File Title
1 Boston Dynamics robot learns from being bullied
2 Underwater robots can be programmed to make independent decisions
3 A global Olympic-style competition to advance assistive and robotic technologies
4 Robotically driven system could reduce cost of discovering drug and target interactions
5 Cockroach inspires robot that squeezes through cracks
6 30 percent of female physicians report sexual harassment
7 Simple, rapid TB diagnosis feasible in low-resource, high-burden settings
8 Middle-school kids see several alcohol ads a day
9 Mind your busyness
10 Humans have been causing earthquakes in Texas since the 1920s
11 New horned dinosaur had spikes at back of neck shield
12 Researchers develop new way to decode large amounts of biological data
13 Sounding rocket EVE supporting tune-up of SDO EVE instrument
14 NASA's SHARAD Radar Discovers Martian Ice Age Record Through Mars Polar Cap
15 Theresa May on EU Referendum: 'UK Should Withdraw from Convention on Human Rights'
16 Neural Changes in Women Linked to Hormonal Contraceptives Use, Study Says
17 Why Scientists Now Believe that Free Will is an Illusion
18 Russia: New Human Rights Ombudsman Is Retired Police General
19 Your Office Can Be the Solution to Climate Change--If You Let It
20 Cellebrite's Textalyzer Tech Can Detect if You Are Using Your Phone in the Time of Accident
21 Good News for Chocolate Lovers: Study Reveals Eating Chocolate Every Day May Be Good for the Health
22 Apocalypse Warning: Scientists Identify Six 'Possible Dangers' that Can Wipe Out Human Race
23 First American Zika Mortality Confirmation Alarms US as Disease Spreads in Mexico
24 Porn Poses a Threat to National Security, According to Studies
25 Climate Change: North Africa, Middle East Increasing Temperatures Put Residents in Jeopardy
26 Eating or Drinking Affects Intestinal Bacteria and Would Likely Have a Strong Impact on Your Health
27 Apple Celebrates Mothers with Its New Ad 'Shot on iPhone--Mother's Day'
28 Health News: Estrogen Plays a Major Role in Kidney Repair
29 Worsening Depression Would Likely Have a Greater Risk of Developing Dementia
30 Unravelling the Mystery of Calusa Kingdom
31 DNA Analysis Shows Modern Europeans Descended from Belgians
32 World Hunger: Ehtiopia Recovers from Famine, Politics Not Lack of Resources Caused Hunger
33 Religion Could Die Out as World Becomes Richer, New Study Reveals
34 Southern Arabia Was Shelter for Ice Age Refugees, Humans Lived Here 10,000 Years Earlier
35 Harvard Scientists to Create Synthetic Human Genome
36 First US Penis Transplant Success: Sexual Function Possible, Not Reproduction
37 Scientists Hold Secret Talks on Synthetic Human Genome Creation
38 Mom's Voice Enough to Cheer Child Up, Study Says
39 'Ponypainting' Therapy Effective for Children with ADHD
40 Man Killed on Tracks by CalTrain, Caused Delays at Burlingame
41 Growth Spurts Make Teenage Boys More Clumsy and Awkward, Study Reveals
42 Beer-Making Artifacts Discovered in China Dates Back 5,000 Years
43 Money Matters in Romance, Science Says
44 Human Intelligence May Have Evolved to Care for Helpless Infants
45 Watch: Neanderthals Believed to Have Build These Complex Structures 176,500 Years Ago
46 'Biggest Loser' Drugs Contestants So They'd Lose Weight?
