File Title
1 Astronomers release spectacular survey of the distant universe
2 Boost needed to keep world below 2íC or 1.5íC: Study
3 Fast fluency: Can we identify quick language learners?
4 Wireless, wearable toxic-gas detector
5 Scientists observe first signs of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer
6 Fruit flies adjust to sudden drops in temperature; just keep buzzing about the fruit bowl
7 In times of great famine, microalgae digest themselves
8 Pea plants demonstrate ability to 'gamble'--a first in plants
9 Aerobic exercise and CVD in women with fatty liver disease
10 Modeling NAFLD with human pluripotent stem cell derived immature hepatocyte like cells
11 Study finds potential treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
12 Microbes, nitrogen and plant responses to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide
13 A quick and easy new method to detect Wolbachia bacteria in intact Aedes mosquitoes
14 Study finds that plant growth responses to high carbon dioxide depend on symbiotic fungi
15 Immune system link to kidney disease risk, research finds
16 Adelie penguin population in Antarctica threatened by climate change
17 Air pollution linked to increased rates of kidney disease
18 The Lancet: Zika virus identified in brain and placenta tissue, strengthening link to birth defects
19 The Lancet: Microcephaly screening alone won't detect all cases of Zika virus in newborns, study suggests
20 Grade-school students teach a robot to help themselves learn geometry
21 Unproven claims run rampant in e-cigarette business
22 Benign bacteria block mosquitoes from transmitting Zika, chikungunya viruses
23 The energy spectrum of particles will help make out black holes
24 Changes to mitochondrial metabolism allow the immune system to adapt to infection
25 Resistance to antibiotics and to immune system are interconnected in bacteria
26 Twisting and turning to target antibiotic resistance
27 What does the sperm whale say?
28 Surprising number of businesses selling unapproved stem cell 'treatments' in the US
29 Climate change's effect on Rocky Mountain plant is driven by sex
30 Zika virus research at Biosecurity Research Institute aims to control, fight mosquitoes
31 Black, Hispanic drivers stopped most often, white drivers most likely to have contraband
32 3-D paper-based microbial fuel cell operating under continuous flow condition
33 The discovery of a totally new kind of 'mark' in human cell nucleus
34 Gene amplification--the fast track to infection
35 Seaweeds get sick too when they're stressed
36 In hot water: Climate change is affecting North American fish
37 Cravings for high-calorie foods may be switched off in the brain by new supplement
38 New biomaterial developed for injectable neuronal control
39 E. coli: The ideal transport for next-gen vaccines?
40 Individual mycobacteria respond differently to antibiotics based on growth and timing
41 Cerebrovascular disease linked to Alzheimer's
42 Decoding the complete genome of the Mediterranean's most emblematic tree: The olive
43 Genetically engineered mice suggest new model for how Alzheimer's causes dementia
44 Three in four women starting fertility treatment will have a baby within five years
45 How lifestyle intervention for weight loss affects birth rates in women with a high BMI
46 Expanding Antarctic sea ice linked to natural variability
47 Seeing RNA at the nanoscale
48 Dishonesty is aggressively punished in the world of paper wasps
49 Urban hedgehogs--more at home in the city than you thought
50 Be wary of knotweed advice on the web, researchers warn
51 UT Southwestern study finds sensing mechanism in food poisoning bug
52 York chemists lead breakthrough in carbon capture
53 To these flies, cicada sounds are like love songs
54 New discovery could better predict how semiconductors weather abuse
55 First fossil facial tumour discovered in a dwarf duck-billed dinosaur from Transylvania
56 Bouncing droplets remove contaminants like pogo jumpers
57 Warming pulses in ancient climate record link volcanoes, asteroid impact and dinosaur-killing mass
58 The story of how a touch screen helped a paralyzed chimp walk again
59 California droughts caused mainly by changes in wind, not moisture
60 Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines
61 New plastic material begins to oscillate spontaneously in sunlight
62 Characteristics improving bean resistance to drought identified
63 New Chinese leaf-roller weevil does not know how to roll leaves
64 Mammals diversified only after dinosaur extinction left space
65 ORNL scientists isolate, culture elusive Yellowstone microbe
66 Researchers tally huge number of venomous fishes, tout potential for medical therapies
67 Ostrich relative lived in North America 50 million years ago
68 Researchers determine fundamental limits of invisibility cloaks
69 Lush Venus? Searing Earth? It could have happened
70 Camouflage artists, in color
71 Weird pupils let octopuses see their colorful gardens
72 Marijuana, alcohol use may harm teens' mental health, academic outcomes
73 Could less time in bed prevent chronic insomnia?
74 All You Need to Know About Insulin Sensitivity Factor
75 How stress increases seizures for patients with epilepsy
76 Healthy vegetarian diet reduces type 2 diabetes risk substantially
77 Experimental drug shows promise against deadly MRSA infections
78 Salt: How much is too much?
79 Mechanism through which sleep improves memory uncovered
80 Rheumatoid arthritis patients experience long-term benefits with new drug
81 Is Avocado Good for Diabetes?
82 Links between autism and epilepsy deepen
83 Overeating may cause more eating by cutting off fullness signal
84 Coffee unlikely to cause cancer, but very hot drinks could
85 High-fat diet in pregnancy can affect three future generations
86 What's the Connection Between Multiple Sclerosis and the JC Virus?
87 Exercising 4 hours after learning boosts memory
88 Specific gut bacteria reverse autism-like behavior in mice
89 Ovarian cancer: New imaging technique helps surgeons remove more of tumor
90 Cognitive function worsened by dull and dirty workplaces
91 Brains of teens with conduct disorder are different
92 Soft-core pornography may fuel negativity toward women, endorse rape myths
93 Aircraft noise may cause hypertension and organ damage
94 Is Okra Good for Diabetes?
95 What's the Best Bread for People with Diabetes?
96 Obesity linked to abnormal reward response to sugary foods
97 Food pathogen detection via handheld 'nanoflower' biosensor
98 Diet Tips for Prediabetes
99 Stress reduced with art-making, regardless of skill level
100 Could restoring electrical signals help heal diabetic wounds?
101 Regular exercise may help muscle repair in older adults
102 Memory loss in early Alzheimer's reversed with personalized treatment plan
103 Breast cancer diagnosis improves with help from artificial intelligence
104 Breast cancer: Existing drug shows promise for prevention in high-risk women
105 Brain tumor risk linked to high education level
106 Can People with Diabetes Use Epsom Salts?
107 Arthritis in the Knee: What You Need to Know
108 Pediatricians call for stricter regulations to prevent lead poisoning in children
109 Cannabis use in pregnancy may alter offspring's brain structure
110 Heart attack risk is lower when immune system is more robust