File Title
1 SpaceX Set to Relaunch Falcon9 for the First Time this Fall
2 Diamond Planets Hosted First Life in the Universe
3 NASA's Curiosity Rover Collected Water Data from Mars' Gale Crater
4 UFO Sightings: Former NASA Employee Says Visual Conclusions Not Valid
5 SpaceX Reveals First Relaunch Rocket Cost to Happen in September
6 Intergalactic Gas Cloud Dives in Center of Galaxy, Feeds Supermassive Black Hole
7 Siberia's Mysterious Crater Grows in Size, Formation Linked to Bizarre Explosion in Sky
8 Atmospheric Water Possibly Hidden Beneath Clouds of Hot Jupiters
9 Secret Spy Satellite Set to Launch by Delta IV Heavy
10 Clouds on Hot Jupiter-Like Exoplanets May Hide Atmospheric Water
11 Exclusive Opportunity for Spacecraft Fan to Tour Space X's Rocket and Spacecraft Factory Available Soon in Hawthorne, CA
12 Hot Jupiter Exoplanet Can Influence the Rotation of Its Sun
13 Milky Way Hidden from a Third of Human Population and 80% Americans
14 NASA's Next Mars Rover May Have Miniature Helicopter as Aerial Scout
15 Kate Rubins Ready for International Space Station Stint, with Brimful of Plans
16 World Renowned Scientist Michio Kaku Proves Existence of God
17 Telescope Captures Record Breaking Image of Galaxy 500 Million Light Years Away
18 NASA's New Horizons Reveals Jagged Shores of Pluto
19 A Gun Shot in Space, How Does It Behave
20 NASA Reveals Mars Has Massive Seasonal Dust Storms
21 Congress Wants US to Explore Moon Before Asteroid or Mars, Here Is Why
22 How Will Humans Share Mars on Settling There, Decoding Outer Space Treaty
23 New Alien World Getting Destroyed by Parent Star
24 Spacex Will Send Unmanned Spaceship on Cargo Route to Mars in 2018
25 Scientists Reveal Invisible Dark Matter Galaxy Is Larger than Solar System
26 Mars One Mission [UPDATE]: 200,000 People Want to Go to Mars
27 NASA, UAE Make Mars Exploration First Collaboration
28 Delta IV Rocket Spy Satellite Launches for United States National Security, Five More in Next Months
29 Solar System May Have More Hidden Planets than Just One Undiscovered Planet Nine
30 Gravitational Wave Astronomy Discussed at 66Th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
31 Two Alien Civilizations Helped Forge Humans, Studies Say
32 US President Obama Ends Term with Ungranted Mars Exploration Over Asteroid Mission; Elon Musk Seconds Call for Mars Mission
33 NASA Discovers Largest Known Planet that Orbits Two Suns
34 Primordial Black Holes May Have Created Dark Matter
35 European Space Agency to Study Dark Energy in New Mission
36 The World's Oldest Computer May Have Been Used to Tell the Future
37 Mars May Have an Explosive Volcanic Past
38 NASA Releases New 'Selfies' by Mars Curiosity Rover, Shows Mount Sharp
39 Failed Star Brighter than Sun, Emits Stronger Flares
40 Galactic Robots to Create Most Comprehensive 3D Map of Universe
41 'Spacecraft Cemetery': Final Destination for Decommissioned Rockets, According to Scientists
