File Title
1 Research points to possible new prevention strategies for ovarian cancer
2 MD Anderson study uncovers early genetic changes in premalignant colorectal tissue
3 Exercise, future anticancer therapy?
4 Putting the brakes on cell's 'engine' could give flu and other vaccines a boost
5 Higher salt intake may increase risk of CVD among patients with chronic kidney disease
6 Antidepressants commonly and increasingly prescribed for nondepressive indications
7 Rates of obesity, diabetes lower in neighborhoods that are more walkable
8 Sequencing analysis identifies genomic alterations in colorectal precancers
9 Cell Labelling via Photobleaching: A precious ally for scientific research
10 Air pollution exposure may raise heart disease risk
11 Low hormone levels linked to obesity in teens
12 Study shows how bacteria evolve in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients
13 Obesity rising in least walkable Ontario neighborhoods
14 Diamonds closer to becoming ideal semiconductors
15 Low hormone levels linked to obesity in teens
16 Study shows how bacteria evolve in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients
17 Obesity rising in least walkable Ontario neighborhoods
18 Diamonds closer to becoming ideal semiconductors
19 Closing in on the elusive rotational-vibrational CH5+ spectra
20 Smoking during pregnancy associated with increased risk of schizophrenia in offspring
21 Rutgers scientists help create world's largest coral gene database
22 Canadian military personnel more likely than civilians to think about suicide but also to seek help
23 Colorectal cancer rate rising among younger people
24 Swallowable, gas-filled balloons aid fight against obesity
25 Why vocal fry?
26 Even light drinkers should watch for fatty liver disease
27 Northern invaders threaten Antarctic marine life
28 Couples study ties anger to heart problems, stonewalling to back pain
29 Current screening methods miss worrisome number of persons with mild cognitive impairment
30 New method gives scientists a better look at how HIV infects and takes over its host cells
31 Middle school intervention program leads to long-term BMI reduction for obese students
32 Astronomers confirm faintest early-universe galaxy ever seen
33 UTHealth study finds e-cigarette marketing linked to teen e-cigarette use
34 How our emotions affect store prices
35 Scientists find sustainable solutions for oysters in the future by looking into the past
36 A rallying call for microbiome science national data management
37 African-American girls in low-income, high-crime neighborhoods experience threats, objectification
38 Study finds breast and ovarian cancer may have similar origins
39 Rice study decodes genetic circuitry for bacterial spore formation
40 Vanderbilt study: Chloride 'switch' turns on membrane formation
41 EARTH: The most dangerous fault in America
42 Hearing snap, crackle, pop may help heal your knee
43 Does sepsis keep killing months later?
44 Study shows disparities in treatment for children with traumatic brain injuries
45 Consensus statement on optimizing management of EGFR mutation positive NSCLC patients
46 Listening to calls of the wild
47 Antihypertensive effect of fermented milk products under the microscope
48 Ivy's powerful grasp could lead to better medical adhesives, stronger battle armor
49 Trial and error in viral evolution: The difference between fading out, pandemic
50 SwRI scientists discover fresh lunar craters
51 Dartmouth team creates new method to control quantum systems
52 A history of snowfall on Greenland, hidden in ancient leaf waxes
53 Why fruit cracking differs among sweet cherry varieties
54 Why children confuse simple words
55 Global data shows inverse relationship, shift in human use of fire
56 Study reveals success of text messaging in helping smokers quit
57 Using cellphone data to study the spread of cholera
58 The Lancet: Teenage pregnancies hit record low, reflecting efforts of England's strategy to reduce under-18 conceptions
59 Purdue research may expand engineered T-cell cancer treatment
60 Traveling wave drives magnetic particles
61 New technique controls autonomous vehicles on a dirt track
62 Attosecond physics: A switch for light-wave electronics
63 Yellow fever epidemic threatens to spread from Angola to China
64 Extreme beliefs often mistaken for insanity, new study finds
65 Can legumes solve environmental issues?
66 A single enzyme with the power of three could offer shortcut to therapeutic target
67 Low- and high-birthweight babies appear at increased risk for cardiovascular disease
68 Use of video decision aids increases advance care planning in Hilo, Hawaii
69 New research confirms continued, unabated and large-scale amphibian declines
70 Sylvester researchers identify novel treatment for aggressive form of breast cancer
71 Proteins key to unlocking cancer for National Cancer Moonshot
72 Rice de-icer gains anti-icing properties
73 The dark side of the fluffiest galaxies
74 Epigenetic modification increases susceptibility to obesity and predicts fatty liver
75 Rice University lab simplifies total synthesis of anti-cancer agent
76 Mutation protects against heart disease
77 Breast cancer drug discovery offers hope of new treatments
78 Cutting-edge findings in cannabis research
79 Supercrystals with new architecture can enhance drug synthesis
80 Gut flora may lead to better diagnosis tool for liver disease & open avenues for treatment
81 Telomere length in circulating blood cells does not predict asymptomatic atherosclerosis
82 A peachy defense system for seeds
83 The protein that assesses distances
84 Trance to treat stomach ache: The efficacy of medical hypnosis
85 Did human-like intelligence evolve to care for helpless babies?
86 New study captures ultrafast motion of proteins
87 A guide to CRISPR gene activation
88 How brick-makers can help butt out litter
89 Exercise associated with longer life in patients with heart failure
90 Flu jab associated with fewer hospitalizations in patients with heart failure
91 End of the road for aliskiren in heart failure
92 Flu vaccination associated with lower dementia risk in patients with heart failure
93 Dana-Farber research presented at 2016 ASCO conference
94 Making virus sensors cheap and simple: New method detects single viruses in urine
95 Rare evolutionary event detected in University of Texas lab
96 Hacking memory to follow through with intentions
97 Knowledge of positive Cologuard test improves colonoscopy performance
98 Discovery could energize development of longer-lasting batteries
99 UMass Amherst researchers untangle disease-related protein misfolding
100 Blood test uncovers undiagnosed diabetes in hospital patients with high blood sugar
101 Study finds little change in the IMF's policy advice, despite rhetoric of reform
102 Harnessing the 'Natural Killer' within us to fight cancer
103 Nanoscale Trojan horses treat inflammation
104 Networking lets sharks off the hook
105 UCLA study identifies how brain connects memories across time
106 Strange sea-dwelling reptile fossil hints at rapid evolution after mass extinction
107 Programmable materials find strength in molecular repetition
108 Telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy significantly improves menopause symptoms
109 Cities try different tactics to regulate noise
110 Engineers take first step toward flexible, wearable, tricorder-like device