File Title
1 Key to regulating cell's powerhouse discovered
2 How new HIV drugs lock virus in immaturity
3 Is artificial lighting making us sick? New evidence in mice
4 Early preschool bedtimes cut risk of obesity later on
5 Measuring oceans of activity in one drop of water
6 The Ouzo Effect under the magnifying glass
7 Warm Jupiters not as lonely as expected
8 Dark energy measured with record-breaking map of 1.2 million galaxies
9 City birds again prove to be angrier than rural birds
10 Soot may have killed off the dinosaurs and ammonites
11 Fish get arthritis, too
12 How plants can be set to use water more efficiently
13 Discovery of the genes responsible for esophageal cancer common among Japanese
14 Prevalence of diagnosed sleep disorders has risen among US veterans
15 Modifications to protein RUNX3 may promote cancer growth
16 Structure of cold virus linked to childhood asthma solved
17 Automatically identifying brain regions
18 Neuronal activity shows link between wakefulness, fight-or-flight response in mice
19 Public health benefits of e-cigarette use tend to outweigh the harms
20 Patient-specific approach may improve deep brain stimulation used to treat Parkinson's
21 Red meat consumption linked with increased risk of developing kidney failure
22 Your best diet might depend on your genetics
23 Moderately reducing calories in non-obese people reduces inflammation
24 Self-rated health worth doctors' attention
25 New material for trackbeds incorporates rubber from used tires
26 Molecular switch for controlling color, fluorescence
27 Easier, faster, cheaper: A full-filling approach to making nanotubes of consistent quality
28 Pushing a single-molecule switch
29 Stellar outburst brings water snowline around a young star into view
30 Robot would assemble modular telescope--in space
31 Novel advancements in radiation tolerance of HEMTs
32 NASA's Juno spacecraft sends first in-orbit view
33 Organic computers are coming
34 Calculus I factors women out of STEM degrees
35 Researchers report cybersecurity risks in 3-D printing
36 Greater privacy, security measures needed to protect patient info in mobile health tech
37 Calcification: Does it pay off in the future ocean?
38 Genetic roots of insect's waterproof coating could lead to innovative pest control
39 Ecologists propose new method to probe population growth questions
40 Solving a plant-based Rubik's cube puzzle
41 Over 20 countries environmentally suitable for Ebola transmission by bats
42 New milestone in printed photovoltaic technology
43 Cougars could save lives by lowering vehicle collisions with deer
44 Life at the extremes
45 GAGA may be the secret of the sexes, at least in insects
46 Prehistoric genomes from the world's first farmers in the Zagros mountains reveal different Neolithic ancestry for Europeans and South Asians
47 23 ancient shipwrecks discovered off Greece
48 Terrified insect escapes a permanent tomb--50 million years ago
49 Zika epidemic likely to end within three years
50 Drug-use may hamper moral judgment
51 Millennials and marrying young: Like mother, like child
52 Freestanding emergency departments expanding rapidly but access questions remain
53 Cinnamon may aid learning ability
54 Genetics play role in character traits related to academic success
55 Attention problems in early childhood can have lasting impact
56 Thinking 'I can do better' really can improve performance, study finds
57 More than four in 10 working adults think their work impacts their health
58 Technique from biology helps explain the evolution of the American car
59 Walking meetings could brings longer and healthier lives to office workers
60 Stress contagion possible amongst students, teachers
61 Diabetes reversal after bypass surgery linked to changes in gut microorganisms
62 Pumping iron: Lighter weights just as effective as heavier weights to gain muscle, build strength
63 Metals from cigarette butts may pose potential threat to marine environment
64 Chronic fatigue syndrome is in your gut, not your head
65 Surprising planet with three suns discovered
66 New clues could help scientists harness the power of photosynthesis
67 Physicists discover family of tetraquarks
68 Pomegranate finally reveals its powerful anti-aging secret
69 Shocking new role found for the immune system: Controlling social interaction
70 Fruit and veggies give you the feel-good factor
71 Is It OK to Throw House Spiders Outside?
72 Bald Eagle Sex: The Acrobatic Mating of America's National Bird
73 Dr. Franklin? Founding Father Could Have Been 'Founding Physician'
74 Fastest-Ever Spacecraft to Arrive at Jupiter Tonight
75 By Jove! NASA Probe Arrives at Jupiter After 5-Year Trek
76 'Fearsome Raisin' Ant Sports Striking Fingerprint Pattern
77 The Science of Preventing Sexual Assaults on College Campuses
78 A Fifth Force: Fact or Fiction?
79 Massive 'Lava Lamp' Blobs Deep Inside Earth Have Scientists Puzzled
80 Secret World of Primeval Rivers Lies Beneath Greenland Glacier
81 Dwarf Dinosaur Sported Lumpy Tumor on Its Face
82 US Olympic Team Will Be Studied for Zika
83 Plunging Neckline May Help Women Land More Job Interviews
84 Nightmarish Find: Giant, Venomous Centipede Is a Powerful Swimmer
85 DARPA's Hacking Contest Will Pit Machines Against Each Other
86 Man Paralyzed After Mosquito Bite: How Often Does West Nile Strike the Nerves?
87 New High-Speed Camera Is So Fast It Can See Neurons Firing
88 12,000-Year-Old Shaman's Elaborate Funeral Had 6 Stages
89 Armor Up! Water Fleas Grow Helmets and Spines for Battle
90 Rare Rhino Gets Custom Flight to Africa
91 It May Smell Nice, but Is Your Sunscreen Actually Protecting You?
92 Philly's Poo: Old Toilets Reveal Early America's Secret History
93 Prehistoric Tattoos Were Made with Volcanic Glass Tools
94 Galaxy Stirring Revealed by Doomed Japanese Spacecraft
95 New Blood Test Could Determine Whether a Patient Needs Antibiotics
96 Love in the Time of Tarantulas? Newfound Spider Named for Marquez
97 'I Think I Can:' How Talking to Yourself Brings Self-Improvement
98 What's the Fastest Spacecraft Ever?
99 Is Medical Marijuana Replacing Other Prescription Drugs?
100 Urine-Based Dye Found in Ancient New Testament
101 Seeing Green: Pot Changes Brain's Response to Money
102 Secret to Swordfish's Speedy Swimming Found
103 Baby Turtles Mysteriously Dying on Australian Island
104 YouTube's 'BrainCraft' Peers at the Science of the Brain
105 'Leap Second' to Be Added on New Year's Eve this Year
106 Artificial Intelligence Could Help Catch Alzheimer's Early
107 Where Did Earth's Water Come From?
108 500-Million-Year-Old 'Seaweed' Was Actually Home to Tiny Worms
109 Mudskipper Robot Mimics Ancient Land Animals' First 'Steps'
110 Are Guys Really Better Gamers than Gals?