File Title
1 NASA's New Horizons Team Hopes to Extend Mission to Explore MU69 in Kuiper Belt
2 Tree Branches Are Fertilized by Natural Bacteria
3 SaltWater Brewery Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings Made from Wheat, Barley
4 Cephalopod Populations Are Increasing; Is Global Warming the Cause?
5 Marine Reptile Fossil Suggests Rapid Ichthyosaur Evolution After Mass Extinction Event
6 Secret to Origin of Life Might Lie in Young Sun's Super-Flares
7 Ancient Bone Fragments Reveal Spiclypeus Shipporum, New Ceratopsid Species
8 Grizzlies and Polar Bears Are Mating in the Face of Climate Change, and Experts Are Worried
9 MIT Researchers 'Heal' Solar Cells with Intense Light
10 Is NASA's Asteroid Mission Statistically Flawed? A New Paper Says So
11 Ancient Chinese Beer Recipe Used 'Advanced Brewing Technique' Similar to Modern Brewing
12 Scientists Create Movies of World's Brightest X-Ray Laser Vaporizing Water Droplets [VIDEO]
13 Hubble Reveals Potential Explanation for Birth of Supermassive Black Holes After Big Bang
14 NASA Scientist Suggests that Dark Matter Is Composed of Primordial Black Holes
15 Scientists Reveal Why Antarctic Sea Ice Continues to Grow While Arctic Sea Ice Melts
16 Underground Stone Rings Reveal Complexity of Neanderthal Cave Structures
17 Galactic Lights Are Turned Off by 'Red Geyser' Galaxies Powered by Supermassive Black Holes
18 Clouds, Aerosols Could Be Key to Understanding and Predicting Climate Change
19 Livestock Dung Containing Antibiotics Might Contribute to Global Warming
20 Faint, Distant Galaxy Sheds Light on Universe Shortly After Big Bang
21 High-Tech Scans of Prehistoric Paintings Capture Human History from High Altitudes
22 Mars' North Pole Suggests Red Planet Is Emerging from Ice Age that Ended 400,000 Years Ago
23 Schrodinger's Cat Can Exist, Dead or Alive, in Two Boxes at Once; Could Advance Quantum Computer Development
24 Rosetta Detects Building Blocks of Life in Atmosphere of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
25 Massive Sea Sponge the Size of a Minivan Discovered Near Hawaii
26 Strange Carnivorous Australian Marsupial Fed on Snails 15 Million Years Ago
27 Distant Planet Kepler-62f Might Be Habitable, Possess Massive Amounts of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
28 Researchers Suggest that Sharks Have Personalities Just like Humans
29 Ancient Phonecian DNA Reveals European Ancestry in North African Remains
30 Coral Bleaching Has Destroyed More than One-Third of Corals in Parts of Great Barrier Reef
31 Zion National Park Was Shaped by a Massive Landslide 4,800 Years Ago
32 Antarctic Ocean Climate Change Mystery Could Be Explained by Deep, Old Water
33 Fossils Suggest Antarctic Creatures Were Affected by Dinosaur-Killing Extinction Event
34 Scientists Discover How Bees Sense and Interpret Electric Signals Transmitted by Flowers
35 Salamander Populations in Danger Due to Threats of Deadly Fungal Disease
36 Hydrothermal Vents and Methane Seeps Are Essential for Ocean Ecosystems, Global Climate
37 Planet 9 Is Exoplanet Stolen into Our Solar System by Sun: Study
38 'Cortex' Gene Revealed as Genetic Switch that Colors Butterflies, Turned British Moths Black During Industrial Revolution
39 Pluto's Polygonal Ice Fields Likely Caused by Convection
40 King Tut's Dagger Might Have Extraterrestrial Origins
41 NASA Satellite Reveals Unreported Sources of Hazardous Air Pollutant Sulfur Dioxide
42 Astronomers Observe Hydrogen in Distant Galaxy, Smash Cosmic Record
43 Climate Change Increasing Toxins in Our Food, Report Warns
44 Hubble Space Telescope Suggests that Universe Is Expanding Faster than We Thought
45 Scientists Reveal Plan to Synthesize Human Genome from Scratch
46 Underwater 'Lost City' Created by Ancient Microbe Civilization, Not Greeks
47 Larval Fish Prefer Plastics to Natural Food Sources; Experiencing Stunted Growth, Behavioral Changes
48 Flat Lens Made of Titanium Dioxide Could Revolutionize Optical Technology
49 Jupiter Radio Map Reveals Ammonia Gas Behind Planet's Colorful Clouds [VIDEO]
50 'Baby Dragon' Olm Eggs Hatch in Ancient Slovenian Cave
