes risk
43 Opioids increase risk of death when compared to other pain treatments
44 First detection of a chiral molecule in space
45 New equation reveals how other people's fortunes affect our happiness
46 Prebiotic molecule detected in interstellar cloud
47 Researchers discover why stress leads to increased seizures in epilepsy patients
48 Improving data sharing on a European level recently published by Dove Medical Press
49 Pythons and boas shed new light on reptile evolution
50 Ancient DNA analysis explains spread of domestic goats from Fertile Crescent into Caucasus
51 In the fight to control glucose levels, this control algorithm comes out on top
52 Electronic bacteria sensor is potential future tool for medicine and food safety
53 PET points to tau protein as leading culprit in Alzheimer's
54 An unexpected origin for calming immune cells in the gut
55 FDG PET evaluates immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer
56 Marine life quickly recovered after global mass extinction
57 In MS, can better sleep improve cognition?
58 Drying Arctic soils could accelerate greenhouse gas emissions
59 Neutrons reveal unexpected magnetism in rare-earth alloy
60 Carbon dioxide biggest player in thawing permafrost
61 Natural quasicrystals may be the result of collisions between objects in the asteroid belt
62 Molecular imaging of neuroendocrine tumors optimizes radiotherapy dose
63 Algorithm ranks thermotolerance of algae
64 San Francisco State University astronomer helps discover giant planet orbiting 2 suns
65 A gene called Prkci helps organize organisms and their organs
66 Failed star creates its own spotlight in the universe
67 Rolling on Molly: US H.S. seniors underreport ecstasy use when not asked about Molly
68 New discovery may improve future mosquito control
69 Largest crowdsource astronomy network helps confirm discovery of 'Tatooine' planet
70 Carbon dioxide biggest player in thawing permafrost
71 Physical activity builds stronger bones, even in children with genetic risk
72 Sleep duration varies by alcohol drinking patterns, race, and sex
73 Culture crash: How common pediatric diseases affect the healthy intestinal microbiome
74 New planet is largest discovered that orbits 2 suns
75 A common enemy: Through clinical trials, veterinarian fights cancer in animals, humans
76 UChicago physicists first to see behavior of quantum materials in curved space
77 Video game playing negatively influences adequate sleep and bedtimes
78 Future summers could be hotter than any on record
79 Novel capping strategy improves stability of perovskite nanocrystals
80 Probing proteins' 3-D structures suggests existing drugs may work for many cancers
81 Rice University's nanosubs gain better fluorescent properties for tracking
82 Researcher pushes for tool to combat drug shortages
83 Experimental antibiotic treats deadly MRSA infection
84 Research shows Antarctic lakes are a repository for ancient soot
85 Efficient hydrogen production made easy
86 Lack of transportation hampers hungry children from getting free summer meals, study finds
87 Yale scientists amplify light using sound on a silicon chip
88 Screening strategy may predict lethal prostate cancer later in life
89 Caffeine has little to no benefit after 3 nights of sleep restriction
90 New approach to microlasers
91 Study: Training helps those with mild cognitive impairment
92 New research reveals secrets of former subglacial lakes in North America
93 Watching 'jumping genes' in action
94 Receptor in nasal cavity may be linked to preference for high-fat food
95 Ferroelectric materials react unexpectedly to strain
96 Middle-aged more likely to be diagnosed with advanced lung cancer
97 Chronic sleep restriction negatively affects athletic performance
98 Adjuvant chemotherapy improves overall survival in patients with stage IB NSCLC
99 Researchers discover new therapeutic approach for cardiorenal syndrome type 2
100 New research uses novel approach to study plant mimicry
101 Study suggests another look at common treatments for hemophilia
102 Mouse model shows that Notch activation can drive metastatic prostate cancer
103 Businesses can save 30 percent on electrical bills by adjusting production schedules
104 Topical application of antiretroviral drug combination prevents transmission of HIV
105 Wellesley research: Life's origins may result from low-energy electron reactions in space
106 MDI Biological Laboratory to offer lecture series on the science of aging
107 Recharge with sleep: Pediatric sleep recommendations promoting optimal health
108 Extreme trans-Neptunian objects lead the way to Planet Nine
109 Children less likely to trust ugly people
110 Insights into the ecology of the microbiome