File Title
1 Fingers Crossed as NASA to Plunge Juno into Jupiter Orbit
2 Mysterious Ceres Spots Are Carbonate Salts Left Behind by Salt Water
3 If You Have Frequent Memory Lapses, Do Not Forget to Check for Alzheimer's
4 Where's Daddy?: Sperm-Donor Kids Even at Three
5 Buddha's Skull Parts Found in 1,000-Year-Old Shrine
6 Pacific Ocean Radiation Is Almost Normal After Fukushima Disaster: Study
7 You May Never Need a Root Canal Again, Thanks to New Biomaterials
8 Your Brain Can Undergo 'Inception'-Style Experiences
9 Dwarf Dinosaur Had a Painless Lumpy Facial Tumor, Reveals New Study
10 NASA's Juno Probe Provides a Spectacular View of Moons Moving
11 Ozone Layer Is Finally Healing, Confirms New Study
12 (VIDEO) Great Barrier Reef Turtles Are Hit by Pollution, Boat Strikes and Fishing Nets
13 New Food Supplement May Switch Off Cravings for High-Calorie Food
14 Dinosaurs Vanished Due to the "One-Two Punch" of Volcanic Eruptions and Asteroid Impact
15 Titan, Saturn's Moon, Can Support Life: Study
16 New Crew Leaves Earth for 2-Day Journey to ISS
17 Your Earth Is Exotic, but Did You Hear About this Planet with 3 Suns?
18 Florida's Algal Bloom Can Be Seen from Space--And It Isn't Pretty
19 Pac-Man Goes Microscopic as Researchers Fill It with Microbes
20 Life on Saturn's Moon Titan Could Be a Possibility
21 Japan's Hitomi Satellite Sends Parting Gift to Earth Before Demise
22 Dallas Cops Killed Suspect with Robot
23 Researchers develop faster, precise silica coating process for quantum dot nanorods
24 Scientists grow atomically thin transistors and circuits
25 Chemistry professor is first to use light to make gold crystal nanoparticles
26 Scientists develop brain-inspired memory material
27 Researchers demonstrate tunable wetting and adhesion of graphene
28 Graphene hydraulic press delivers new 2D materials
29 Probing quantum phenomena in tiny transistors
30 Researchers harness DNA as the engine of super-efficient nanomachine
31 Integrated trio of 2D nanomaterials unlocks graphene electronics applications
32 From super to ultra-resolution microscopy: New method pushes the frontier in imaging resolution
33 A little impurity makes nanolasers shine
34 Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines: Tests in mice show they work against Ebola, influenza, and common parasite
35 New biomaterial developed for injectable neuronal control
36 Tiny DNA 'legs' walk with record fuel efficiency
37 Fantastic Voyage to the 'nanoverse' one step closer
38 New material can switch stiction and wetting
39 Graphene used as a frequency mixer in new research
40 Tiniest imperfections make big impacts in nano-patterned materials
41 Engineers make major breakthrough in developing silk 'micro-rockets' that can be used safely in biological environments
42 Scientists develop nanomachines to diagnose illness
43 New method to boost oil recovery: Nanofluid performance comparable to more expensive methods
44 'Bionic' cardiac patch could one day monitor and respond to cardiac problems
45 Nano-watermark sorts fakes from genuines
46 Nanoscientists develop the 'ultimate discovery tool'
47 Researchers discover new chemical sensing technique
48 Supercomputers fire lasers to shoot gamma ray beam
49 Reconfiguring active particles into dynamic patterns
50 Flying insects defy aerodynamic laws of airplanes, researchers find
51 For the first time, physicists couple distant nuclear spins using a single electron
52 Manipulating superconducting plasma waves with terahertz light
53 Diamond coupled to carbon nanotube could be used for quantum information processing
54 Physicists collide ultracold atoms to observe key quantum principle
55 Scientists obtain evidence of many-body localization in a closed quantum system
56 Pelican instrument provides crucial experimental evidence of unusual quantum state
57 Researchers report record performance for bismuth-based Zintl material
58 Study suggests a flaw in traditional theory that describes photodissociation process
59 Quantum processor for single photons
60 A sharper focus for plasmonic lasers
61 Physics researchers question calcium-52's magic
62 New technique could improve angular resolution of telescopes beyond the diffraction limit
63 New technique provides detailed views of metals' crystal structure
64 Researchers determine fundamental limits of invisibility cloaks
65 Bouncing droplets remove contaminants like pogo jumpers
66 Quantum fingerprinting surpasses classical limit
67 How water gets its exceptional properties
68 LHCb unveils new particles
69 Physicists find missing link between glass formation and crystallization
70 'Quantum' bounds not so quantum after all
71 Research team reproduces major functional principles of the brain using technology
72 Imaging at the speed of light
73 Surprise: Small elliptical galaxy actually a giant disk
74 Behind the scenes of protostellar disk formation
75 Ancient supernovae buffeted Earth's biology with radiation dose, researcher says
76 Dawn maps Ceres craters where ice can accumulate
77 Frosty cold nights year-round on Mars may stir dust
78 Study explains why galaxies stop creating stars
79 The curious case of Earth's leaking atmosphere
80 SETI Institute calls for new tools in search for extraterrestrial intelligence
81 Mars canyons study adds clues about possible water
82 Newly discovered planet has 3 suns
83 Hubble captures the beating heart of the Crab Nebula
84 Curiosity rover enters precautionary safe mode
85 3-D simulations and NASA supercomputer advance research of the origin of stars
86 Three astronauts blast off for ISS in upgraded Soyuz craft
87 Accelerating research into dark energy
88 2016 will be one second longer
89 Astronomers find evidence of water clouds in first spectrum of coldest brown dwarf
90 A new look at the galaxy-shaping power of black holes
91 A new kind of black hole, once a theory, now firmly within observers' sight
92 Scientists detect radio emission from a nearby brown dwarf
93 Earth-size telescope tracks the aftermath of a star being swallowed by a supermassive black hole
94 Lush Venus? Searing Earth? It could have happened
95 Simulation suggests non-water based life could exist on Saturn's moon Titan
96 What we know about Jupiter
97 An equation to quantify the origins of life on other planets
98 Driving toward more efficient solar cells
99 Anonymity network can protect users' identity if all but one of its servers are compromised
100 Tesla CEO says he's working on another secret 'masterplan'
101 Players in hunt for Pokemon Go monsters feel real-world pain
102 Extortion extinction: Researchers develop a way to stop ransomware
103 Researchers break record for DNA data storage
104 In drive toward autonomous vehicles, will Tesla or Google pull ahead of competition?
105 Your smartwatch is giving away your ATM PIN
106 Google buys French startup that helps machines see
107 Li-ion rechargeable batteries that last longer, re-charge more rapidly
108 Facebook will automatically translate posts into different languages
109 New undersea cable will speed US-Japan connection
110 Tesla driver killed in crash while using car's 'Autopilot'