51 (VIDEO) Supermassive Black Hole Detected Eating Up Surprising Meal
52 (VIDEO) Huge, Ancient Platform Found 'Hidden in Plain Sight' at Petra
53 Sun-Fuelled Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft Circles Statue of Liberty, Lands at Kennedy Airport
54 Researchers Develop Super Accurate Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer's Disease in Early Stage
55 (VIDEO) NASA Spacecraf's Juno to reach Jupiter Soon to Probe Jupiter's Surface
56 (VIDEO) Climate Change: Carbon Dioxide Pumped into Ground, Turned into Stone
57 (VIDEO) Bubbles, SeaWorld's Oldest Pilot Whale, Dies
58 Light Pollution Hides Stars from 80% of Americans: Study
59 Researchers Develop Model that Predicts Outbreaks of Zoonotic Diseases
60 China's Plans for World's First Full-Body Transplant Is Slammed
61 Chien-Shiung Wu Missed the Nobel Prize, but Contributed Richly to Physics and Women's Rights
62 NASA to Light a Fire in Spacecraft to Understand Its Behavior in Space
63 Archaeologists Discover Ancient Urban Networks Around Angkor Wat
64 Scientific Robots to Float Through Bay of Bengal for Monsoon Study
65 Scientists Find Largest Planet that Orbits Two Suns
66 Scientists Discover Handful of 'Bright Spots" Among the World's Embattled Coral Reefs
67 (VIDEO) Second Gravitational Wave Identified from Black Hole Collision
68 (VIDEO) Scientists Finds Oldest Oxygen in the Universe
69 (VIDEO) Scientists Discover 'Hot Jupiters' in Messier 67 Star Cluster
70 Organic Molecule Found Outside Solar System May Help to Crack Origin of Life Mystery
71 'The Conjuring 2' Kills 65-Year-Old Indian, Body Is Missing
72 Mission to Save Worker in South Pole's Harsh Winter
73 First Mammal Declared Extinct Due to Climate Change: Bramble Cay Melomys
74 Physicists Fight ISIS with Math, Not Weapons
75 One More Health Benefit of Exercising: It Improves Your Memory Retention Abilities
76 Expect a 'Hello' from Aliens 1,500 Years from Now
77 Carbon Dioxide in Antarctica Takes Earth Beyond Point of No Return
78 Why the Summer Solstice May Be Among Your Happiest Days
79 Meet KiloCore, World's First 1000 Core Processor that Can Powered by AA Batteries
80 Elephant with Bullet in Head Asked for Help
81 LIGO's First Gravitational Wave Detections Were Produced by Massive Suns 12 Billion Years Old
82 Can Sub Surface Ocean on Pluto Explain Its Tectonics?
83 Mozart and Strauss Lower Blood Pressure, Not ABBA
84 Exercising Four Hours After Studying Can Boost Recall by 9 Percent
85 Mussel Shells Are Getting Thinner Over Centuries
86 (VIDEO) Texas Mom Speaks in British Accent After Jaw Surgery
87 Huge Black Hole Wakes Up, Devours a Star and Emits X-rays
88 Mysterious Whistle from Caribbean Sea Can Be Heard from Space
89 Asteroid that Wiped Out Dinosaurs Nearly Killed Us Mammals Too
90 Farmers, 25 Million Years Ago, Were Termites, Not Humans
91 In 10 Years, Wombs Can Be Grown for Infertile Women from Their Own Stem Cells: Study
92 (VIDEO) Monkey Becomes More Selective as They Get Older, Study Finds
93 NASA Technology Reveals Bacteria's Role in Breast Cancer: Study
94 New Blood Test Can Predict Premature Births with 86% Accuracy
95 Pushing Kids Too Hard for Good Grades Can Negatively Affect Children
96 Researchers Discover Valley that Contains 54 Billion Cubic Feet of Helium
97 Scientists Creating Perfume that Smells like Comet
98 (VIDEO) Adelie penguins may lose habitat in Antarctica totally by 2099
99 El Nino May Drive Intensive Wildfire in Amazon
100 'Healing' Discovered in Antarctic Ozone Hole Finally
101 (VIDEO) Unique Dune Discovered in Mars
102 Alien Life Exists, but US Isn't Hiding It in Area 51: NASA Head to UK Schoolkids
103 The Sun Shows a Worryingly Blank Face
104 Can Marijuana Be a Solution for Alzheimer's Disease?
105 Mercury's Core Materials Were Spewed Out to Form Surface
106 (VIDEO) New Deadly Tarantula Found in Sierra Nevada Loves Violence
107 Climate Change Will Damage Penguin Populations by 60% this Century
108 Plants Take Risks for Survival Just like Humans, New Study Affirms
109 Static Electricity Caused Hawaiian Lab to Explode
110 China Readies World's Largest Radio Telescope to Scour for Alien Life