File Title
1 Dinosaur Extinction: Ocean Acidification, Volcanism Made it Possible
2 Scientists Spotted a Jellyfish that Looked like an Alien Space Ship
3 Your Office Can Be the Solution to Climate Change--If You Let It
4 Australia Will Use Herpes Virus to Control Its Exploding Carp Population
5 Apocalypse Warning: Scientists Identify Six 'Possible Dangers' that Can Wipe Out Human Race
6 Environmental Damage Linked to Millennium Bulk Terminals Coal Export Project
7 Greenland Will Continue to Melt Faster, New Study Reveals
8 Marine Life in the Pacific Ocean Will Get Suffocated Starting 2030 Due to Climate Change
9 TTIP Threatens the Environment and the Lives of Citizens in the US and EU, Greenpeace Says; Reveals Secret Docs
10 Intensifying CO2 Levels Cause Earth's Greening, Study Says
11 Porn Poses a Threat to National Security, According to Studies
12 Climate Change: North Africa, Middle East Increasing Temperatures Put Residents in Jeopardy
13 Defaunation and Carbon Storage Affect Each Other, Says Study
14 Dinosaurs' Earth Migration Finally Traced
15 UAE Wants to Build Artificial Mountain to Increase Rainfall
16 Global Warming Is Running Down the Oceans' Oxygen
17 New Jellyfish Species Found in Mariana Trench Look like Lava Lamps
18 California's 'Sudden Oak Death' Disease, Impossible to Slow Down--Study
19 Climate Change Affecting Oxygen Levels in Ocean
20 Underground Fungi from Space, Scientists Detect
21 Earthquakes in Southeastern United States, Scientists Offer 'Probable' Explanation
22 California's San Andreas Fault Ready to Explode, Warning by Seismologist
23 Dinosaur-Fossils at 71 Million Years Old, Discovered During Antarctic Expedition
24 Mass Destruction of Sea Creatures Spotted in Chile's Pacific Beaches
25 WATCH: Live Video Feed Of Mariana Trench, Deepest Place On Earth
26 Egypt Pyramids' Interiors Can Finally Be Seen After 4600 Years with Cosmic Rays
27 Five Reef Islands Disappeared in the Pacific's Solomon Islands, New Study Says
28 35 Tons of Dead Fish Spotted in China Lake
29 Yellowstone Caldera: A Supervolcano that Might Erupt this 2016
30 Mount St. Helens Experienced Shakes in Past Two Months, Ready to Re-erupt?
31 Primate Evolution Influenced by Climate Change, Could Have Continued in Asia if Not for Global Cooling
32 Earth Mantle Update: Mountains, Volcanoes, Land Compositions Caused by Mantle's Yo-yo Motion
33 Starfish Numbers Rise Despite Mysterious Wasting Disease
34 Biomass Forest Monitoring Satellite for ESA to Be Built by Airbus Defense and Space
35 Earth's Magnetic Field Is Changing at Rapid Scale, New Study Reveals
36 Bee Colonies in the US Worsens as 44 Percent of Them Have Gone Over the Last Year
37 Neanderthals' Extinction May Have Been Caused by Climate Change
38 A Massively Devastating Tsunami Might Hit Hawaii in 50 Years, Study Reveals
39 New Dog Species Found in Maryland Acts like a Hyena
40 Climate Change Update: Warmer Temperature Results to Sea Star Species Death
41 Planet Study: This Is How Earth Existed Without Oxygen 2.33 Billion Years Ago
42 Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Butchering Site Under Florida River, New Discovery Pushes Back Human Timeline in America