47 'Van Gogh' Mummy Found in Spanish Church
48 Military Deaths: U.S. Army Enlisted Soldiers' Suicide Attempts Change Over Time, Study Says
49 Archaeologists find world's oldest axe in Australia
50 Syrian Antiquities Import Restrictions Are Law, but Will They Work?
51 On New Jersey hillside, clues to Revolutionary War mystery
52 Are you my mummy? DNA tests to seek modern relatives of 800 year old mummified boy
53 Residents take a stand to protect historical site
54 N/A
55 Digging the Secrets of Ancient Maya Gardeners in the Yucatan
56 Ancient trading networks and Arabian camel diversity
57 Archeologists find evidence of city life in Moscow Kremliin in 12th century
58 Youngest-ever mummified foetus from Ancient Egypt discovered in tiny coffin
59 Researchers prove humans in Southern Arabia 10,000 years earlier than first thought
60 New archaeological method finds children were skilled ceramists during the Bronze Age
61 Nefertiti Still Missing: King Tut's Tomb Shows No Hidden Chambers
62 James Monroe's Home May Not Have Been So Humble After All
63 A kitchen story, a quarry, bones and gaming pieces: These medieval finds have been found at a Suffolk school
64 'Stone age art' in Upper Franconian cave not an archaeological sensation after all
65 Scientists proclaim a new civilization in the Aegean Bronze Age
66 Archaeologists uncover 13,000-year-old bones of ancient, extinct species of bison
67 900-Year-Old Village Recorded in Volcanic Badlands of New Mexico
68 How London became Britain's capital has been revealed for the first time
69 Archaeology: Jordan, Aphrodite statue discovered in Jerash
70 Prehistoric Site in Florida Confirms Pre-Clovis Peopling of the Americas
71 Experts: Teen's 'Discovery' of Maya City is a Very Western Mistake
72 Unusual Native American ceremonial site unearthed in Ohio
73 Study sheds light on ancient Roman water system in Naples
74 Jerusalem Dig Calls for Support
75 Discovery of Roman fort built after Boudican revolt
76 Rome metro line runs into Roman barracks and burial ground
77 Divers Discover 'Spectacular' Cargo of Ancient Shipwreck in Caesarea Harbor
78 Rare 5,000-year-old kurgan-type tumulus from the Bronze Age unearthed in Istanbul
79 Polish archaeologists discovered dozens of paintings in Sudan
80 Ancient Cosmology Seen at Prehistoric Ohio Site
81 Red paint found at Roman Baths during excavations
82 Unseen Prehistoric Arms, Ancient & Medieval Swords Made Public for the First Time in Special Exhibit in Bulgaria's Plovdiv
83 Ancient Device for Determining Taxes Discovered in Egypt
84 Painted Human Jawbones Used as Ancient Jewelry
85 Increased vandalism to archaeological sites in Southern Utah prompts "Petroglyph patrol"
86 Experts stunned to discover early Shakespearian theatre was rectangular
87 Rome mulls 'metro museum' after new line unearths ruin
88 Archaeologists reveal probable sites of two missions that predate the Alamo
89 Elizabeth I dress: Altar cloth may be Queen's gown
90 Coin Indicates Second Bulgarian Empire Gained Control over Thessaloniki (Salonica) in Mid 13th Century, Collector, Archaeologists Hypothesize
91 Burial sites show how Nubians, Egyptians integrated communities thousands of years ago
92 Polish archaeologists discover a medieval hermitage in Egypt
93 3D prints of shipwrecks off Drumbeg and Folkestone
94 'Eye-watering' scale of Black Death's impact on England revealed
95 Skeletal differences between Neanderthal and modern human infants
96 Archaeology: Is it time for human era to be named? Maybe
97 Ancient 'Mad Libs' Papyri Contain Evil Spells of Sex and Subjugation
98 Archaeologist: Site of Bear River Massacre pinpointed
99 Spanish mission discovers mummy in Aswan's Tombs of Nobles
100 Beer brewing in ancient China
101 Archaeology must open up to become more diverse
102 New Lead in the Search for Elusive Norse Settlements
103 Mysterious Mass Graves Hold Prisoners of Bloody 17th-Century Battle
104 Senora de Cao to be investigated by Harvard experts
105 Neanderthals built mysterious cave structures 175,000 years ago
106 Ancient DNA study finds Phoenician from Carthage had European ancestry
107 Private Construction Works Uncover a 1st Century Roman Necropolis in Trogir
108 Women in southern Germany Corded Ware culture may have been highly mobile
109 High altitude archaeology: Prehistoric paintings revealed
110 Stunning cave paintings found 300 metres below Spain
111 Stonehenge wasn't so hard to build after all, archaeologists discover
112 Mystery of Mongol Retreat from Hungary Solved
113 Archaeologists and geographers team to predict locations of ancient Buddhist sites
114 Migration back to Africa took place during the Paleolithic