File Title
1 Antibiotics could increase greenhouse gas emissions from livestock
2 Snub-nosed dogs more affectionate and make better guard dogs, study suggests
3 Protein implicated in Alzheimer's disease may protect against infection
4 Mars at tail-end of ice age that would have seen red planet covered in ice
5 Automating DNA origami opens door to many new uses
6 Top-down design brings new DNA structures to life
7 Designer nanomaterials caught by laser octopus
8 Rice de-icer gains anti-icing properties
9 Nanoscale Trojan horses treat inflammation
10 Transparent, flexible supercapacitors pave the way for a multitude of applications
11 Tiny packages may pack powerful treatment for brain tumors
12 Nanotubes are beacons in cancer-imaging technique
13 Graphene makes rubber more rubbery
14 Researchers demonstrate size quantization of Dirac fermions in graphene
15 Team demonstrates large-scale technique to produce quantum dots
16 Chemists add color to chemical reactions
17 Dendrite-proof batteries made possible by Zylon nanofibers
18 Self-healing, flexible electronic material restores functions after many breaks
19 Two-beam super-resolution lithography used to create 3D photonic 'gyroid' nanostructures
20 This 'nanocavity' may improve ultrathin solar panels, video cameras and more
21 Researchers unleash graphene 'tiger' for more efficient optoelectronics
22 Physicists measure van der Waals forces of individual atoms for the first time
23 Microwaved nanoribbons may bolster oil and gas wells
24 Precisely flawed nanodiamonds could produce next-generation tools for imaging and communications
25 3-D model reveals how invisible waves move materials within aquatic ecosystems
26 Spin glass physics with trapped ions
27 Electrical properties of superconductor altered by 'stretching'
28 Loop quantum gravity theory offers glimpse beyond the event horizon
29 Engineers discover a new gatekeeper for light
30 Doubling down on Schrodinger's cat
31 Quantum cycles power cold-atom pump
32 Possible case for fifth force of nature
33 Scanning for skyrmions: Scientists directly image skyrmion cluster state transitions in iron-germanium nanodisks
34 Could optical clocks redefine the length of a second?
35 Precise atom implants in silicon provide a first step toward practical quantum computers
36 New tabletop instrument tests electron mobility for next-generation electronics
37 Researchers find new method for doping single crystals of diamond
38 How much can a mode-2 wave move?
39 Researchers propose new method for creating extremely strong spin currents
40 Optics breakthrough to revamp night vision
41 Revealing the nature of magnetic interactions in manganese oxide
42 Ultra-fast method to create terahertz radiation advances materials science
43 First movies of droplets getting blown up by x-ray laser
44 Speedy terahertz-based system could detect explosives
45 Computing a secret, unbreakable key
46 New type of Andreev process predicted whereby electron and hole states on opposite sample edges carry supercurrent
47 Researchers create 'rewritable magnetic charge ice'
48 A digital Rochester Cloak to fit all sizes
49 Scientists getting warmer on mimicking anti-freeze in nature
50 Astronomers observe the intriguing near-Earth asteroid Phaethon
51 Water on the moon?
52 Image: Hubble gets in on a galactic gathering
53 Juno spacecraft crosses Jupiter / Sun gravitational boundary
54 NASA inflates spare room in space
55 SpaceX makes fourth successful rocket landing
56 Comet contains glycine, key part of recipe for life
57 Life on Ceres? Mysterious changes in the bright spots still baffle scientists
58 Serious simulations upskill defense and police personnel
59 Stars with planets on strange orbits: what's going on?
60 Combined climate, orbit models show that Kepler-62f could sustain life
61 Scientists discover evidence of ice age at martian north pole
62 Astronomers find giant planet around very young star
63 Finding aliens may be even easier than previously thought
64 NASA hits snag while inflating new room at space station
65 How to tell the world you've discovered an alien civilisation
66 New calculations show Earth's core is much younger than thought
67 New stars discovered in the Rho Ophiuchi Dark Cloud
68 Number of habitable planets could be limited by stifling atmospheres
69 Close encounters of a tidal kind could lead to cracks on icy moons
70 Scientists discover how supermassive black holes keep galaxies turned off
71 A young mammoth cluster of galaxies sighted in the early universe
72 Astronomers discover an unusual, slowly evolving superluminous supernova
73 Science instruments of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope successfully installed
74 Footprints of baby planets in a gas disk
75 A cross-language search engine enables English monolingual researchers to find relevant foreign-language documents
76 Fast, stretchy circuits could yield new wave of wearable electronics
77 Force-feeling phone: Software lets mobile devices sense pressure
78 Student examines the issue of over-trusting robotic systems
79 Researchers look to bones and shells as blueprints for stronger, more durable concrete
80 Carnegie Mellon engineers develop fall-prevention sensors
81 Monitoring sun exposure with a portable paper sensor
82 Debugging system for complex analysis of programs that import huge swaths of commonly used code
83 Smart home gadgets need to live together
84 Google Maps directions may soon lead you to...more ads
85 Coming soon to Twitter: More room to tweet
86 People power crucial for low-carbon future, new research shows
87 System converts solar heat into usable light, increasing solar cell's overall efficiency
88 Using cellphone data to study the spread of cholera
89 New technique controls autonomous vehicles on a dirt track
90 Discovery could open the door to cellphone and car batteries that last five times longer
91 Apple, Google locked in battle for supremacy
92 Solar Impulse plane lands in Dayton from Oklahoma
93 Solar Impulse plane leaves Oklahoma for Dayton
94 Google piecing together a modular phone
95 Privacy fears: Panel has advice for drone operators
96 Looking beyond conventional networks can lead to better predictions
97 Airbus unit unveils 3D-printed electric motorcycle
98 Dartmouth contest shows computers aren't such good poets
99 Google Daydream VR vision: With opportunity comes challenges
100 New catalyst found for clean energy fuel
101 Researchers use strain to engineer first high-performance, two-way oxide catalyst
102 Technology offers path to 'clean, safe' chemical production
103 Sequence-defined bioactive macrocycle can be tailored for drug design
104 Study visualizes proteins involved in cancer cell metabolism
105 Scientists capture the elusive structure of essential digestive enzyme
106 Making some of the world's most durable materials corrosion-resistant
107 Harnessing nature's vast array of venoms for drug discovery
108 Single-step hydrogen peroxide production could be cleaner, more efficient
109 Getting the most out of natural gas
110 US biochemist wins award for rewriting DNA to mimic evolution