File Title
1 Zika Update: First Zika Vaccine Ready for Human Trial
2 New Study: Almost 10 Million Adults in the United States are Severely Nearsighted
3 Swelling in Mosquito Bite May Contribute to Viral Replication
4 CDC: Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Not Very Effective
5 Ohio Teen Dies of Rare Brain-Eating Amoeba Naegleria fowleri: 4 Things to Know About this Silent Killer
6 Warning: Looking at Your Phones in the Dark Can Cause 'Smartphone Blindness'
7 Are Americans Finally Eating Better?
8 Having Diabetes Increases the Risk of Dying from Heart Attack, Study Says
9 Russian Scientists Develop New Targeted Drug for Dissolving Blood Clots
10 Study: How West Nile Virus Cause Memory Loss and Mood Disorders
11 High Fiber, Vitamin A Diet Could Prevent Allergies, New Study Shows
12 Common Cancer Drug More Detrimental than Beneficial at Low Dosage
13 Eating 2 Servings of Walnuts a Week Linked to Healthy Aging Process
14 Zika Update: Health Warnings About Effects of Zika Virus on Newborns Drive Increasing Demand of Abortion in Latin America
15 Study: Visiting Parks for 30 Minutes Each Week Could Reduce Risk of High Blood Pressure, Poor Mental Health
16 Old Technology Successfully Reduce Salmonella in Meat Products by 90 Percent
17 HIV Update: Small Trial Shows Potential of a Human Antibody as Cure for HIV
18 'Forest Bathers' Use Mother Nature to Heal, but Does It Work?
