File Title
1 Popcorn-Like Fossils Provide Evidence of Environmental Impacts on Species Numbers
2 A New Way to Control Oxygen for Electronic Properties
3 Who's the Best-Equipped Superhero? Student Research Settles 'Superpower Showdown'
4 Can Computers Do Magic?
5 Knowledge of Chemical Munitions Dumped at Sea Expands from International Collaboration
6 Black Hole Fed by Cold Intergalactic Deluge
7 Scoliosis Linked to Disruptions in Spinal Fluid Flow
8 New Mathematics Accurately Captures Liquids and Surfaces Moving in Synergy
9 Earth Scientists Push Boundaries of 3D Modeling
10 Butterfly Effects: X-Rays Reveal the Photonic Crystals in Butterfly Wings that Create Color
11 New Nanomaterial Offers Promise in Bendable, Wearable Electronic Devices
12 New Material Has Potential to Cut Costs and Make Nuclear Fuel Recycling Cleaner
13 National Roadmap for Advanced Cell Manufacturing Shows Path to Cell-Based Therapeutics
14 Wheat Sequencing Consortium Releases Key Resource to the Scientific Community
15 Future Summers Could Regularly Be Hotter than the Hottest on Record
16 Businesses Can Save 30% on Electrical Bills by Adjusting Production Schedules
17 DNA Shaping Up to be Ideal Framework for Rationally Designed Nanostructures
18 Climate Consequences of Oil Price Uncertainty Could Be Significant
19 Efficient Hydrogen Production Made Easy
20 UChicago Physicists First to See Behavior of Quantum Materials in Curved Space
21 Using X-Rays for Better IDs of Remains Is Topic of 'MTSU on the Record'
22 Researchers Gear Up Galaxy-Seeking Robots for a Test Run
23 Insights into the Ecology of the Microbiome
24 New Research Reveals Secrets of Former Subglacial Lakes in North America
25 Carbon Dioxide Biggest Player in Thawing Permafrost
26 El Nino Drives Fastest Annual Increase on Record of Carbon Dioxide
27 Carbon Dioxide Biggest Player in Thawing Permafrost
28 New Planet Is Largest Discovered That Orbits 2 Suns
29 Study Gives New Meaning to the Term "Bird Brain"
30 Where Were You Born? Origin Matters for Species Interactions
31 Eastern U.S. Needs "Connectivity" to Help Species Escape Climate Change
32 Study Reveals Climate Change--Not Population Growth--Plays the Main Role in Predicting Extreme Droughts
33 Drying Arctic Soils Could Accelerate Greenhouse Gas Emissions
34 Arc Volcano Releases Mix of Material from Earth's Mantle and Crust
35 Failed Star Creates Its Own Spotlight in the Universe
36 8 Million pounds Monsoon Project Launches in India
37 N/A
38 UF/IFAS Expert: Whitefly Species Likely to Cause Growers' Problems
39 Research Examines Obstacles to Making Biofuel from Perennial Plants
40 Workshop to Present Commercial Viability of 'Hexcrete' Idea for Taller Wind Turbine Towers
41 Opening Neurotransmission's Gatekeepers
42 Novel Capping Strategy Improves Stability of Perovskite Nanocrystals
43 X-Ray Experiments Show Hewlett Packard Team How Memristors Work
44 Geohazard: Giant Sinkholes Near West Texas Oil Patch Towns Are Growing--as New Ones Lurk
45 Huge Ancient River Basin Explains Location of the World's Fastest Flowing Glacier
46 Chill Coffee Beans for a More Flavorsome Brew, Say Scientists
47 University of Montana Researcher Helps Break Ground on Forecasting Earthquakes
48 New Material, Picked by Computers, Could Boost Power of Vacuum Electronics
49 Researchers Study Pulling Rare Earth Elements from Industrial Waters
50 Modern Mussel Shells Much Thinner than 50 Years Ago
51 Promoting Dark Skies Across Europe
52 Supercomputers Predict New Turbulent Interactions in Fusion Plasmas
53 Keeping Urban Rainwater Out of Streams
54 Hotter All the Way: Lithium Wall Contains Plasma Without Cooling It
55 Low-Cost Coating for a More Sustainable Glass
56 How the Butterfly Got Its Spots
57 Gulf of Mexico Alliance Announces New Gulf Star Partners at Annual Meeting
