File Title
1 Study Reveals Women are More Prone to 'Mathematics Anxiety' than Men
2 NSAIDS Increase Risk of Heart Disease, but Not All; Vit C Prevents Cell Death
3 Neural Changes in Women Linked to Hormonal Contraceptives Use, Study Says
4 Mental Health Month Updates: Texas Lacks Hospital Beds and Adequate Supply for Psychological Care Despite More Funds
5 Fructose May Lead to Major Diseases Due to Brain Genes Effect
6 Good News for Chocolate Lovers: Study Reveals Eating Chocolate Every Day May Be Good for the Health
7 Too Much Red Meat in the Diet May Speed Up Biological Aging, Study Reveals
8 Vitamin B3 Stops the Aging Process of Kidney, Liver, Heart and Muscles
9 TTIP Threatens the Environment and the Lives of Citizens in the US and EU, Greenpeace Says; Reveals Secret Docs
10 First American Zika Mortality Confirmation Alarms US as Disease Spreads in Mexico
11 NASA News: Space Tourism Faces New Challenges
12 Gene Study: Subjective Well-Being Roots Discovered, Causes Happiness to Humans
13 Eating or Drinking Affects Intestinal Bacteria and Would Likely Have a Strong Impact on Your Health
14 Health News: Estrogen Plays a Major Role in Kidney Repair
15 Worsening Depression Would Likely Have a Greater Risk of Developing Dementia
16 Drinking Wine and Coffee Can Be Good for Your Gut
17 Ginger Genes: Red Hairs Look Young for a Longer Time, Study Says
18 Belgium News: Fighting Nuclear Attack from ISIS
19 'The Biggest Loser' Update: Post Weight-Loss Program Results to Slower Metabolism
20 'Back to Life': Trial Project Bringing Dead Alive Wins Approval
21 Being Fit: One Minute of Intense Exercise Is as Good as the 45-Minute Light Workout, New Study Says
22 HIV Prevention Programs: Fidelity, Abstinence, US Fund Allocation a Waste?
23 Cervical Cancer Breakthrough: Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Could Free Australia from Cervical Cancer
