File Title
1 Researchers find exceptional species diversity on island in Philippines
2 New theropod dinosaur suggests that small T. rex-like arms evolved multiple times
3 Ancient Brazilian pit house occupied continuously for centuries
4 'Rivet graphene' proves its mettle
5 Study suggests physical cause for cell death in dry preservation
6 The tortoise and the hare and deep geologic time
7 'Smart' nanoparticle called PEARLs a promising gem to target, treat tumours
8 Climate experts help communities cope with impact of the Indian Monsoon
9 Specialized neurons in emotional memory brain area play important role in fear
10 IU research points towards new blindness prevention methods in diabetic eye disease
11 Co-invented by OHSU's Dr. David Huang 25 years ago, October technology helps stop blindness
12 Long noncoding RNA found to quell inflammation
13 Butterflies' diet impacts evolution of traits
14 Organic computers are coming
15 Simple method tests hard-to-treat bacteria's susceptibility to different antibiotics
16 OVC cancer breakthrough leads to human clinical trials
17 New Neiman Health Policy Institute report examines radiology payment models
18 Moderately reducing calories in non-obese people reduces inflammation
19 Team-trained health care staff can reduce patient deaths by 15 percent
20 Cell death: How a protein drives immune cells to suicide
21 Warm Jupiters not as lonely as expected
22 Breakthrough in scaling up life-changing stem cell production
23 Dads play key role in child development
24 Have you ever had real wasabi? Probably not (video)
25 New signaling pathway for programmed cell death identified in leukemia cells
26 Dark energy measured with record-breaking map of 1.2 million galaxies
27 'Green' electronic materials produced with synthetic biology
28 Astronomers map a record-breaking 1.2 million galaxies to study the secrets of dark energy
29 Rhode Island childcare centers using federal nutrition subsidy served healthier food
30 Ecologists identify potential new sources of Ebola and other filoviruses
31 Black bear links real objects to computer images
32 Delirium in older patients after surgery may lead to long-term cognitive decline
33 Self-rated health worth doctors' attention
34 Bacteria avoid age defects through collective behavior
35 Researchers identify the requirements in the chemical structure to develop better molecules in cancer
36 A 'matryoshka' in the interstellar medium
37 Opposites attract--unless you're in a relationship
38 New molecules kill multidrug-resistant cancer cells
39 Diabetic patients experience superior survival with less conventional CABG surgery
40 Computer simulation renders transient chemical structures visible
41 Negative stereotypes affect female soccer performance
42 Researchers map molecular 'social networks' that drive breast cancer cells
43 Bonding to bones strongly
44 Athletes with concussion maintain improvements after use of mirroring neurotechnology
45 Fish get arthritis, too
46 UBC researchers determine vineyards adversely affect soil quality
47 Communication breakdown? Mismatch in expectations about prognosis in advanced cancer
48 Scientists trace origin cell of bone and soft tissue tumors, test drug target
49 Defining what it means to be a naive stem cell
50 Zika epidemic likely to end within 3 years
51 Checkpoint in B cell development discovered with possible implications on vaccine potency
52 Four steps for validating stem cells
53 Surface composition determines temperature and therefore habitability of a planet
54 Early preschool bedtimes cut risk of obesity later on
55 Researchers discover new genetic mutation linked to osteonecrosis of the hip
56 Stem cell scientists discover genetic switch to increase supply of stem cells from cord blood
57 Corneal transplants, men and women don't see eye to eye
58 Ocean warming primary cause of Antarctic Peninsula glacier retreat
59 Extracting the content of single living cells
60 The success of the plant-eating dinosaurs
61 HIV 'safe houses' identified
62 Older women who sustain facial injuries have increased risk of facial fractures
63 World's greatest concentration of unique mammal species is on Philippine island
64 Tropical cyclones on track to grow more intense as temperatures rise
65 PrEP can reduce new HIV cases by a third among MSM over next 10 years
66 Extensive variation revealed in 1,001 genomes and epigenomes of Arabidopsis
67 What are your chances of living 2 years? Doctors, cancer patients, differ
68 Prisoners worldwide bear higher burdens of HIV and other infections
69 Antibodies in patients with rare disorder may have role preventing type 1 diabetes
70 Novel compound has promise for treatment of Huntington's disease
71 The Lancet: Mass imprisonment of drug users driving global epidemics of HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis
72 Nearly 80 percent of drivers express significant anger, aggression or road rage
73 Scientists show newborn ducklings can acquire notions of 'same' and 'different'
74 Forty years of the Nurses' Health Study: An evidence goldmine with a long-lasting legacy
75 Losing weight lowered levels of proteins associated with tumor growth
76 Anticancer drug discovery: Structures of KDM5 histone demethylase inhibitors
77 Make way for ducklings; they're smarter than you thought
78 Is the Zika epidemic in Latin America at its peak?
79 On 58 percent of Earth's land surface, biodiversity has dropped below suggested 'safe' threshold
80 Mount Sinai researchers develop simple method to characterize immune cells in tumors
81 Dietary restriction increases lifespan through effects on the gut
82 A federal origin of Stone Age farming
83 Biodiversity falls below 'safe levels' globally
84 Protein pairs make cells remember
85 Weight loss can lower levels of some proteins associated with cancer
86 New opioid use in older adults with COPD associated with increased risk of death
87 Income inequality leads millennials to start families before marriage
88 Pre-stroke risk factors influence long-term future stroke, dementia risk
89 Early preschool bedtimes cut risk of obesity later on
90 Public health benefits of e-cigarette use tend to outweigh the harms
91 Ability to turn off genes in brain crucial for learning, memory
92 Scientists and zoos team up on landmark elephant welfare project
93 Scientists use microchips to track 'Ghosts of Gotham'
94 Novel algorithm predicts drug combinations to treat drug resistant fungal infections
95 Patient-specific approach may improve deep brain stimulation used to treat Parkinson's
96 Red meat consumption linked with increased risk of developing kidney failure
97 Record-breaking volcanic kettle on Iceland explored
98 A dengue virus protein alters the blood vessel surface and makes it leaky
99 New control strategies needed for Zika and other unexpected mosquito-borne outbreaks
100 3-D imaging reveals unexpected arrangement of plaques in Alzheimer's-afflicted brains
101 GAGA may be the secret of the sexes--at least in insects
102 Why scientists are calling for experiments on ecstasy
103 Stanford researchers coax human stem cells to rapidly generate bone, heart muscle
104 Is artificial lighting making us sick? New evidence in mice
105 Spinal cord stimulation is a safe, effective drug-free treatment for chronic pain
106 A new spin on reality
107 To save water on lawns, throw some shade
108 Researchers uncover new light harvesting potentials
109 Terrified insect escapes a permanent tomb--50 million years ago
110 Crossing the barriers: Pharmacy researchers improving drug delivery