58 A simple game makes little kids better at math
59 New X-Ray Method Allows Scientists to Probe Molecular Explosions
60 Did Gravitational Wave Detector Find Dark Matter?
61 When It Comes to Evolution, Testes May Play a Key Role, IU Studies Find
62 Introducing...sPHENIX!
63 First Detection of Methyl Alcohol in a Planet-Forming Disc
64 New Generation of High-Efficiency Solar Thermal Absorbers Developed
65 Weird, Water-Oozing Material Could Help Quench Thirst
66 Droughts Across Europe Affect British Trees Most
67 On the Path Toward Bionic Enzymes
68 Superconducting Magnet Powers Up After Cross-Country Journey
69 Calorimeter Components Put to the Test
70 Largest Crowdsource Astronomy Network Helps Confirm Discovery of "Tatooine" Planet
71 Gravitational Waves Detected from Second Pair of Colliding Black Holes
72 Moon Waters May Have Come from Asteroids, New Study Finds
73 NASA Space Update: Best of Pluto's Surface Images Captured, Thanks to New Horizons Camera
74 UBC Student Finds Four New Planets via NASA's Kepler Telescope
75 Pilot Experiment Discovers New 'Einstein Ring'
76 Black Holes Can Be Holograms, New Research Reveals
77 SpaceX Will Start 'Payload' Delivery Service to Mars by 2018
78 Hubble Space Telescope Takes Spectacular Photo of Newborn Star
79 Jupiter's Moon Europa May Have Ample Life Supporting Energy
80 New Research Revealed Comets Could Split Apart
81 King Tutankhamun's Dagger Has Extraterrestrial Origins
82 Milky Way Weighs as Much as 700 Billion Suns, New Study Reveals
83 Lockheed Martin's Mars Base Camp Idea for 2028 [Video]
84 Facebook Live: Mark Zuckerberg, ISS Astronauts Chat About Virtual Reality, Zero Gravity and Ice Cream
85 Pluto's Icy Heart Is Still Beating, Strange Polygonal Shapes Spotted
86 Universe Expanding Faster than Scientists Thought: Study Reveals How Fast the Cosmos Is Expanding
87 NASA's Airborne Instrument Can Visualize the Hard-To-See Coastal Water Phenomena Including Coral Reef System
88 New Data Shows Ammonia Swirls Exist in Large Quantities Beneath the Clouds of Jupiter
89 DNA Sequencing to Be Conducted in Space for First Time
90 Elon Musk Wants Humans on Mars by 2025, SpaceX Will Make It Happen
91 NASA's Juno Spacecraft to Reach Jupiter on July 4
92 NASA's New Horizons Reveals Secrets About Pluto's Twilight Zone
93 'We Will Send Humans to Mars in 2024,' Says Tesla Motors' Elon Musk
94 Astronomers Discover 'Super Earth' Kepler-62f, Is the Planet Habitable?
95 US Set to Approve First Commercial Mission to Moon by Private Company
96 Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Wants to Build Industries in Space to Protect the Earth
97 Jupiter Radio Map Update: Ammonia Gas Absorbs Planet's Thermal Radio Emissions
98 California-Based Company Develops Asteroid to Spaceship 'RAMA' Project that Prods Off-Earth Mining
99 Mars Exploration Rover 'Opportunity' Finds Evidence of Past Water at Marathon Valley
100 Planet Nine: All that We Know About this Mysterious World, Potential Threat to Earth?
101 'Wasteful Galaxies' Send Heavy Elements Out into Nearby Halos and Deep Space, According to Study
102 Space Mining Ventures Get $223 Million Fund from Luxembourg
103 Mysterious 'Fireball' Seen Behind the ISS, Hunters Claim It Was a UFO
104 Aliens Can't Be Found Because They Died Young, New Study Suggests
105 Stephen Hawking Suggests There Is Way to Escape Black Holes
106 Humans May See Real Black Holes Soon
107 Amidst Challenges, Nigerian Space Program 'Not an Ego Trip' Says NASRDA's Mohammed
108 Universe Rapid Expansion Contradicting Prior Studies, Physics?
109 Hear 13 Billion Year Old Stars Sing, Starry Music Helps Discover Star's Origin
110 Company Awaits US Regulatory Approval for Private Space Launch, Are We Going Back to the Moon?