File Title
1 Eating Whole Grains Reduces the Risk of Dying Early, Study Says
2 Poor Physical Fitness, Sedentary Behavior Linked to Pain Conditions in Childhood
3 Breastfeeding Is Best for Premature Babies' Heart, Study Says
4 Children's Brain Develop Faster with Exposure to Music, Study Proves
5 New Abortion Law Forces Women in Texas to Carry Out Procedure on Their Own
6 People Who Don't Get Enough Sleep Have Higher Fast Food Consumption, Study Reveals
7 Researchers Find a New Way to Reduce Memory Loss with Neural Stem Cells
8 US Health Breakthrough: Rates of Coronary Heart Disease Decreasing
9 You Should Exercise Four Hours After Studying, Here's Why...
10 Bill Gates Wants to End Malaria by Altering Mosquitoes
11 Color Analyst Suggests Underwear Color Affects Mood, No to Black!
12 Viagra Promotes Blood Flow, Reduces Risk of Heart Failure in Men, Study Says
13 Study Reveals Antibiotics Can Lower the Good Effects of Breastfeeding in Babies
14 There's a New Tool Used to Predict Patient's Survival Time, Learn About It Here
15 Private, Nonprofit Companies Introduce Birth Control Apps, Websites, Women Need Not Visit Clinics for Prescriptions
16 Caffeine Not Enough to Jolt Sleep-Deprived Individuals, According to Study
17 Having Nuts in Your Diet May Reduce Risks from Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests
18 Study Reveals Overweight Teens Have Higher Risk of Developing Heart Failures in Their Middle Age
19 Study Suggests Mars Salt 'Perchlorate' Could Be Both Gift and Threat to Humans
20 The Best Bread for People with Diabetes
21 Free Meals for Doctors Mean Higher Profit for Drug Companies, Study Suggests
22 Zika Vaccine Update: First Human Testing to Start Soon
23 Aircraft Noise May Cause Hypertension and Organ Damage
24 Making Art Can Reduce Stress, According to Study
25 Obesity Linked to Abnormal Response to Sweet Foods, Researchers Say
26 Cannabis Exposure During Pregnancy Leads to Abnormal Brain Development in Infants
27 New York Times Writer Pens a Book About Zika to Launch a Month Before Rio Olympics
28 People with High Educational Attainment Are More Prone to Brain Tumor, Study Reveals
29 National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month: Frequent Headaches May Warrant a Doctor Visit
30 Finally, iPhone 7 to Feature Practical Improvements
31 Google Search Trends Reveal Chickenpox Is Seasonal
32 Samsung Introduces PM971-NVMe, a Mini-Scale SSD that Apple May Use
33 NASA Space Update: Best of Pluto's Surface Images Captured, Thanks to New Horizons Camera
34 UBC Student Finds Four New Planets via NASA's Kepler Telescope
35 Periscope to Ban Internet Trolls Over Offensive Comments
36 The Development and Rise of 4D Printing, Incoporating a Fourth Dimension, Time
37 Asus Robot Perfect Companion for Elderly
38 Lost Your iPhone? Google's Feature Is Here to Help
39 Facebook Live: Mark Zuckerberg, ISS Astronauts Chat About Virtual Reality, Zero Gravity and Ice Cream
40 Samsung Galaxy Note 5: America's Favorite Smartphone
41 Stretchable Circuits May Be the New Stick-And-Lick Tattoos
42 As Saudi Arabia Invests in Uber, Can Women There Finally Drive Cars?
43 Apple Fixes Service Downtime, Reason Still Unclear
44 New Optics Breakthrough Opens Lots of New Technology Possibilities
45 Samsung Updates Gear Watch Designer for Better Gear Fit 2
46 Should Twitter Be Alarmed Over Snapchat's Boosted Online Presence?
47 'We Will Send Humans to Mars in 2024,' Says Tesla Motors' Elon Musk
48 Bose Goes Wireless with QuietComfort Headphones for Audiophiles
49 'Pink Light' Campaign in Korea Hopes to Advance Priority Seating for Pregnant Women
50 Y Combinator Income Pilot Experiment: Where the Money Will Come from, Critics Ask
51 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SUV Could Be Easy to Steal with Flawed WiFi Feature
52 3D Selfies Possible in Near Future Thanks to Snapchat and Seene
53 California-Based Company Develops Asteroid to Spaceship 'RAMA' Project that Prods Off-Earth Mining
54 Scientists Suggest Gene Technique 'CRISPR' May Likely Change Future
55 Facebook Messenger Users Warned Over 'Dangerous' Bug
56 Facebook Moves Forward with Chat Features Strictly on Messenger App
57 IBM Inks Ten-Year Deal with Emirates
58 Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: Next Flagship May Sport a 5.5-Inch UHD Display
