File Title
1 Brain Zapping May Sharpen Vision
2 Reference: What Was the Enlightenment?
3 Balance Exercise: Everything You Need to Know
4 Strength Exercise: Everything You Need to Know
5 Flexibility Exercise: Everything You Need to Know
6 Aerobic Exercise: Everything You Need to Know
7 The 4 Types of Exercise You Need to Be Healthy
8 99-Million-Year-Old Spider Mummy Sported Horned Fangs
9 Rare Noah's Ark Mosaic Uncovered in Ancient Synagogue in Israel
10 Bye, Bye, Coffee Cups: Why San Francisco Banned Foam Products
11 Covered in Ash: Chinstrap Penguins Threatened by Volcanic Eruption
12 Three's Company: Newly Discovered Planet Orbits a Trio of Stars
13 Stingray Robot Uses Light-Activated Rat Cells to Swim
14 'Bomb Robot' Kills Dallas Shooter: How Police Did It
15 Should You Wake Up a Sleepwalker?
16 Blaming the Victim: Science Examines Why It Happens
17 Is a 'Mystery Virus' Causing Former Tennis Star's Bizarre Symptoms?
18 Why People Consider 'Normal' to Be 'Good'
19 Raw Food Warning: Why Uncooked Flour Can Make You Sick
20 How Racism Persists: Unconscious Bias May Play a Role
21 Shining Silver-Blue Clouds Captured in Night Sky Photo
22 Reference: Facts About Regal Blue Tangs
23 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
24 Thumb-Sucking, Nail Biting Kids May Have Lower Allergy Risk
25 7 Weird Facts About Balance
26 How Much Are National Parks Worth to You?
27 Evidence of Cannibalism: Did Neanderthals Eat Each Other?
28 Ancient Roman Soldier with Ornate Belt Discovered in UK Grave
29 'Primitive Machine' Within Great Pyramid of Giza Reconstructed
30 Hidden Fault Could Trigger Cataclysmic Megaquake in Asia
31 Hillary Clinton Controversy: How Do Email Servers Work?
32 3 Blind Mice? These Rodents' Vision Has Been Restored
33 Simian Stone Age: Monkeys Used Rocks as Tools for Hundreds of Years
34 Robots Could Hack Turing Test by Keeping Silent
35 Magnesium Supplements May Help to Lower Blood Pressure
36 New Dwarf Planet Discovered Far Beyond Pluto's Orbit
37 Will Staying Hydrated Help with Weight Loss?
38 Too Many People 'Self-Prescribe' Antibiotics, Experts Say
39 Prenatal Multivitamins Don't Help Much, Study Says
40 Massive Florida Algae Bloom Can Be Seen from Space
41 'Ghost Fish' Seen Live for First Time
42 The Psychology of 'Pokemon Go': What's Fueling the Obsession?
43 Do Pets Really Have Secret Lives?
44 Why Do We Imagine Aliens as 'Little Green Men'?
45 'Pokemon Go' Catches High Praise from Health Experts
46 Corals 'Kiss' and Wage War, New Underwater Microscope Reveals
47 23 More Wrecks Found at Greek Hotspot for Sunken Ships
48 Microsoft Mines 'Minecraft' to Study Artificial Intelligence
49 Moon Photobombs Earth in New NASA Video
50 Why It's Harder to Recover from Jet Lag When You Fly East
51 Many Beer Makers Will Start Listing Calories on Bottles & Cans
52 Lifting Weights? No Need to Go Heavy
53 Why Does Synthetic Marijuana Make People Act like Zombies?
54 Reference: Brain-Eating Amoeba Infections: Causes & Symptoms
55 Meet Your Muscles: 6 Remarkable Human Muscles
56 Do People with Schizophrenia Really Have Multiple Personalities?
57 Juno Spacecraft Captures 1st Photo from Jupiter Orbit
58 How Many Types of Trees Grow in the Amazon? (Hint: It's a LOT)
59 1.5-Million-Year-Old Footprints Reveal Human Ancestor Walked like Us
60 Souring on Artificial Sweeteners: Substances May Boost Appetite
61 Why the Olympics Actually Won't Cause Zika to Spread Everywhere
62 Do Lobsters Live Forever?
63 What Are Chastity Belts, Really?
64 Paper in a Top Medical Journal Has Unexpected Author: Barack Obama
65 New Dinosaur Had the T. Rex Look: Tiny Arms
66 Men with Long Work Hours Cause Families to Suffer
67 'Demon Orchid' Has a 'Devil Head' and Claw-Like Petals
68 'Extinct' Volcano Near Rome Rumbles to Life
69 Fish Venom Unveiled: Toxins Evolved Many Times, Study Shows
70 Reference: Facts About Clownfish
71 'Snowfox' GPS Phone Helps Parents Keep Tabs on Young Kids
72 First Ever? Discovery of Philistine Cemetery Draws Criticism
73 Zika Outbreak Could Be Over in 3 Years, Study Predicts
74 These Ducks Aren't Lame--They Can Think Abstractly
75 Can Rocks Grow?
76 Oculus Project Lets You Feel in VR without Gloves
77 Eating More Fruits & Veggies May Make You Happier
78 Dangerous Drugs: Why Synthetic-Cannabinoid Overdoses Are on the Rise
79 U-F-NO! NASA Shoots Down Speculation Over Space Station Video
80 Reference: Facts About Whale Sharks
81 Shoe-Wearing Robot's No Flatfoot--It Walks like a Person
82 Man's New Best Friend Is a Goat?
83 Cockroaches Use Their Own Internal GPS to Get Around
84 Gorgeous Gravity Waves Intersect Near Africa (Photo)
85 2,000-Year-Old Dog Graveyard Discovered in Siberia
86 Ancient Bug Jumped Out of Its Skin to Escape Gooey Trap
87 Victoria Beckham Smooches Daughter: Did She Cross a Line?
88 Iris Scans to Replace Fingerprints
89 Sun Makes Nervous Face with Hole in Its Head [Video]
90 Space Shot Shows Gypsy Caterpillars' Rampage Through Forests
91 Man Gets Zika from Sex with Female Partner, in First
92 'Dragon Silk' Armor Could Protect US Troops
93 Comet-orbiting Rosetta probe to go out with a crash and a bang
94 Juno's approach to Jupiter: Seven amazing facts
95 Mars atmosphere was once rich with oxygen, say scientists. Where did it go?
96 Stop bashing GMOs, say 107 scientists and economists
97 Ozone hole on the mend, say scientists (+video)
98 Extreme aviators: How do frigatebirds stay aloft for months at a time?
99 Independence Day on Jupiter: What are NASA's hopes for Juno?
100 Ancient people may have used this ingenious method for stargazing
101 New camera follows sharks to 'White Shark Cafe' for the first time
102 Is this pea plant better at making decisions than you are?
103 NASA's Juno spacecraft designed to endure Jupiter's intense radiation
104 Is Alaska's Mount Pavlof volcano about to erupt once again?
105 Juno's suicide mission to a gas giant
106 China makes big statement with huge, alien-hunting telescope
107 How a missing moon could explain Mars's mysterious little satellites
108 NASA Pluto probe to extend mission for another billion miles
109 Hubble telescope captures dazzling 'skyrocket' galaxy
110 540 million miles later, cheers as Juno slips into Jupiter's orbit