19 LED Street Lights May Be Damaging to Your Health
20 Jamaican Athlete Contracts Zika Virus
21 Researchers Discover Virus-Like Elements in the Human Genome Linked to the Development of Lupus, Sjogren's Syndrome
22 Researchers Disproves Cholesterol Hypothesis: No Linked [sic] Found Between Bad Cholesterol and Elderly Deaths
23 Dogs Can Sniff Out Diabetes in People, Now We Know How
24 New York May Face Thousands of Heat Deaths by 2080 Due to Climate Change
25 Chronic Fatigue is Not All in the Mind After All; It's in the Gut
26 Hepatitis C Update: FDA Approves Gilead's New Drug to Treat All Form of Hepatitis C
27 Anti-Aging Products: Scientists Looking into Marine Invertebrates for Answers to Aging
28 Teacher Burnout: Is Stress in the Classroom Contagious?
29 Study: How Environment Affects Onset of Puberty
30 Home Tests for Malaria and Cancer Doable with Cheap Paper Strips
31 Second Case of Superbug in United States Found in New York Patient
32 ZIka Update: Two New Zika Vaccine Effective in Mouse Models
33 Warning: Canned Foods May be Linked to BPA Risks
34 Zika Update: Florida Records First Case of Zika-Linked Birth Defect
35 Study: Women Attending Religious Services Less Likely to Commit Suicide
36 Early Puberty in Girls Linked to Breast Cancer, Depression
37 Breakthrough Brain Cancer Research Will Make Way for Improved Treatments
38 MIT Develops Low-Cost Wearable Toxic-Gas Detector
39 Are Leeches the Answer to Weight Loss Without Exercise?
40 Manual Laborers More Likely to Commit Suicide, Study Shows
41 Artificial Pancreas Will Be Ready by 2018, Gives Hope to Diabetes Sufferers
42 Want to Lose Weight? Switch Off Your High-Calorie Food Cravings with These New Supplement[s]
43 Drone Delivers Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland in Challenge to Abortion Laws
44 Concern as Hundreds of US Clinics Offer Unapproved Stem Cell Treatments
45 Are These Common Weight Loss Myths True? Doctors Reveal Facts
46 Junk Food Cravings: Scientists Find Supplement to Suppress Yearning for High-Calorie Foods
47 Pasta Won't Make You Fat, It Might Actually Help You Slim Down, Italian Study Reveals
48 New Zealand Teens Likely to Delay Sex but Contraception Use Declines, Says Study
49 Immune-based Therapy Shows Potential Against Pancreatic Cancer in Mouse Models
50 Smartphone Fertility Apps Not Effective in Planning and Preventing Pregnancy, New Study Shows
51 Scientists Develop New Regenerative Tooth Fillings by Stimulating Stem Cells
52 Dancing the Tango Could Help Cancer Patients Regain Balance
53 This Cute Little Robot Will be Your Personal Healthcare Buddy
54 Zika Update: Engineers Develop New Portable Zika Test Costing Only $2
55 Children Exposed to Unhealthy Foods Ads More Likely to Have Poor Diet, Study shows
56 Zika Outbreak Risk Rises with the Temperature for 50 U.S. Cities
57 Your Favorite Sunscreen May Not Be Protecting You Enough
58 Should You Worry About the Safety of Your Deodorant?
59 Food Served on Bright Yellow Plates Can Help Dementia Patients Remember to Eat
60 Can Humans Extend Their Lives by 30 Years with Anti-Aging Drugs?
61 Fossil Reveals Dinosaur Developed Facial Tumors, Too
62 Medical Marijuana Use Lowers the Need for Prescription Drugs, Study Finds
63 6 Everyday Chemicals that Harm Your Child's Brain Development
64 Viral Hepatitis Deaths on the Rise, Outstrips AIDS or TB
65 Study: How Exercise Might Improve Pregnancy
66 Juno Therapeutics Cancer Trial Stops After Deaths 3, but Other Gene Therapy Trials Continue
67 US Senate Passes Controversial GMO Labelling Bill
68 Study Revealed Both Humans and Climate Change Killed Off Ice Age Giants, but How?
69 American Eagle Day: Fast Facts About the Bald Eagle
70 Weird Science: Translucent Eyeless Catfish Spotted in Texas for the First Time
71 Tragic! Last Cub of America's Famous Grizzly Bear Killed in a Hit-and-Run Incident
72 Hundreds of UK's Rat-Sized Spiders Released in the Wild
73 Chemical Waste Discovered in Animals Living on Deepest Trenches of the Ocean
74 10,000 Dogs to Be Butchered as Yulin Dog Meat Festival Begins in China Amid Protests
75 Chameleon's Impressive Secret Weapon? Saliva 400 Times Stickier than Human's
76 WATCH: Tourists Drag Blue Shark Out Of Water For Selfie; Shark Dies Of Dehydration
77 Olympic Jaguar Shot Dead After Being Paraded at the Torch Ceremony
78 Wasp Species Thought to Be Extinct Reemerge After More than a Century
79 WATCH: Surprise! Woman Finds 16-Foot-Long Python Hanging In Her Bedroom
80 Alligator that Killed 2-Year-Old Boy in Disney Resort Caught
81 Shocking! US Secret Wildlife Killing Program Killed 3.2 Million Animals in 2015
82 WATCH: Adorable Bear That Walks Like A Human is Alive and is in New Jersey!
83 LOOK: Mythical Beast? Mysterious 'Zombie Dog' Spotted in Cemetery, Intrigues Officials
84 LOOK: Sweepee Rambo, the 'Ugliest' Dog in the World
85 Brainy Cockatoos Make Economic Decisions in Tool Use Experiments
86 Insects Invented Farming Long Before Humans Did
87 Why Spring Comes Earlier in Some Cities
88 Sleeping Teen Mauled by Hyena Loses Eye
89 Grizzly Bear Wanted After Killing Cyclist Outside National Park
90 Goodbye Penguins? Antarctica Could Lose Its Adelie Penguins Due to Climate Change
91 Man in 'Moose Riding' Incident Faces Charges
92 Climate Change is Making this Species Switch Sex, Possibly Leading to Their Extinction
93 How Chili Condoms and Firecrackers Can Save Elephants
94 No Turkey for Thanksgiving? 7,000 Baby Turkeys Die in Fire
95 Amazing! Leopard Shark Successfully Reproduces Without a Mate, Gives Rare 'Virgin Birth' to 3 Pups
96 Can Alligators Climb Fences? Well, this Video Shows They Can
97 LOOK: This Great White Shark with a Camera Reveals Strange Journey to 'White Shark Cafe'
98 WATCH: 'Shoplifting' Seagull Grabs Potato Chips Before Leaving Store
99 How Fruit Fly's Fascinating Ability to Adapt to Climate Change Can Help Us Survive
100 US Navy Funds Scientists to Develop Locusts as Cyborg Bomb Sniffers of the Future
101 What Do Pigs Say? Study Reveals Reason Why Some Pigs 'Oink' More
102 Chicken-Like Ostrich? Fossil Reveals Previously Unknown Bird Species that Existed in North America
103 Florida Poacher Arrested for Stealing 107 Sea Turtle Eggs on Jupiter Island
104 More than a Million Penguins at Risk as Antarctic Volcano Erupts
105 Disney Alligator Update: Toddler's Father Says Two Alligators Involved in Attack; Disney Removes All Gators and Crocs from Shows
106 Bad Insect! Paper Wasps that Cheat Get Punished, Too