File Title
1 Close-up of the Red Planet
2 Study finds alcohol interventions unsuccessful for fraternity and sorority members
3 Excessive drinkers, high income households pay majority of state alcohol tax increases
4 Zika virus protein could be vaccine target
5 Electricity and economics
6 What the New York Times gets wrong about PTSD
7 African-American parents focus on equality when teaching preschoolers about race
8 How plants conquered the land
9 ACS NSQIP Surgical Risk Calculator has good prediction accuracy, new study finds
10 Bereaved parents should be given full details about how to reduce sudden infant death syndrome risk
11 Lower income families less likely to use online learning tools
12 Prediabetes: Fatty liver, visceral obesity, production and action of insulin modulate risk
13 USC study finds blindness and visual impairment will double by 2050
14 Plant cell wall development revealed in space and time for the first time
15 Female members on corporate boards can lower number of mergers and acquisitions
16 Confidence in Iron Dome, coupled with resilience, can reduce PTSD symptoms
17 Nature vs. nurture? Both are important, anthropologist argues
18 'Right to try' laws make safety and efficacy secondary to speedy access
19 Computer app whets children's appetites for eco-friendly meals
20 Bright light alters metabolism
21 Building a faster, more versatile 3-D printer with chemistry (video)
22 Executive powers in the nursery
23 NASA's Van Allen Probes reveal long-term behavior of Earth's ring current
24 Why do animals hide their warning signals? A paradox explained
25 What can help dropouts?
26 How is rattlesnake venom like fine wine? Both have regional varieties
27 Firearm ownership closely tied to suicide rates, BU study finds
28 Shedding light on the 'dark matter' of the genome
29 Fighting cancer with the help of someone else's immune cells
30 Cosmic heavy metals help scientists trace the history of galaxies
31 Vitamin E a potential biomarker for development of brain tumors
32 Hormone may offer new approach to type 2 diabetes
33 Rice University scientists identify 'smoking gun' in metastasis of hybrid cells
34 Your gender-stereotypic genes may be giving you a leg up in dating
35 Drop in childhood obesity cannot be explained by health behaviors
36 Social media poses threat to people with intellectual disabilities
37 Support from family and friends important to helping prevent depression in teenagers
38 Atmospheric aerosols can significantly cool down climate
39 Plants are 'biting' back
40 An app knows if a beer has gone stale
41 36,000 children already tested for early type 1 diabetes
42 The effects of laxatives may provide new clues concerning Parkinson's disease
43 A slick way to test artificial knees and hips
44 Oldest actinopterygian from China provides new evidence for origin of ray-finned fishes
45 Photon collisions: Photonic billiards might be the newest game!
46 Smelly socks and sweaty shirts: Why your laundry stinks, and how to stop it
47 Switch and stick
48 The science of the condolence letter
49 Positive results from the Phase I study of plitidepsin in combination for MM
50 Scent guides hawk moths to the best-fitting flowers
51 People with ADHD don't receive enough support
52 Sleep disorders common in athletes--but easily fixable
53 Researchers describe strategy to develop first broad-spectrum antiviral drug
54 Will more snow over Antarctica offset rising seas? Don't count on it
55 Artificial Neural Networks guess patient's age with surprising accuracy
56 Even frail, older adults could benefit from intensive blood pressure reduction
57 Identification of a chemotherapy resistance factor in breast cancer patients
58 Using static electricity, RoboBees can land and stick to surfaces
59 Visual impairment, blindness cases in US expected to double by 2050
60 Alcohol intervention programs ineffective on fraternity members
61 Dynamic dazzle distorts speed
62 High levels of protein p62 predict liver cancer recurrence
63 Temple researchers successfully excise HIV DNA from animals
64 Ragon Institute study identifies unexpected mutation in commonly used research mice
65 Higher survival rate for overweight colorectal cancer patients than normal-weight patients
66 Lowering blood pressure reduces risk of heart disease in older adults
67 Avoiding mixtures of different mitochondria leads to effective mitochondrial replacement
68 Scientists getting warmer on mimicking anti-freeze in nature
69 Genes discovered that enable birds to produce the color red
70 Mouse studies hold promise for a simple treatment for an aggressive gastric tumor
71 Tampering with the current in a petri dish
72 Right size + Right chemistry = Right stuff for plastics manufacturing
73 Scavenging of inflammatory molecules improves sepsis in mice
74 Loss of inflammatory signaling molecule protects mice against diet-induced obesity
75 Strategy for depleting immune cells implicated in asthma-associated inflammation
76 Prevalence of visual impairment, blindness expected to increase in US
77 Can a healthy lifestyle prevent cancer?
78 Ancient tsunami evidence on Mars reveals life potential
79 Researchers identify super-oncogenic protein that promotes development of melanoma
80 Salk researchers chart landscape of genetic and epigenetic regulation in plants
81 Genes for nose shape found
82 Fruit fly brains shed light on why we get tired when we stay up too late
83 The transition between the arm and the hand occurs thanks to a genetic switch
84 Growth spurts lower teenage boys' coordination
85 A digital Rochester Cloak to fit all sizes
86 'Sunscreen' gene may help protect against skin cancer
87 How did cardinals get those bright red feathers?
88 Return-to-learn as important as return-to-play after concussion
89 Long-sought methane production mechanism identified
90 Special issue: Urban Planet
91 Resistance mechanism of aggressive brain tumors revealed
92 Bio-inspired robot perches, resumes flight
93 Malignancy-associated gene network regulated by an RNA binding protein
94 Survey: 71 percent of hip fracture patients not told they have osteoporosis
95 Scientists create 'rewritable magnetic charge ice'
96 Intake of dietary fat in adolescence associated with breast density
97 Making injectable medicine safer
98 Heart defect prediction technology could lead to earlier, more informed treatment
99 Biologists find how plants reconstitute stem cells
100 Why humans (and not mice) are susceptible to Zika
101 'Piggybacking' mitochondrial DNA can compromise mitochondrial replacement therapy
102 Mouse study finds link between gut bacteria and neurogenesis
103 Same gene links blood sugar problems in Down syndrome and Type 2 diabetes
104 Simple public health intervention may prevent chronic kidney disease
105 Screening strategy identifies adults at risk for developing kidney disease
106 How birds turn red
107 Antibiotic treatment speeds up spread of resistance in the gonorrhea superbug
108 Factor preserves DNA integrity in bacteria despite assault from antibiotics
109 The proof is in the pudding
110 SEISE tool uses semantic gaps to detect website promotional attacks