File Title
1 Novel gene therapy shows potential for lung repair in asthma
2 Heart failure patients with predominant central sleep apnea at higher risk for serious complications
3 Hydroxyurea improves lung function in children with sickle cell disease
4 Simple screening test can predict heart failure severity
5 Cisplatin may cause more permanent hearing loss in people with Cockayne syndrome
6 Racial and ethnic differences found in psychiatric diagnoses and treatment, according to researchers
7 Dynamic DNA polymers can be reversed using biocompatible techniques
8 Ocean acidification puts NW Dungeness crab at risk
9 Melatonin reduces blood pressure and tunes up disrupted circadian rhythms in the elderly
10 Care for COPD: Could more be done?
11 Adding microbial xylanase to diets containing rice bran increases energy value for pigs
12 Surprising mechanism of acid reflux damage identified by UTSW/Dallas VA researchers
13 Study advances understanding of colon cancer and colitis
14 Squeezing out mountains, mathematically, on Jupiter's moon Io
15 Study shows how neurons reach their final destinations
16 Infertility risk posed by endometriosis may be half of previous estimation
17 Europa's ocean may have an Earthlike chemical balance
18 UW team first to measure microscale granular crystal dynamics
19 Genetic switch turned on during fasting helps stop inflammation
20 Thinning out the carbon capture viscosity problem
21 Oregon's Coos Bay historically has avoided serious hypoxic conditions
22 Financial status affects success of students with learning disabilities
23 High-power prismatic devices may further expand visual fields for patients with hemianopia
24 Many physicians make lack a firm understanding of the costs of medical tests & procedures
25 Relationship satisfaction depends on the mating pool, study finds
26 Can sesame-based ingredients reduce oxidative stress?
27 New mechanism for wound healing identified by MDI Biological Laboratory scientist
28 Allan Sandage's last paper unravels 100-year-old astronomical mystery
29 Sleep disorders underreported, commonly untreated among cerebral palsy patients
30 Words, more words...and statistics
31 Peering into tissue stiffness with VIPA-based Brillouin spectroscopy
32 Is an insulin pump the best therapy for everyone with type 1 diabetes?
33 Gone with the wind: Argonne coating shows surprising potential to improve reliability in wind power
34 Evolution: Building blocks of life
35 More than 10 risk factors identified in readmission of pediatric neurosurgery patients
36 Blocking known cancer driver unexpectedly reveals a new tumor-promoting pathway
37 Iowa State professor says 'it pays to be paranoid' when acquiring other firms
38 Study proves removing beach debris increases sea turtle nests
39 Genetically engineered crops: Experiences and prospects--new report
40 Twitter location data can reveal users' home, work addresses
41 Plasma physics' giant leap
42 What happens when you swallow gum? (video)
43 York U invention promises rapid detection of E. coli in water
44 New findings from SUNY Downstate resolve controversy over PKMzeta in maintaining memory
45 Chemical emitted by trees can impact St. Louis' ozone levels
46 Cooling, time in the dark preserve perovskite solar power
47 Chronic fatigue patients more likely to suppress emotions
48 Fine-tuning for intestinal immune cells
49 New insights into human rare disorders with dogs
50 First peek into the brain of a freely walking fruit fly
51 Chesapeake Bay health improves in 2015
52 How efficient can solar cells be? UNSW nudges closer to physical limits
53 Endogenous retroviruses: Lethal reawakening
54 New study shows how shift work affect cognitive functions
55 Olympic and Paralympic Games, risks to public health
56 Research finds skull condition thought extinct is actually widespread
57 How do trees go to sleep?
58 Infants exposed to SSRI antidepressants are more likely to have decreased birth weight
59 Researchers may be one step closer to curing HIV
60 Shape-shifting modular interactive device unveiled
61 Drug against breast cancer is also highly potent against a frequent form of leukaemia
62 Holidays in the sun hold key to boosting vitamin D, study finds
63 Increased vegetation in the Arctic region may counteract global warming
64 The shape of cities shapes the weather
65 Altered purine metabolism linked to depression
66 Cell division and inflammatory disease link revealed
67 Towards decommissioning Fukushima: 'Seeing' boron distribution in molten debris
68 Experimental drug against hepatitis C slows down Zika virus infection in mice
69 Dietary intake differs in infants who follow baby-led weaning
70 Novel nicotine inhaler doubles smoking quit rates
71 Blocking apoptotic response could preserve fertility in women receiving cancer treatments
72 Doctors don't die differently than anyone else, CU Anschutz researchers say
73 How did the giraffe get its long neck? Clues now revealed by new genome sequencing
74 Gene helps prevent heart attack, stroke--and may offer way to block effects of aging
75 Nudging health in food pantries
76 'Virtual partner' elicits emotional responses from a human partner in real-time
77 EuroPCR 2016: Half of transcatheter heart valves show degeneration within 10 years of TAVI
78 2016: Optimal imaging matches intravascular ultrasound for guiding PCI EuroPCR
79 EuroPCR 2016: Polymer-free coronary stent more effective & safer than BMS in ACS patients
80 Differences in individuals' immune responses linked to flu vaccine effectiveness
81 No link between eating dinner after 8 p.m. and obesity in children
82 Long-term memory has back-up plan, researchers find
83 Capitalizing on a teachable moment motivates parents of kids with asthma to quit smoking
84 The Lancet Psychiatry: Magic mushroom compound psilocybin could provide new avenue for antidepressant research
85 Leading sexual health specialist calls for HIV prevention PrEP to be 'available now'
86 Using exercise to reduce glutamate build-up in the brain
87 A narrow band of green light could improve migraines
88 Higher consumption of potatoes may increase risk of hypertension
89 Sexual harassment and discrimination experiences of academic medical faculty
90 EPO in very preterm infants does not improve neurodevelopmental outcomes at 2 years
91 Mortality outcomes for common surgical procedures at critical access hospitals
92 Exposure to narrow band of green light improves migraine symptoms
93 Physicians, surrogates often do not agree on a patient's likelihood of survival
94 Higher potato consumption associated with increased risk of high blood pressure
95 First clinical use of bioabsorbable vascular grafts in children shows promise
96 Critical shortage of cardiothoracic surgeons anticipated by 2035
97 VA hospitals favor mitral valve repair vs. replacement
98 External stenting can relieve chronic airway obstruction in children
99 Surgery surprise: Small rural hospitals may be safer, less expensive for common operations
100 Paris climate agreement cannot be met without emissions reduction target for agriculture
101 Plants display nature's optofluidic machinery
102 Combining nanotextured surfaces with the Leidenfrost effect for extreme water repellency
103 Mom's exposure to BPA during pregnancy may put her baby on course to obesity
104 HIV-infected patients more likely to lack cancer treatment
105 Decision-makers hold overly optimistic expectations for critically ill patient outcomes
106 Southern California middle school students exposed to more than 3 alcohol ads each day
107 Electronic medical record automated alerts notify physicians when patients at risk of death
108 At attention, molecules!
109 Risk factors for unplanned hospital readmission following pediatric neurosurgery
110 Risk factors for unplanned hospital readmission following pediatric neurosurgery