59 Can the New 'Siri' Ramp Up iPhone 7 Sales? Outlook Not So Good
60 Will the New MacBook Pros Be at WWDC 2016? Here's What We Know So Far
61 Lexus Faulty Software Bricking Infotainment Systems
62 SpaceX Reveals First Relaunch Rocket Cost to Happen in September
63 Apple Pay Taps New Banks to Be More Accessible to Users
64 Elon Musk Fears AI Might Wipe Out Human Race and Take Over the World
65 Do We Still Need an iOS 9.2 Jailbreak?
66 Apple Operating System Name Changes Expected at WWDC 2016
67 NVIDIA Shield TV and Plex Collaborate to Ramp Up Media Entertainment with First All-In-One Device
68 Google Designs Quantum Tech with Twist, Faster Pharmaceutical Product Formulation, Computer Error Corrections Main Benefits
69 US Navy in Final Divers Augmented Vision Display Prototype Test, Search & Rescue to Benefit Largely?
70 Google Tango Featured on Lenovo's Latest Phab 2 Pro
71 LG Mosquito Repellent TV at RS 26900 Aims to Lower Mosquito-Related Diseases in India
72 iPhone Apps, Digital Models to Replace Weather Forecasters?
73 3D Printer Materializes Dutch Architect's Mobius House with Plant Oil, Sand Materials as Ink, Paper
74 iPhone 7 Latest Rumors: Goodbye Space Gray, Hello Deep Blue?
75 Sony PlayStation NEO Confirmed but Will Not Be at E3
76 Blocks Customizable Smartwatches Coming Out in September [VIDEO]
77 Philips Shows Off Revolutionary 'Contactless' Vitals Monitoring Camera [VIDEO]
78 Moto 360 First Gen. Not Compatible with Android Wear 2.0
79 Xbox One with 2 TB Storage Coming in December?
80 Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (A910F) Takes One Step Closer to Possible Global Debut
81 Samsung Releasing Another Clamshell Phone Codenamed 'Veyron'
82 Microsoft, LinkedIn Ink Deal, What's in It for the Users?
83 The World's Oldest Computer May Have Been Used to Tell the Future
84 'Spacecraft Cemetery': Final Destination for Decommissioned Rockets, According to Scientists
85 Carbon Nanotubes Not Strong Enough for a Space Elevator, Study Suggests
86 NASA's Around-The-World Atmospheric Mission Update: Preview Set on July 7, Media Invited
87 Remodeled Mazda Rotary Engine for EVs, Drones Catches US Military Attention for Oil Problems, Engine Reliability
88 India's Space Agency Plans to Bring 22 Satellites to Orbit via Single Rocket Launch
89 NASA Juno Mission: July 4 Take Off to Unlock Jupiter's Deepest Mysteries, Capture Amazing Images
90 Alien Megastructure 2016 Project Receives Funding, Does Alien Civilization Exist?
91 NASA Building Experimental Plane that Could Change the Way We Travel
92 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Captures Images of Colorful Stars in Massive Milky Way
93 World's Largest Plane Stratolaunch Nearly Ready, Wider than Football Field
94 Ultra-Thin Solar Cells to Power Wearable Technology, Coming Soon
95 Scientists Are Convinced They Would Find Life in Jupiter's Ocean Moon Europa
96 Migration Mystery Revealed: Scientists' Observation Gave Answers to a Question Asked Centuries Ago
97 Ancient Alien Life on Martian Rocks Evidence Discovered
98 Hungarian Physicists Claim They May Have Discovered the Fifth Force of Nature
99 UBC Student Finds Four New Planets via NASA's Kepler Telescope
100 Pilot Experiment Discovers New 'Einstein Ring'
101 Astronomers Discover 'Super Earth' Kepler-62f, Is the Planet Habitable?
102 Jupiter Radio Map Update: Ammonia Gas Absorbs Planet's Thermal Radio Emissions
103 Stephen Hawking Suggests There Is Way to Escape Black Holes
104 Nearly 46 Million People Still Live as Slaves Today, Says Global Slavery Index
105 Woman Denied to Board JetBlue Flight Due to the Clothes She Was Wearing
106 Stretchable Circuits May Be the New Stick-And-Lick Tattoos
107 Study: Dopamine May No Longer Be Effective in Pushing Elders to Take Risks
108 First Cavemen Lived in France 176,500 Years Ago, Used Fire and Built Complex Structures
109 Farming Was First Introduced by People from Greece and Turkey
110 Fire-Making by Human Ancestors in Europe Traced Back to 800,000 Years Ago
111 Amazing: 4-Year-Old Boy Survives Internal Decapitation
112 Aborigines, First Inhabitants of Australia, Research Says, Theories About Mungo Man Debunked
113 Inbreeding with Neanderthals Left Humans a Genetic Burden
114 DNA Mystery Solved: Molecules Taken Off Double Helix Structure Possible
115 US Army Celebrates 241st Birthday in New York City
116 Bison Fossils Reveal New Data on Human Migration in the Americas
117 Hobbits Were Homo Erectus that Shrunk While Living on an Island, Researchers Say
118 Humans Owe Their Evolution to Grass
119 Albinos in Malawi Are Hunted for Their Body Parts Used in Witchcraft Potions
120 French Archaeologists Unearth Bones of Victims from a 6,000-Year-Old Massacre
121 Four Species of Human Ancestors Co-Existed on Earth 3 Million Years Ago
122 How Parents Face Quantity-Quality Trade-Offs Between Reproduction and Investment, According to Centuries-Old Database