File Title
1 New 'Artificial Synapses' Could Let Supercomputers Mimic the Human Brain
2 5 Surprising Facts About Egg Freezing
3 Reference: What Is Artificial Intelligence?
4 Reference: Facts About Otters
5 Hang Glider Aims to Break Long-Distance Flight Record
6 Great Pyramid of Giza Is Slightly Lopsided
7 YouTube's MinutePhysics: Matter and Energy Get Animated
8 What's Causing Mysterious 'Worldwide Hum?'
9 Blame the Parents? Child Tragedies Reveal Empathy Decline
10 E.T. Phones Earth? 1,500 Years Until Contact, Experts Estimate
11 Tour Secret WWII Lab with Manhattan Project App
12 Rays Don't Stray: Giant Mantas Stick Close to Home
13 Deadly Degrees: Why Heat Waves Kill So Quickly
14 How Could Hot Drinks Cause Cancer?
15 Why Do We Never See Baby Pigeons?
16 Male Doctors, Female Nurses: Subconscious Stereotypes Hard to Budge
17 Brain Tumor Risk Linked with Higher Education, Study Finds
18 Rainbow-Colored Shooting Stars May Fly Overhead Someday
19 Bizarre, Long-Headed Woman from Ancient Kingdom Revealed
20 Americans Are Eating a Bit Healthier, Study Says
21 These Plant Compounds May Reduce Menopause Symptoms
22 The Best National Geographic Photos of All Time
23 Lost 5,000-Year-Old Neolithic Figurine Rediscovered in Scotland
24 Ancient Greek Naval Base Held Hundreds of Warships
25 AI Boosts Cancer Screens to Nearly 100 Percent Accuracy
26 Augmented-Reality Diving Helmets Join the US Navy
27 What's a Penny Made Of?
28 How Long Does Sunscreen Last Before It Expires?
29 Reference: Facts About Skunks
30 Virtual Reality Could Be Film's Next 'New Wave'
31 Genes Aren't Destiny: How Biology Impacts Academic Performance
32 Sharks Near You? Global Survey Reveals Predators' Top Spots
33 Screwworm Sex Wins 'Golden Goose' Award for Unusual Research
34 Antarctic Rescue Underway
35 In Shellfish, Cancer Can Be Contagious
36 5 Key Facts About Brain-Eating Amoebas
37 17th-Century French Ship Gets New Berth: A Texas Museum
38 Hair on Demand: Researchers Create 3D-Printed Fur
39 Stinging Jellyfish Come to Jersey, but Beaches Still Safe
40 Stomach Sucker: How Does New Weight-Loss Device Work?
41 Gluten Triggers Strange Delusions in Woman with Celiac Disease
42 Artificially Intelligent Russian Robot Makes a Run for It...Again
43 Abortion Requests Double After Zika Warnings in Brazil
44 Docs Diagnose Smartphone 'Blindness' in 2 Women
45 Why Rescues in Antarctica Are a Dangerous Business
46 Ancient Greek 'Computer' Came with a User Guide
47 San Andreas Fault 'Does the Wave,' New Research Finds
48 '3Doodler' Pen Lets You Draw 3D-Printed Creations in Midair
49 Tallest Mountain in US Arctic Crowned
50 What's the Difference Between Dolphins and Porpoises?
51 Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars: Which Lives to Save in a Crash
52 Caribbean Sea's Curious 'Whistle' Detected from Space
53 No Flu Nasal Spray Next Season: Why Is this Vaccine Not Working?
54 Reference: What Is a Paramecium?
55 Sleeping Black Hole Awakens to Devour Doomed Star
56 The Kilogram May Be Redefined
57 SETI Eavesdrops on Nearby Star in Smart Alien Hunt
58 What Brexit Vote Means for Science (in 140 Characters)
59 What's the World's Largest Crocodile?
60 Would Aliens Really Kill Us, 'Independence Day'-Style?
61 Pretty as a Princess: Disney Movies May Be Making Girls 'Girlier'
62 Robot Cars Tear Up Track to Test Hazard Response
63 Where's the Exit? Python Caught in Circle of Own Molted Skin
64 Ancient Insects Carried Corpses of Prey for Camouflage
65 China Planning Underwater Great Wall of Robots
66 Novel Tech Aids in Search for Hidden Tombs & Mysteries of the Eye
67 Pretty Risky: Men Would Skip Condoms with Attractive Women
68 Magnets Make People Think of Love, Study Finds
69 How Much of the Ocean Is Whale Pee (and Worse)?
70 Is It Ethical to Purchase Human Organs?
71 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
72 YouTube's 'SciShow': Exploring the Unexpected
73 Morning Milky Way Shines Over Summer Triangle in Stunning Photo
74 Quantum Computer Could Simulate Beginnings of the Universe
75 Freeloading Butterflies Get Away with Theft
76 Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce Risk of Fatal Heart Attack
77 Can You 'Catch' Stress in a Classroom? Science Says Yes
78 Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Explained
79 Gateway to Ancient Greek God's Compound Uncovered?
80 Huge Cache of Ancient Helium Discovered in Africa's Rift Valley
81 Reference: Facts About Tapirs
82 Aliens Attack! Invasive Lionfish Arrive in Mediterranean
83 Tau Day: Should Pi Be Downgraded?
84 More Victims of Vesuvius Eruption Found Near Pompeii
85 Mummified, 99-Million-Year-Old Wings Caught in Amber
86 Odd 'Dark Hydrogen' May Lurk Within Jupiter, Other Giant Planets
87 Geologists Create Home-Brew Lava
88 Pat Summitt's Death: Why Alzheimer's Disease Is Deadly
89 Record-Breaking Electric Car Goes from 0 to 62 Mph in 1.5 Seconds
90 6,000 Feet Under: Whale Sharks' Deepest Dives Detected
91 California Has Way More Water than Anyone Thought
92 Is There a Link Between Bacteria and Breast Cancer?
93 Reference: Facts About Capybaras
94 Light Pollution Is Waking Trees Up Early for Spring
95 Lab-Grown 'Living' Bones Could Yield Customized Implants
96 Real-Life Holodeck? 'Star Trek' Tech Uses VR to Solve Global Problems
97 Who Trims? Pubic Hair Grooming Common Among Young Women
98 Reference: The Renaissance: The 'Rebirth' of Science & Culture
99 For Kids with Eczema, 'Soak and Smear'
100 Jewish Escape Tunnel Uncovered at Nazi Massacre Site
101 Female Komodo Dragon Saved After Her Eggs Burst
102 Butter May Not Be Bad for Your Heart
103 Saturn Moon Enceladus' Plumes May Resemble Earth's 'Lost City'
104 Newfound Human Species Suggests Africa Was Evolutionary Melting Pot
105 Scorpion Architects Build Lairs with Porches and Mating Rooms
106 Ikea's Dresser Recall: 7 Tips to Prevent Furniture Injuries
107 Half of Adelie Penguins Could Be Wiped Out by Global Warming
108 Reference: Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii: Facts & History
109 Reference: Facts About Aardvarks
110 Ancient Shrine that May Hold Buddha's Skull Bone Found in Crypt