File Title
1 Siberia's Mysterious Crater Grows in Size, Formation Linked to Bizarre Explosion in Sky
2 Global River Research Network: Rivers and Streams Around the World Becoming Intermittent
3 Why Arctic Sea Ice Hit New Low
4 US Department of the Interior Approves New York City Offshore Wind Project, Commercial Fishermen Oppose
5 There Are More Glow-In-The-Dark Fish Species than We Originally Thought, Scientists Share
6 Norway Takes the Lead in Fight Against Deforestation
7 How Regional Wind Patterns Will Impact Climate Change
8 Marshall Islands Are Becoming Less Nuclear
9 Milky Way Hidden from a Third of Human Population and 80% Americans
10 What Happens When Lightning Strikes at 7,000 Frames Per Second at Its Super Slow Motion
11 Process that Sucks CO2 Out of the Atmosphere Can Turn Greenhouse Gas to Rocks
12 'Arctic Amplification' Cause North Pole Ice Melt
13 Jungle of Cambodia Reveals Multiple Cities Between 900 to 1400 Years Old
14 Carbon Dioxide Could Help Control Behavior of Hostile Carps in Great Lakes
15 Scientists Discover Method that Turns Bacteria into Living Hard Drive
16 NASA Collaborates with Scientists to Help Gather Data on Coral Reefs
17 Human-Caused Climate Changed Drives First Mammal into Extinction
18 National Aquarium Vows to Keep Dolphins Safe in Seaside Sanctuary
19 El Nino Linked to the Rising Concentration of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide this 2016
20 Which National Parks Will You Vote to Get $2 Million in Grants?
21 Coral Reefs May Be Doing Better than Expected, Studies Showed
22 78 Rare Tortoises Vanished from a Breeding Center in Thailand
23 Archaeologists Uses Lidar Laser Technology to Uncover Ancient Cities Beneath Cambodian Jungle
24 Migration Mapping, the Key to Climate Change Escape?
25 Alien Rock in Sweden Quarry Discovered, Extraterrestrial Object Flux Resulted to Invertebrate Ocean Life Expansion
26 Mangroves Can Counter Ocean Acidification, Study Reveals
27 Birds Are Intelligent, Their Brains Are Packed with Neurons, Study Reveals
28 Cats Use Physics to Attack Prey
29 National Aquarium Confirms Plans to Move Dolphins into Ocean Sanctuary
30 Earth's Lowest Point Dead Sea Shrinking at an Alarming Rate
31 Permafrost Thawing Below Shallow Arctic Lakes Due to Winter Climate Change
32 Beech Forests Across Europe Are at Greater Risk from Drought
33 Geophysicists Discover Growing Unstable Texas Sinkholes
34 Modern Mussel Shells Are Thinner than 50 Years Ago Due to Ocean Acidification
35 Geologists Investigate the Impact of Carbon Dioxide Released from 140 Coal Mines in Pennsylvania
36 What Aid Birds to Find Good Food and the Right Partner?
37 World Giraffe Day: Celebrate the Longest Necked Animal on the Longest Day of the Year
38 Rare Eyeless Catfish Found in the National Cave in Texas
39 Nat Geo WILD Presents Modern Elephant Documentary, How Intelligent Are They?
40 Thousands of Giant Spider Crabs Spotted Off the Shores of Melbourne Australia
41 Strawberry Moon, Summer Solstice Coincide for the First Time in 40 Years
42 Beekeepers and Concerned Citizens to Rally in Front of Environmental Protection Agency with 2.64 Million Dead Bees
43 Waste Heat Is a Major Source of National Warming, Study Reveals
44 'Finding Dory' for Real: Blue Tangs Poisoned with Cyanide, Scientists Say
45 Male Chameleons Change Colors for Rivalry, Females for Sexual Status, Study Says
46 Global Coral Bleaching Increases, Will Hit the US Coasts Hard
47 Urban Birds Are at Greater Risk of Dying Young Due to Stress
48 GPS Readings Showed Large-Scale Vertical Motion Along San Andreas Fault
49 Scratchy the Great White Shark Kicks Off the Season at Cape Cod
50 Great Botanical Biodiversity at Kumbira Forest in Angola Discovered
51 Google Search Trends Reveal Chickenpox Is Seasonal
52 Green Tea May Reduce Joint Pain and Inflammation Caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis
53 Tobacco Smoke Promotes Bacterial Resilience According to Study
54 Study Shows How Morphine Can Worsen Pain Management
