File Title
1 Differences in CEO leadership style, company culture improve firm performance, study finds
2 UNC professor identifies research priorities for National Institutes of Health
3 Study finds first evidence that PD-1 antibody could help men with metastatic prostate cancer
4 Which strategies are most effective for reducing use of low-value health services?
5 New study shows differences in blood pressure variation across ethnicity
6 Study shows allocation of police resources affects economic welfare, inequality
7 Students' PTSD symptoms fluctuate greatly during first year of college
8 Certain characteristics predispose women to different hot flash and night sweat patterns
9 More evidence that male and female brains are wired differently
10 Hungry parents may feed their kids more, UF study finds
11 Mass. General study links developmental and lipid handling pathways in C. elegans
12 Tiny 'racetracks' show how bacteria get organized
13 Shocking new role found for the immune system: Controlling social interaction
14 Penn preclinical study outlines cardiovascular side effects of breast cancer drug
15 Tendon, heal thyself!
16 Doubling up to fight pain
17 Americans say political candidates are not listening to their health concerns
18 Indestructible bridges could be reality
19 This week from AGU: Dormant volcanoes, climate tipping points, and 3 research spotlights
20 Reducing racial bias possible in older children, finds UBC study
21 Study uses text-mining to improve market intelligence on startups
22 Nivolumab cost-effectiveness improves by selecting non-squamous NSCLC PD-L1+ patients
23 New dissolvable metal support enables 3-D printing of complex metallic structures
24 Upstream trenches, downstream nitrogen
25 Discovery of new strains of the HTLV-4 virus in hunters bitten by gorillas in Gabon
26 Mini-brain model of idiopathic autism reveals underlying pathology of neuronal overgrowth
27 Millennials and marrying young: Like mother, like child
28 Drug-use may hamper moral judgment
29 Possible to account for disadvantaged populations in Medicare's payment programs
30 NYU researchers report cybersecurity risks in 3-D printing
31 Adipose analysis on microfluidic chips
32 What free will looks like in the brain
33 Playing action video games boosts visual motor skill underlying driving
34 Tiny works of art with great potential
35 How plants can grow on salt-affected soils
36 Analysis of ant colonies could improve network algorithms
37 Study showing how primate brain develops can help understand human developmental disorders
38 New tool to identify persons with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
39 Simple procedure could improve treatment for common eye disease
40 CCNY-led study finds differing treatment options for women smokers
41 Treatment targets HIV's last hiding place
42 Fat cells may play key role in battle against breast cancer: York U study
43 Researchers at the UPV/EHU characterize the materials of Punta Begona Galleries
44 Food nudging can help us to eat in a healthier way
45 A comparison between quetiapine and aripiprazole for treatment of schizophrenia
46 Chromatin remodeling proteins: New insights in human malignancy and targeted cancer therapy
47 Microalgae--a promising future resource?
48 Polypharamocological drugs in the treatment of epilepsy: The comprehensive review of marketed and new emerging molecules
49 Humans perceive time somewhere in between reality and our expectations
50 Preventing type 2 diabetes: When genes fail to respond
51 New method can identify chemical warfare agents more easily
52 Ravens learn best from their affiliates
53 Cyclic opioid peptides
54 Role of vitamin D in vascular complications and vascular access outcome in patients with chronic kid
55 Hidden moss chloroplast 'wall' discovered
56 In cancer and aging, interconnected roles for apoptosis and cellular senescence
57 Sound waves may hold potential to treat twin pregnancy complications
58 Recent advances in site specific conjugations of antibody drug conjugates
59 A 'key' to metastasis formation
60 Hot electrons detected at solid-liquid interfaces
61 Cave-dwelling fish could provide clues to staying healthy with diabetes
62 Sugar-binding protein galectin-9 found to be a new weapon to cure HIV
63 Calculus I factors women out of STEM degrees
64 Hydroelectric dams kill insects, wreak havoc with food webs
65 Greater privacy and security measures needed to protect patient info in mobile health tech
66 As overweight and obesity increase, so does risk of dying prematurely
67 Making a multi-use, stiff carbon foam using bread
68 Graphene-infused packaging is a million times better at blocking moisture
69 Closing parts of the ocean to fishing not enough to protect marine ecosystems
70 Deadly bacteria share weapons to outsmart antibiotics
71 Why we like the music we do
72 The Lancet: Obesity linked to premature death, with greatest effect in men
73 ALMA makes first sighting of water snow line around young star
74 Stellar outburst brings water snowline into view
75 Technological and cultural innovations amongst early humans not sparked by climate change
76 Gut bacteria imbalance increases diabetes risk
77 In the gut, nervous cells are the 'eyes and ears' of the immune system
78 Ultrasound offers tool for blocking faulty vessels in placental disorder
79 Overcoming barriers in the quest to starve tumors of blood supply
80 Life at the extremes
81 New insights on how cells regrow after being sliced in half
82 Viruses revealed to be a major driver of human evolution
83 Immunotherapy benefits relapsed stem cell transplant recipients
84 Brain cell death in Alzheimer's linked to structural flaw
85 New screening method uses tiny worms to seek serum for healthy aging
86 Deciphering the mutations behind drug resistance
87 First drug target identified for children with rare type of brain tumor
88 Rat study shows gut microbes play a role in colon cancer susceptibility
89 Loss of independence after surgery for older patients associated with increased risk of hospital readmission
90 Stressful trigger events associated with risk of violent crime
91 In the firefly's flash, seeking new insights on evolution
92 Your best diet might depend on your genetics
93 Shedding new light on protein aggregates and the diseases they cause
94 Genetically improving sorghum for production of biofuel
95 There are so many Amazonian tree species, we won't discover the last one for 300 years
96 Review: Telehealth poised to revolutionize health care
97 Tropical forests overexploited by unsustainable logging
98 High-resolution imaging reveals the secrets of a bacterial toxin
99 Did cutting edge optics help Rembrandt draw self-portraits?
100 Breakthrough in scaling up life-changing stem cell production
101 Electricity generated with water, salt and a 3-atoms-thick membrane
102 Simplifying access to gene testing for women with ovarian cancer
103 NEJM: 'TBI's long-term follow-up--slow progress in science and recovery'
104 Menopause symptoms and relationship to demographic and psychosocial factors
105 Lack of paternal information on birth certificate may increase a child's obesity risk
106 Blood glucose health is decreasing in obese adults; increasing risks for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular complications
107 Alzheimer's gene may show effects on brain starting in childhood
108 Could more fuel-efficient engines lead to more global warming?
109 Local drug activation at solid tumor sites
110 Think a gasoline-direct injection engine is the green choice? Maybe not
111 New technique targets gene that causes neurodegenerative disease
112 Newly discovered dinosaur had 'T. rex arms' that evolved independently
113 Feather-munching bacteria damage wild bird plumage
114 Alaska's shorebirds exposed to mercury