File Title
1 Ocean worlds could host life under layers of high-pressure ice
2 On the trail of a missing elephant with latest surveillance tech
3 First monkey genetically engineered to have Parkinson's created
4 US gives cautious go ahead to controversial gene drives
5 Monkey experiments are a necessary evil for better medicine
6 Is NASA doing enough to look for alien life?
7 Billion-dollar vows to save Barrier Reef are too little too late
8 Back-stabbing butterflies rob the ants that once protected them
9 Microbial mass extinctions were kicked off by human evolution
10 Budgies use grammar to find meaning in unfamiliar phrases
11 Electric fields could help us wage war on destructive feral pigs
12 Listen to secrets of a honeybee hive in Kew's latest sculpture
13 New life form discovered in saliva is linked to human disease
14 Elderly monkeys choose to have fewer friends--just like us
15 Stop vets offering homeopathy--placebo doesn't work for pets
16 Who needs water? Dry volcanic vents more alive than wet soil
17 Watch a baby sea turtle being hypnotised so we can weigh it
18 Beautifully preserved feathers belonged to tiny flying dinosaurs
19 Some people choose to be frozen at death. Here's how it happens
20 Rip up the rule book and let NASA's Mars rover check 'life' zone
21 When is an animal a person? Neuroscience tries to set the rules
22 Blue jeans frog strikes a dramatic pose in Costa Rica
23 Wonder what your plants are 'saying'? Device lets you listen in
24 Roller-coasting birds soar for months and may snooze while aloft
25 Bacteria 'gardeners' farm algae to harvest when food runs out
26 Turtle herpes outbreak hints at Great Barrier Reef contamination
27 Zambia to push ahead with controversial plan to cull 2000 hippos
28 Bears turn into couch potatoes thanks to fast food binges
29 Rafting allowed this sea slug to conquer the world's oceans
30 DNA sequencing turns rivers into ecosystem surveillance systems
31 Too cute to lose: Saving the rarest mammal from extinction
32 Trying to save 'doomed' species isn't futile if we learn from it
33 Wallaby wearable tech probes how light pollution affects sleep
34 Biggest ever die-off of ocean forests triggered by warming seas
35 The 100-Year Life: How to make longevity a blessing, not a curse
36 Meet the world's cutest and most endangered animals
37 Major 'Intimate Lifestyle' Brand Develops Revolutionary Design for Condoms
38 Fossils of Extinct Giant Beaver Open New Doors in the Study of Ancient Proteins
39 Babies' Health: Antibiotics Can Cause Gut Microbiome Disturbances in Infants
40 Astronomers Detected Clear Sign of Oxygen in Galaxy 13.1 Billion Light Years Away from Earth
41 'Zombie Turtles' Deployed to Solve Mystery of Turtle Deaths in Chesapeake Bay
42 New Japanese Study Suggests Cats are Able to Grasp Law of Physics to Hunt Prey
43 Changing Winter Climate Causing Permafrost Below Shallow Arctic Lakes to Thaw
44 UC Davis Develops First Ever Microchip with 1,000 Independent Programmable Processors
45 CO2 Levels in Antartic Reaches Record High in 4 Million Years--Fossil Fuels the Culprit?
46 Siberia's 'Gateway to the Underworld' Is Actually Something We Should be Scared About
47 U.S. East Coast at Risk of Rapid Sea Level Rise
48 'Arctic amplification' phenomenon confirmed by Greenland's 2015 record-high melt records and temperature rise