24 Scientist Break Records for Lab Grown Human Embryos, Kept Alive for 14 Days Outside Womb
25 Drinking, Smoking Habits Attract Short-Term Relationships for Men
26 Scientists Invent the World's Tiniest Engine that Could Enter Living Cells to Fight Diseases
27 Candida Yeast Infection Is Linked with Psychiatric Disorders and Memory Impairment
28 Inpatient Rehab Facility Is the Best Option for Stroke Recovery
29 Lymph Nodes Infected with Intestinal Worms Boost Immune System, Study Says
30 Cancer Cell Growth Could Be Stopped by Starving Them, New Research Reveals
31 Robot STAR Performs World's First Autonomous Soft-Tissue Surgery
32 Study: Humans' Faster Metabolism Enables Larger Brains
33 Back to Life: Project to Use Stem Cells and Other Techniques to Reverse Brain Death in Patients
34 Are There Dangers in Herbal Remedies? Answer Revealed
35 Global Sleep Crisis: Singapore, Japan Have the Least Amount of Sleep, Caused by Social Pressures
36 Experimental Therapy Found to Stop Treatment-Resistant Cancer Growth in Mice
37 Norovirus Update: More than 250 Passengers of British Cruise Ship Docked in the US Sick
38 Fentanyl: A Powerful, but Deadly Opioid Painkiller
39 Global Outbreak: Climate Change Links to Increased Rates of Chronic Kidney Disease
40 Space Menstruation: How Do Female Astronauts Handle Menstrual Periods in Space
41 Being Overweight May Not Be as Unhealthy as Before, Suggest Researchers
42 Brain 'Localization': Real Cause of Language Impairment, Autism-Like Diseases, Says Study
43 UN: Excessive Air Pollution in World's Cities Killing Over 3 Million People Yearly
44 The Rio 2016 Olympics Games Could Trigger 'Global Zika Catastrophe'
45 Drugs, Alcohol Addiction's Most Common Cause Finally Revealed
46 Fitness Beware: Gluten-Free Diet May Not Be Suitable for Everyone
47 Human Brain: Study Says Everyone Has Natural Ability to Be Mathematicians
48 Breast Cancer Drug Update: How Estrogen Synthesis Affects Seizure Episodes
49 Does Cannabis Psychosis Really Exist as Reclassification Affects Trends?
50 Cells Carry Memory of Injury, Reveal Why Chronic Pain Lasts, Study Says
51 IBM's Macromolecule May Kill Ebola, Influenza, and Other Deadly Viruses
52 First Penis Transplant Surgery Performed in the US
53 US Senate to Pass $1.1 Billion Emergency Funding Against Zika
54 Harvard Scientists to Create Synthetic Human Genome
55 Mushroom for Depression: Can It Treat the Symptoms?
56 Paternal Alcohol Use, Lifestyle Cause Birth Defects
57 Zika Virus Could Spread in Europe Soon, Says WHO
58 Gene that Prevents Heart Attacks, Stroke Found, Possibly Lead to Drugs that Delay the Aging Process
59 Epilepsy Drug 'Lyrica' Likely Increase the Risk of Birth Defects, Study Says
60 Study: Genetically Modified Food Not Harmful, Safe for Human Consumption
61 Kate Hudson's Alkaline Diet Backed by Science, It's Not a Fad!
62 South Carolina News: No to Abortion After 19 Weeks Bill Favored
63 Researchers Discover Antarctica Sponge, Can It Eliminate MRSA?
64 Several Public Pools, Hot Tubs and Water Playgrounds Violated the Health Rules
65 Keytruda: A Miracle Drug Tested for Treating Melanoma, Other Cancer Types
66 Lyme Disease Cure: New Tests Make It Easier to Detect
67 Brain Defects Linked to Common Anxiety Drug Use, Shows Research
68 Antibiotics Killing Gut Bacteria Can Kill Your Memory Too!
69 Ethical Amnesia Explains Repeated Unethical Behaviors like Cheating and Corruption
70 Stroke, TIA Treatment Update: Aspirin Is More than Just Immediate Treatment
71 Food with Polyphenols Can Help Prevent Chronic Inflammation, Study Reveals
72 Obama Pushes for Zika Funding After Increased Cases Among Pregnant Women in US
73 HIV Cure a Step Closer: Scientists Successfully Removed Virus' DNA from Living Tissue
74 Opioids Prescriptions Decline in the US for the First Time in Two Decades
75 Low-Salt Diets Heighten the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart Attacks
76 Melanoma Rates Higher in New Jersey than Other US States
77 When You Lack Sleep, You Can't Resist Chips, Candies, Cookies--Here's Why
78 American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends One Full Time Nurse for Every School
79 Michelle Obama's 'Added Sugars' Label Not Backed by Science
80 Nanotechnology Can Be a Powerful Treatment for Brain Tumors, Study Says
81 Got a Hangover? Let South Korea's Ice Cream 'Cure' It
82 Only a Few Cancer Patients Truly Understand Their Prognosis, According to Study
83 Goodbye Sanitary Pads? Women Don't 'Need' Monthly Periods, Expert Says
84 Medicine to Perfect Disease Treatment with Better Animal Models Chimera
85 GERD May Be Caused by Inflammation Not Acid, Study Says
86 Exercise Can Lower the Risk of Developing These 13 Cancers
87 Children Born 'Very Prematurely' More Prone to Lower Incomes, Chronic Health Problems, Study Says
88 Scientists Discovered a Protein Injection that Could Treat Type 2 Diabetes
89 Antidepressants Can Be Used for Other More than Just Depression
90 Study: Let Babies Cry to Sleep, It's Safe
91 'Biggest Loser' Drugs Contestants So They'd Lose Weight?
92 Tai Chi May Be Equally Good as Physical Therapy in Fighting Knee Osteoarthritis
93 Is Nail Biting a Habit or a Disease?
94 Zika Virus Causes Eye Problems in Infants with Microcephaly
95 Engineers Work on Developing Wearable Biosensor Device
96 Experts Believe Infections Cause Alzheimer's Disease
97 Military Deaths: U.S. Army Enlisted Soldiers' Suicide Attempts Change Over Time, Study Says
98 Scientists Invented a Nanowire-Based Battery Capable of Being Recharged Endlessly
99 Quantum Computing Technology Reaches New Milestone; Quantum Data Bus Finally Attainable?
100 Fragment Believed to Be Part of the Earth's Formation Came Back After Billions of Years
101 Space X's Falcon 9 Successful Historical Landing on a Barge, Elon Musk Reveals Its Capability
102 Another GOD Particle? CERN Revs Up for a New Particle
103 Earth-Like Planets Orbiting Dwarf Star Key to Life Outside Earth?
104 Scientists Are Convinced They Would Find Life in Jupiter's Ocean Moon Europa
105 Migration Mystery Revealed: Scientists' Observation Gave Answers to a Question Asked Centuries Ago
106 Scientists Explain Mysterious Mars Plumes Appearance
107 Ancient Alien Life on Martian Rocks Evidence Discovered
108 Hyenas Hunted, Ate Humans 500,000 Years Ago, Fossil Reveals
109 Natural Gas Explosion Triggers Fire, Leaves 1 Injured Man and 2 Damaged Houses, Affects US Gas Markets
110 Great Barrier Reef: 93% are Bleached