43 Australia to Kill About 2,000 Kangaroos, Know Why
44 4.5 Billion Year Old Volcanic Material Can Throw Light on Earth's Formation
45 World's Smallest Porpoise Still Endangered Despite Government Efforts
46 Climate Change: Earth Records High Warm Months Lengthened, May End Soon
47 NASA Satellites Feed, Provide Wetlands for Migrating Birds
48 Scientists Try to Figure Out Where Giraffes Got Their Long Necks
49 Shell Spills Almost 90,000 Gallons of Oil in the Gulf of Mexico
50 Genetically Engineered Crops Safe? Consumers Remain Wary, Skeptical
51 Teeny-Tiny Ocean Microbe Plays Huge Role in Climate Regulation, Study Reveals
52 Moose Mortality Rates Increasing Due to Winter Ticks
53 Researchers Discover Antarctica Sponge, Can It Eliminate MRSA?
54 Tiny Ocean Organism May Help Regulate Earth's Climate
55 Triceratops Ancestor Discovered, Head Adorned with 'Shield of Bone' and 'Devil Horns'
56 Human Damage to Environment Faster than Its Recovery, UN Study Reveals
57 Science of Sleep: Even Trees Rest at Night
58 How Do Some Birds Enable Yellow to Red Color Conversion?
59 Farm Emissions: Primary Source of Air Pollution, Study Says
60 Aggressive, Human Eating Nile Crocodiles Invade Florida
61 NASA Explains Sea Ice Increase in Antarctica, Melts in Arctic
62 World Turtles Day Gives Light on Why Turtles Are Becoming Endangered and How to Prevent It
63 Squid and Octopus Population on the Rise
64 Top 10 New Species in 2016 Revealed, 10 Million More Yet to Be Discovered
65 Scientists Given a Peak into the Evolutionary Period, Thanks to this Newly Discovered Species
66 Why Are There More Shark Attacks in Maui than Other Hawaii Islands, Study Reveals
67 American Biochemical Engineer, the First Woman Ever Wins the Millennium Technology Prize
68 Amazon to Take Down All Animal Specimen and Hunting Equipment from Its Website
69 3 Interesting Species Recently Discovered
70 A Once Violent Sun Gave Birth to Life, Climates on Earth: Study
71 Study Suggests Barium Directly Drains from Fractured Rock
72 Feeding Antibiotics to Livestock May Trigger More Climate Change
73 Tsunami Algorithm Developed to Warn About Future Catastrophes
74 'Biodegradable Plastics' Not as Eco-Friendly as You Think
75 Rules for UN Climate Change Pact May Take 2 Years to Materialize
76 Monkey Grieving Death of Partner Proves Compassion, Empathy Exists Among Animals
77 Scientists Discover Silver Snake Species, Newly-Found Species Extremely Endangered
78 Do Alien Lifeforms Exist? Maybe, but We Can't Communicate with Them
79 Earth's Population Update: How Many People Can Planet Earth Sustain?
80 NASA Research Attempts to Figure Out Where Moon Got Its Rural Tattoos
81 NASA's WFIRST Telescope Could Possibly Take Photos of Other Earth-Like Planets
82 Space X's Falcon 9 Successful Historical Landing on a Barge, Elon Musk Reveals Its Capability
83 Tiny Telescope One-Ups Kepler in Discovering Exoplanets
84 European Space Agency Plans to Construct a 'Moon Village' by 2030
85 Mars Geological Features Could Be Shaped by Boiling Water
86 NASA: 'Ancient Mars Had Volcanoes Under Ice Sheet'
87 Mars Water Is Boiling, Flowing; Still Not Suitable for Humans
88 'Planet Nine' Exists Yet Remains a Bit of a Mystery, New Study Says
89 NASA Invests on Innovative Concepts: 2D Spacecraft, Microorganisms, E-Glider, Brane Craft & More
90 Meet Valkyrie, the Humanoid Robot Being Developed for Mars Mission by UK Scientists [Video]
91 Earth-Like Planets Orbiting Dwarf Star Key to Life Outside Earth?
92 NASA News: Scientists Discovered Habitable Planets
93 Underground Fungi from Space, Scientists Detect
94 NASA Mars Curiosity Rover's Undeterred Journey, Climbing a Mountain Despite Wheel Damage
95 Sun's Infancy Gains New Insight with Surface Images of a Nearby Star
96 NASA's Newest Technology that Will Pin Down Earth's Position in Space and Time
97 Mars and Earth Will Be Closest for Over a Decade at the End of May
98 'Star Wars' World Revealed, Exist in the Universe, Says Research
99 China to Deploy New Generation of Rockets for Space Missions
100 Pluto: Planet, Dwarf Planet or Comet, Scientists Reveal It Is Something Else
101 Scientists Reveal How to Survive Doomsday Caused by an Unfriendly Sun
102 Scientists Measure Black Hole to Be as Huge as the Sun
103 Mars Has Atomic Oxygen, Scientists Detect
104 Hidden New Galaxies, Discovered
105 Elon Musk Hires Superhero Costume Designer to Create Modern Space Suit for Space X
106 Alien News: Biosignature Gases May Seal Extraterrestrial Life Search?
107 Airbus Defense and Space Will Lead Project TeSer, Prevent Spacecraft Collisions with Space Debris
108 Earth's Mantle Moves 10 Times Faster than Previously Estimated
109 Ancient Mayan City Discovered by 15 Year Old Boy Using Google Earth and Constellations
110 Nili Fossae: Mar's Landing Site Is Arrayed with Fantastic Colors, Blue Color Dominates