File Title
1 What triggered the massive Glacier Bay landslide?
2 Mars was probably more like Earth billions of years ago. What happened?
3 Why are these microbes playing 'Pac-Man'?
4 Got muck? Florida residents can report algae blooms with new hotline.
5 This biologist-turned-astronaut could be the first to sequence DNA in space
6 Can you grow vegetables on a submarine? US Navy aims to find out.
7 NASA's Juno probe captures first-ever shot of a moon moving
8 Will scientists find something new in Large Hadron Collider data?
9 Hospital shares patient scans with Google: Can they do that?
10 Life on Titan? Look in the tidal pools, say scientists
11 Russia's newly improved rocket launches international crew into space
12 Doomed Hitomi satellite sends a parting gift to Earth
13 Nettie Stevens, biology pioneer: A role model for female scientists?
14 Why a 'leap second' will make 2016 just a bit longer
15 Goats: Man's other best friend?
16 This massive planet has three suns, and that's not all that's weird about it
17 Could Saturn's moon Titan host life, even without water?
18 Can you ever have too many turtles?
19 Did early land animals get a leg up by using their tails?
20 Hubble captures spectacular shot of Crab Nebula's pulsing 'heart'
21 For first time, astronomers find water clouds beyond our solar system
22 Death of Australia's other great reef a troubling sign for world's kelp forests
23 Spectacular supernova may have helped usher in mass extinction
24 NASA's Dawn space probe maps permanent shadows on Ceres
25 The Philistines weren't such philistines after all, say archaeologists
26 Archaeologists discover 700-year-old evidence of tool monkeys
27 Beyond Neptune and Pluto, a new dwarf planet
28 How climate change is altering Earth's cloud cover
29 Did dinosaurs really roar? Probably not, say scientists.
30 Instead of hunt, Florida bear-proofs its trash
31 How built-in sunblock shields plants from harmful radiation
32 What can we learn from 'untranslatable' words?
33 Mystery solved: Mars rover Curiosity back to work
34 Manhattanhenge marks sun's alignment with the street grid
35 First in-orbit image of Jupiter has scientists rejoicing
36 Amazing new microscope reveals corals as they boogie down
37 T. rex wasn't the only dinosaur with those weird little arms
38 How to battle a wicked problem
39 Water management is a wicked problem, but not an unsolvable one
40 DNA origami rendition of 'Starry Night': Why does it matter?
41 'One-of-a-kind' trout feared extinct in Hayden Pass fire
42 After 300 years, Amazon rainforest tree list nears 12,000 species
43 Stellar snapshot: Is there snow in space?
44 What a decline of biodiversity below 'safe' threshold means for Earth
45 Ducklings are capable of abstract thinking, say scientists
46 NASA spots giant hole enveloping sun
47 Is NASA hiding UFO evidence?
48 How important are warmer seas in the melting of glaciers?
49 How NASA's Pluto mission 'revolutionized' planetary science
50 Should the space station have a dedicated port for private spaceflight?
51 Scientists create huge 3-D map of universe, validating Einstein's theories
52 Have we learned the science of invisibility?
53 After 36,000 years, a massive volcano near Rome rumbles to life
54 The architecture of audition
55 Proteins team up to turn on T cells
56 Cancer-fighting gene immunotherapy shows promise as treatment for HIV
57 New images of a calcium-shuttling molecule that has been linked to aggressive cancer
58 Reopening avenues for attacking ALS
59 40-year-old chorus frog tissues vital to Louisiana hybrid zone study
60 International team describes step-by-step progress in battling toxoplasmosis
61 Study points to fast-acting drug for OCD
62 Early echocardiography to study pulmonary hypertension in mouse model of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
63 Biochemists feed 'poison pill' to deadly virus with a funny name
64 Adjuvant chemotherapy in early-stage colon cancer may improve survival
65 Penn study: Friendly competition and a financial incentive increases team exercise
66 Easier, faster, cheaper: A full-filling approach to making nanotubes of consistent quality
67 UMMS researchers discovered a novel link between immune system and social behavior
68 Prevalence of diagnosed sleep disorders has risen among US veterans
69 Pushing a single-molecule switch
70 Optical magnetic field sensor can detect signals from the nervous system
71 Garlic aroma found in breast milk
72 New protocol enables analysis of metabolic products from fixed tissues
73 How new HIV drugs lock virus in immaturity
74 Defining sarcopenic obesity is key to its effective treatment
75 Alternating periods of high- and low-entropy neural ensemble activity during image processing in the primary visual cortex of rats
76 Rare fungus product reduces resistance to antibiotics
77 Selecting good 'drug-like' properties to optimize small molecule blood-brain barrier penetration
78 Protein pairs make cells remember
79 Comprehensive map of primate brain development published in Nature
80 Ptarmigan in Colorado have varied reproduction, not likely linked to warming trends
81 Denver Museum of Nature & Science curator discovers real reason turtles have shells
82 Global study shows stroke largely preventable
83 Race, not gender, is key factor in NIH awards
84 Cell research could help with heart tissue transplants
85 Solving a plant-based Rubik's cube puzzle
86 Sex in the city: Peregrine falcons in Chicago don't cheat
87 The Lancet: Stroke is largely preventable, with hypertension confirmed as biggest risk factor, according to global study
88 Scientists move 1 step closer to creating an invisibility cloak
89 How can medical centers transform their patient safety culture?
90 A 'bridge' of carbon between nerve tissues
91 Repeated stimulation treatment can restore movement to paralyzed muscles
92 NUS scientists discover that modifications to protein RUNX3 may promote cancer growth
93 Neuronal activity shows link between wakefulness and fight-or-flight response in mice
94 Molecular switch for controlling color and fluorescence
95 Genetic roots of insect's waterproof coating could lead to innovative pest control
96 Soot may have killed off the dinosaurs and ammonites
97 USU ecologists propose new method to probe population growth questions
98 Global experts call on UN to mobilize a global action plan to widen access to antibiotics
99 The unexpected: Cold snaps in the sub-tropics, drought in rainforests
100 UW, Purdue scientists solve structure of cold virus linked to childhood asthma
101 City birds again prove to be angrier than rural birds
102 Key to regulating cell's powerhouse discovered
103 Rock salt holds the key to a paradigm shift
104 Cougars could save lives by lowering vehicle collisions with deer
105 Perceived threats from police officers, black men predict support for policing reforms
106 New report: Nearly a third of Hispanics in Texas don't have health insurance
107 Gauging stem cells for regenerative medicine
108 Genomes from Zagros mountains reveal different Neolithic ancestry of Europeans & South Asians
109 Hybrid immune cells in early-stage lung cancer spur anti-tumor T cells to action
110 Over 20 countries environmentally suitable for Ebola transmission by bats