File Title
1 Unprecedented: Alligator Washed Ashore on Texas Beach
2 Methane Levels Stable Despite the Arctic Warming, Study Says
3 Neoplasia: A Cancer that Spreads Among Shellfish All Around the World
4 'Watermelon Snow' May Be Pretty, but They Are Not Good for You
5 Climate Change to Kill Thousands of New Yorkers Yearly by 2080
6 Underwater Craters Could Explain the Unsolved Disappearance of Ships in Bermuda Triangle
7 Neonicotinoid Pesticides Harm the Honeybees, Experts Confirm
8 Gigantic Floating Screen to Sift Plastic Out of the Ocean
9 Appearance of 'Watermelon Snow' Important in Studying Melting Glaciers
10 What Do Scales, Feathers and Hair Have in Common?
11 Larry King's Exclusive Interview with Stephen Hawking on Air Pollution, Global Warming & Where Artificial Intelligence Is Heading
12 What Are Those Weird Noises Auroras Make?
13 Scientists Are Turning CO2 to Rocks and It Seems Effective
14 Giant, Amphibious Centipede Identified as an S.contaracta
15 Hong Kong Ends Local Ivory Trading Within Five Years
16 The Remarkable Beginnings and Journey of the Rare Rainbow-Colored Corn, 'Glass Gem'
17 Ancient Birds' Wings Found in Burmese Amber Mines
18 Mosha: The First Elephant with a Prosthetic Leg
19 Huge Reserve of Helium Found in East Africa's Rift Valley
20 A Deep Groundwater Reservoir Discovers Underneath California's Drought-Stricken Central Valley
21 Ocean Cleanup System: The First Prototype that Would Clear the Ocean of Trash
22 Half of Adelie Penguins Population Could Decline Due to Global Warming
23 Amazon Rainforest Becoming More Flammable Due to Human Activities, Say Scientists
24 Paris Climate Agreement Not Ambitious Enough to Keep Climate 'Safe,' Scientists Shared
25 Lionfish Invasion in the Mediterranean Sea May Devastate Marine Life
26 Climate Change Increases Harmful Algae Blooms in Lakes
27 An Extensive River Network Discovered Beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet
28 Unmodified, Non-Metallic Meteorite Showers Spotted in White Mountains Arizona, Third Meteor Fall of the Year
29 The World's Deadliest and Most Iconic Apex Predators
30 The Wastes of Whales Generate Nutrients for Ocean-Dwelling Animals
31 Antarctic Ozone Hole Shrinks by Over 4 Million Square Kilometers
32 The Great Frigate Bird Can Fly for 56 Days Without Landing, Resting
33 Ozone Layer Is Gradually Healing, Scientists Finally Confirm
34 Massive Landslide Spotted in Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska
35 Dead Humpback Whale On LA Beach Towed to Sea in Time for 4th of July Celebrations
36 4th of July Fireworks: The Dangers of Pyrotechnics in the Environment
37 Pea Plants Can Gamble Despite Having No Brains, New Studies Found
38 Alaska's Most Active Volcano Is Waking Up Again, According to Scientists
39 Asteroid Day 2016 Recap: 'We Can Stop Asteroid from Hitting Earth' Founder Says
40 Florida Declares State of Emergency: Dead Fish, Stinky Waters on Florida Rivers & Beaches
41 Parkinson's Disease Patients Rising Up to 30%
42 Toxic Air Pollution, Stressors of Climate Change: Root Causes of Ill Health on Children Today
43 A Compound in Broccoli Lowers the Risk of Known Killer Diseases
44 No Smoking Inside Chattanooga State College Starting July 1
45 AIDS Delaware Encourages People to Get Tested on National HIV Testing Day
46 Deaths from Overdose Add to the Plaguing Problems Medical Examiner, Coroner Offices Have
47 Second Man in Texas Confirmed to Have Contracted Flesh-Eating Disease
48 NASA Technology Finds Links Between Breast Cancer and Bacteria
49 High-Fiber Diet Rich with Vitamin A Could Be the Ansewer [sic] to Food Allergies, Study Says
50 Colistin-Resistant Gene Detected in the US for the Second Time
51 Largest Genetic Study on Migraine Reveals New Insight About the Condition
52 Pediatricians Urged to Screen Teens for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors
53 Dogs Can Detect Hypoglycemia in Diabetic Humans by Just Sniffing Them
54 Fruits with Low Glycemic Index Are Best for People with Diabetes, See List Here