55 Unreported Sources of Toxic Gases Found by NASA
56 Charred Meat Could Heighten the Risk of Cancer
57 Women Suffering from Migraines May Be at Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases
58 Concussions in Children Are Greatly Underestimated, Study Reveals
59 New US Guidelines Aim to Reduce Salt on Packaged Food, Restaurants
60 Long-Term Use of Marijuana May Cause Gum Disease, but No Other Major Ailments, Says Study
61 Bigger Waistlines Push Men Closer to Prostate Cancer
62 Who Is Most at Risk of Getting Cancer? Expert Reveals
63 Weight Loss Surgery May Help Prolong Lives
64 Apple Pirates Endocrinologist, Signals Big Medical Push for Healthcare
65 Scientists Discovered a Way to Produce Red Blood Cells
66 Zika Update: Zika Virus Is Spreading as the Summer Approaches
67 Women Who Want to Quit Smoking Should Do It on the Second Phase of Their Menstrual Cycle, Research Suggests
68 The Link Between Migraine and Unstable Levels of Estrogen
69 Study Suggests Blood-Brain Barrier Leaks Associated with Alzheimer's Disease
70 Mediterranean Diet May Prevent Breast Cancer from Recurring
71 'Crocs' Not Meant for Long Term Use, May Result in Troublesome Feet
72 Mental Illnesses Common in Urban Areas Due to Disconnect with Nature, According to New Study
73 Eucalyptus Oil: An Essential Oil with Extemporal Benefits
74 Baby Sunscreen Safer for Adults than Regular Sunscreen
75 Blood Test that Measures Metabolites Can Indicate Drug Potency, Researchers Claim
76 Salmonella Outbreak 2016: Hundreds Were Sickened in 35 States
77 Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell (CAR-T) Therapies Set to Gain Approval by 2017
78 Researchers Use Ultrasound to Check the Quality of Chocolate
79 Liquid Biopsies Is the Cheaper, Less Invasive Alternative to Diagnosing Cancer
80 Extra Dosage of Hormonal Drugs Can Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence
81 Opioid Painkiller by Pfizer Can Be Abused, FDA Warns
82 FDA to Require 'Added Sugar' to Nutritional Fact Labels Starting 2018
83 Hostess Brands Recalls Products Due to Undeclared Ingredient
84 Zika Virus Update: Sexual Transmission Possible, Say French Scientists
85 Scientists Suggest Gene Technique 'CRISPR' May Likely Change Future
86 Tarantula Toxin Frees Pain Pathways for IBS, According to Study
87 Vice President Joe Biden Introduces Cancer Research Milestone
88 Skin Picking Disorder: You Might Have It and Not Even Know It!
89 Study Suggests Video Games like 'Call of Duty' Enhances Cognitive Performance
90 Raw Cacao: The Newest, Sweetest Drug to Hit the European Club Scene
91 Almost 25 Percent of Cancer Patients Are Ineligible for Immunotherapy, Researchers Say
92 Anti-Diarrhea Drugs Overdose More Common than We Think, Can Lead to Deadly Heart Conditions
93 Wearable Artificial Kidney Coming Soon in a Hospital Near You
94 Babies Born at 41 Weeks Display Better Cerebral Activities in School, Says Study
95 Illinois West Nile Virus Update: Midwestern State Records First Human Case
96 Secret Harvard Meeting Criticized for Synthetic Human Genome, Ethically Fraud Projects?
97 Early Alzheimer's Disease Detection Possible Through Blood Test
98 Blood-Brain Barrier Defect a Sign of Alzheimer's Disease
99 Withings' Latest Scale Can also Keep an Eye on Your Heart
100 US Preventive Services Task Force: Combat Syphilis Through Screening
101 California's 'Right-To-Die' Law Comes into Force, Still Controversial
102 Alzheimer's DIsease Misdiagnosis More Common than We Think!
103 Philips Shows Off Revolutionary 'Contactless' Vitals Monitoring Camera [VIDEO]
104 Accidental Deaths Reached a Record High in the US
105 First Ever Toxic Shock Syndrome Vaccine Out Now
106 Children, Teens and Young Adults with Migraines Have Vitamin Deficiencies, Study Says
107 China's "Doctor Frankenstein" Planning a Human Head Transplant
108 Vaping Leads Teens to Cigarette Smoking in the Future, Study Revealed
109 Red Raspberries Can Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
110 A New Drug 'Ixekizumab' Clears Psoriasis for the First Time