49 Scientists Noticed Something Strange About the Great Pyramid of Giza
50 These High-Tech Diving Helmets Will Give the U.S. Navy Superhero Vision
51 Brit Astronaut Would Return to ISS Despite Nursing 'World's Worst Hangover'
52 You Can Be Immortal by Uploading Your Mind into Machines, Scientists Say
53 This 2,000-Year-Old 'Computer' Was Used to Tell the Future
54 UC Irvine Scientists Develop New Method in Converting Plastic Garbage to Liquid Fuel
55 This New Bottle Makes Sure Every Last Bit of Its Contents Is Not Wasted
56 New Map of the Universe is Based on Einstein's Theory of Relativity
57 Study: How Scientists Reduce Fats from Chocolates Using Electricity
58 The Beginning of the Universe? Quantum Computer Could Simulate Particle Physics
59 Ancient 'Deep Skull' Evidence Suggest Early Aborigines Were Not the First Settlers in the Pacific
60 Ancient Sanctuary of Greek God Uncovered in Israel
61 Remains of Vesuvius Eruption Victims Discovered in Ancient Pompeii Shop
62 This Rare Meteorite Found on Earth Could Be Traced to Mercury's Origins
63 Is Marijuana Good for Your Pregnancy? New Study Shows Abnormal Brain Structure in Exposed Children
64 These 5 Incredible Underwater Ancient Cities Will Blow You Away
65 Scientists Find Extra-terrestrial Mineral in Meteorite
66 Experts Expect Expansion of Hudson River Wetlands as the Sea Level Rises
67 Buddha's Skull Discovered in Ancient Crypt in China
68 Erasing a Bad Memory is as Easy as Switching Off a Gene
69 Treat the Kids to Educational Science Cruises this Summer
70 New Device Allows Scientist to Uncover Holocaust Tunnel Without Disturbing Historical Sites
71 What Grand Challenges is Modern Science Facing in the 21st Century?
72 Junk Food Cravings: Scientists Find Supplement to Suppress Yearning for High-Calorie Foods
73 'Soapbox Science' Roadshow Brings Science to Cambridge Market Square
74 Is 'Inception' Real? Scientists Plant False Visions into the Mind
75 Belgian Researchers Develop Electronic Nose Capable of Detecting Low Concentrations of Pesticides and Nerve Gas
76 Study: Why Antarctic Sea Ice Continues to Expand Despite Global Warming
77 New $100 Million Noah's Ark Attraction in Kentucky Set to Open, Potentially Igniting Centuries Old Culture War Between Science and Religion
78 Study: How Coconut Shells Inspire the Development of Earthquake-Proof Building
79 Real-Life Invisibility Cloak? Physics Points Out the Limits of an Invisibility Device
80 Having Problems Controlling Your Anger? Brain Region Connectivity Might Explain Why
81 Amazon is in Danger: Most Intensive Tropical Forest on Earth Losing Capacity to Take Carbon from the Atmosphere, Study Shows
82 Archaeologists Discover 12,000-Year-Old 'Shaman' Burial, Offers Insight on Ancient Funeral Rituals
83 Whole Foods Receives FDA Warning Over Unsanitary Conditions, Evidence of Listeria
84 Zika Update: Birth Defects Still Likely Even if Mother Has No Symptoms
85 This New Electric Toothbrush Will Teach You Proper Dental Hygiene
86 Commonly Used Antidepressive Treatment During Pregnancy May Affect Brain Activity in Newborns, Study Shows
87 You're Likely to Get Cancer for Drinking Very Hot Drinks
88 Babies' Health: Antibiotics Can Cause Gut Microbiome Disturbances in Infants
89 Water Tanks at a Pittsburgh Hospital Tested Positive for Legionella Bacteria
90 Workaholic Women May Face Alarming Cancer and Heart Disease Risk, Study Says
91 Zika Update: 3 Babies with Zika-Linked Birth Defects Born in U.S.
92 Exercising Four Hours After Learning a New Material Could Improve Memory, Study Shows
93 Study: How Your Workplace Environment Affect Brain Function
94 Holding Grudges? Study Says Forgiving People Is Good for Your Health
95 Caffeine Boost May Not Help You if You Are Extremely Sleep-Deprived, Study Says
96 Alert! This Popular Snack Brand Was Recalled Due to Peanut Allergen
97 Zika Update: Hundreds of Babies in Puerto Rico Could be Born with Birth Defects
98 Small Trial Successfully Reverse Memory Loss Caused by Alzheimer's Disease
99 Nearly 650 Patients Treated at Virginia Mason's Dialysis Unit Could Have Low Risk of Hepatitis B Exposure
100 Consuming Tree Nuts Could Lessen the Risk of Prostate Cancer Death
101 National Frozen Food Corporation Issues Voluntary Recall on Frozen Peas Over Potential Listeria Contamination
102 U.S. Parents Are Among the Least Happy in the World
103 Yellow Fever Spreads Rapidly in Africa, Vaccine Supply Running Low
104 Study: Frequent Hunger During Childhood Could Lead to Impulse Control Problem, Violence Later in Life
105 Scientists Discover Four New Risk Genes Linked with Multiple Sclerosis
106 Love for Pizza Causes Environmental Damage in Brazil
107 Highly-Educated People Are More Prone to Brain Tumors, Study Says
108 Next-Generation DNA Sequencing the New Face of Brain Infection Diagnosis
109 Study: How Listening to Mozart, Strauss Help Relieve Hypertension
110 Salts on Mars? Why New Chemical Perchlorate Could be Dangerous to Human Explorers