55 Oral Cancer May Be Prevented by Ingesting Broccoli Sprout Extract, Study Says
56 Daughters of Obese Fathers Are More at Risk of Developing Breast Cancer, Study Reveals
57 A 30-Minute Walk in a Natural Environment May Reduce Risks of Depression, High Blood Pressure
58 Motivation to Bully Others Is Regulated by Brain Reward Circuits
59 CRISPR Gene Editing Technology Provides Accurate, Successful Complete Cancer Treatment, Recovery
60 Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduces Risks of Fatal Heart Attacks, Study Reveals
61 New Protein Discovery Could Mean New Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
62 Understanding the Human Brain with 1.2 Billion euros Human Brain Project (HBP)
63 'Electrifying' Chocolates Can Reduce 20% of Its Fat Content Without Affecting the Taste
64 Magnetic Nanoparticle Drug Can Dissolve Blood Clots
65 The Link Between Obesity and Multiple Sclerosis, Here's What We Know So Far
66 GMO Not Dangerous, Over 100 Nobel Laureates State
67 Butter Consumption Weakly Associated with Total Mortality, Chronic Diseases
68 Getting Too Much or Too Little Sleep Increases Diabetes Risks on Men
69 New Technology Makes Noninvasive Drugs Delivery Treat Brain Tissue Damage
70 Methylene Blue Memory Enhancer: Effective for Emotional, Sensory, Visual Responses, Too!
71 Cookie Dough Warning: 'Stop Eating It Raw,' FDA Says
72 Junk Food Cravings May Be Wind [sic] Down by a New Supplement
73 Scientists Discover a Sponge Extract in Antarctica, Can Kill 'SuperBug' MRSA Bacterium
74 Taking a 10-20 Minute Power Nap Is Healthy, Here's Why...
75 An Enzyme in a Bacteria Discovered, Could Lead to the Development of New Antibiotics
76 Want to Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer? Just Eat Walnuts
77 Missing Link Between Glass Formation and Crystallization Discovered, Putting Controversy to Rest
78 Hubble Image of the Week--Dwarf Galaxy UGC 4879
79 New Cassini Image of Titan above Saturn's Rings
80 New Combination Therapy Cures Tick-Borne Illness in Mice
81 CEMP Stars Could Host Carbon Planets
82 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Reveals Frosted Dunes on Mars
83 New Reseach Shows Cloudy Days on Hot Jupiters May Hide Atmospheric Water
84 Researchers Identify the Molecular Pathways Involved in the Aging of Human Eggs
85 Astronomers Observe Supermassive Black Hole Feeding on Cold Gas
86 Yale Study Shows Surprising Link Between Constipation and Herpes Infection
87 New Horizons Spacecraft Views Jagged Shores of Pluto's Highlands
88 Astronomers Study T-Tauri Stars in the Chamaeleon Star-Forming Region
89 Hubble Image of the Week--Scattered Stars in Sagittarius
90 Cassini Views a Disruption in Saturn's Narrow F Ring
91 Physicists Amplify Light Using Sound on a Silicon Chip
92 How Altered Gut Microbes Cause Obesity
93 Newly Discovered Kepler-1647 Is the Largest Planet that Orbits Two Suns
94 Bird Brains Have Significantly More Neurons than Primate Brains of the Same Mass
95 LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves Again
96 Graphene Provides a New Way to Turn Electricity into Light
97 Young Star FU Orionis May Hold Clues to Planet Formation
98 Did LIGO Find Dark Matter?
99 New Equation Shows How Other People's Fortunes Affect Our Happiness
100 Astronomers Find an Unexpected Amount of Giant Planets in Star Cluster Messier 67
101 Hubble Image of the Week--The Stars of the Large Magellanic Cloud
102 Astronomers Confirm Youngest Known Transiting Exoplanet
103 ALMA Reveals Methanol in the TW Hydrae Protoplanetary Disk
104 XMM-Newton Reveals the First 'Wind Nebula' Around a Magnetar
105 Shadow Below--New Cassini Image of Saturn
106 The Search for Life on Other Worlds Continues
107 Hubble Telescope Confirms New Dark Spot on Neptune
108 Astronomers Discover X-Ray Echoes from a Black Hole that Shattered a Passing Star
109 New Horizons Reveals a 'Super Grand Canyon' on Charon
110 Hubble Reveals the Iridescent Interior of NGC 1569