42 Research Suggests Planet-Devouring Star Likely Indicate Limestone Debris, Possible Fossil Marine Life?
43 Image of Planet 1200 Light Years Away Captured, Direct Imaging Shows Alien Life Proof, Astronomers Say
44 Carbon Nanotubes Not Strong Enough for a Space Elevator, Study Suggests
45 Young, Small Stars Can Adversely Impact Formation of New Planets
46 Asymmetric Molecule 'Propylene Oxide' Discovered Near Milky Way; Crucial to Life, Say Scientists
47 Newly Discovered Mysterious Object Likely the First Extinct Meteorite
48 NASA Spots Mysterious Disruption in Saturn's Ring
49 NASA's Around-The-World Atmospheric Mission Update: Preview Set on July 7, Media Invited
50 WATCH: Alleged UFO Speeding Past Jupiter Creates Online Sensation
51 Essential to Life 'Mirror Molecules' Spotted in Space, Can Explain Life's Origin on Earth
52 Humans Will Hear from Aliens Only After 1500 Years, Long Wait?
53 Strange Gaps in Young Star's Disk Could Indicate Baby Alien Worlds
54 NASA Mars Orbiters Reveal Three Types of Regional Dust Storms Occur at the Same Times Each Year
55 3D Sky-Mapping Robots Scheduled for Installation in 2018
56 NASA, White House Promote Gender Equality, Obama Prefers Outreach, Environmental Science than Space Exploration
57 India's Space Agency Plans to Bring 22 Satellites to Orbit via Single Rocket Launch
58 Alien Rock in Sweden Quarry Discovered, Extraterrestrial Object Flux Resulted to Invertebrate Ocean Life Expansion
59 The Cost and Dangers of Space Exploration: Is It Worth the Risk?
60 LIGO's Second Detection of Gravitational Waves from 2nd Pair of Black Holes
61 Mirror Image Molecule Spotted in Space for the First Time
62 NASA Juno Mission: July 4 Take Off to Unlock Jupiter's Deepest Mysteries, Capture Amazing Images
63 Scientists Discover Second Gravitational Waves of Black Holes Collision, Hear How It Sounds
64 'Essential to Life' Methanol Discovered in Nearby Planet-Forming-Disc for First Time
65 Alien Megastructure 2016 Project Receives Funding, Does Alien Civilization Exist?
66 Ancient Galaxy Is Farthest Reach in the Universe with Oxygen
67 Watch: How Fire Behaves in Space, NASA Experiment
68 Strawberry Moon, Summer Solstice Coincide for the First Time in 40 Years
69 Study Suggests Mars Salt 'Perchlorate' Could Be Both Gift and Threat to Humans
70 Earth Has Three Celestial Buddies, According to Astronomers
71 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Captures Images of Colorful Stars in Massive Milky Way
72 World's Largest Plane Stratolaunch Nearly Ready, Wider than Football Field
73 NASA Mission Discovers Planet Younger than Dinosaurs
74 Honeybees Collect Pollen from Non-Crop Plants Contaminated with Pesticides
75 Petaluma Fisherman Caught Amazonian Fish with Human Teeth in Local Park Pond
76 Research: Orcas' Evolution Shaped by Culture Similar to Humans
77 The Mind-Blowing and Aesthetic Appeal of the Russian Salt Mine
78 Ancient Markings Across the Caves of Europe Give Clues on the Origin of Writing
79 Study Suggests Owners Prefer Shorter, Wider Dogs
80 Fungus-Borne Disease Threatens Lives of Newts and Salamanders
81 Cincinnati Gorilla Harambe: PETA Reacts on Shooting Incident
82 Ultra-Thin Apple MacBook 2016 Can Destroy Earth?
83 Unreported Sources of Toxic Gases Found by NASA
84 Number of Honeybees Declining and Bug Spray Is a Culprit, Study Says
85 Scientists Search the Grand Hydrothermal Vents on the Ocean Floor Using Virtual Reality, Video
86 Animal Mutation: How Did Moths Survive in 1800s Industrial Britain?
87 US Success Story: Washington's Elwha River Thrives After Removal of Hydroelectric Dam System
88 Forty Tiger Cubs Found Dead Inside Thailand's Tiger Temple
89 South Korea, First Foreign Country to Join NASA's Mission Against Pollution
90 Microplastic Pollution: Fish Eats Plastic, Ignores Its Natural Food Source
91 Flood Alert: Historic Flooding Sees in Paris After Heavy Rainfall
92 Fuel from 'Bionic Leaf' Can Lessen Pressure on Farmlands, Scientists Say
93 Mysterious Underwater 'Lost City' Found to Be Geological Formation Engineered by Microbes
94 Man's Best Friend, Dogs Were Domesticated Twice, Research Says
95 A Raging Brush Fire Burns Areas of the Luxurious Suburbs of Los Angeles
96 US Good News: Fights Against Wildlife Trafficking Succeeds, Declares Total Ivory Ban
97 SeaWorld Orca Appears to Commit Suicide at Tenerife Theme Park
98 Waiting Time for Scientists Now Over as Rare 'Dragon Eggs' Are Hatched
99 Secret Volcano Discovered Beneath New Zealand, Will It Be a Threat?
100 Sea Lice Are Baby Jellies So Take Care on the Beach this Summer
101 Climate Change Makes North American Arctic Greener
102 Early Farmers in Europe Have Trail of Ancestry Back to the Aegean
103 Electric Eels Can Make Leaping Attacks and Generate Powerful Electric Shocks
104 First Sea Turtle Tagging in Solomon Islands Can Solve the Hawksbill Sea Turtle Migration Mystery
105 Your Fish May Have Recognized You and You Never Even Knew It
106 Seven New Peacock Spiders Discovered: Species Dance to Attract Females
107 US, China Mayors Meet to Eradicate Climate Change
108 Confused Fish Swims Inside Jellyfish in Amazing Rare Photo
109 Antarctic Lakes Preserve Dissolved Remnants of Black Carbon from Ancient Forest Fires
110 UK Energy Consumption: Solar Energy Generates Electricity More than Coal