File Title
1 Ancient space dust may reveal mysteries of Earth's early atmosphere
2 Missing mitochondria: Strange eukaryotic cell lacks 'powerhouse'
3 Climate change could be shrinking these Arctic birds
4 Space debris danger: Fast-moving paint flake dings window of space station
5 'Snow White': This mysterious dwarf planet just got bigger
6 Underwater archaeological site recasts 'peopling of the Americas' narrative
7 Celestial navigation: Dung beetles navigate by 'snapshot' of the stars
8 12-million-year-old fossil points to 'bone-crushing' North America dog
9 The seasons on Mars: NASA's Curiosity rover paints a picture
10 How likely is it that a mega tsunami strikes Hawaii?
11 Hubble captures illuminating video of comet flashing past Earth
12 NASA picks eight innovative tech projects to fund for future
13 Why did Harvard scientists hold a 'secret' synthetic genome meeting?
14 Florida sinkhole turns back the clock for first Americans
15 How an itty-bitty ocean-dwelling bacteria helps regulate our climate
16 How volcanoes moved mountains on Jupiter's moon Io
17 These physicists accidentally programmed AI to do their job
18 Around the world in 90 minutes: ISS completes 100,000th orbit
19 Giraffes: Why the long neck? Scientists crack evolutionary code
20 Are we pointing telescopes in the right direction to find alien life?
21 Evidence of humongous asteroid unearthed in Australia
22 Watch brilliant meteor dazzle in New England sky (+video)
23 Could this 'Little Lion' galaxy hold secrets about the Big Bang?
24 GMO crops are safe, say scientists. Do they need labels anyway?
25 What did it take to be giant 1.56 billion years ago?
26 Sublime image reveals superbubbles, star formation, and satellite galaxies
27 'Some pig.' Researchers unravel 'Charlotte's Web'-inspired 'liquid wire'
28 Earthquakes on the rise in Texas, caused by human activity (+video)
29 Could Europa's ocean be a hotspot for life? Here's why.
30 How fast is New Orleans sinking? Faster and faster, says new study
31 Lockheed Martin set to build orbiting Mars Base Camp by 2028
32 Newly discovered dinosaur duo sported exotic spikes and horns
33 Two new species of horned dinosaur discovered. Why the dino diversity?
34 Mars illuminated in sunlight ahead of Mars opposition
35 Mega tsunamis on Mars? Evidence boosts idea of ancient oceans (+video)
36 Beyond Pluto: What New Horizons found in the Kuiper Belt
37 Out of Africa--and back again: When did humans return to Africa?
38 Shhh. Even trees need their zzzzz's, scientists say
39 What can tiny robot bees do for us?
40 Why Obama wants 'Kid Science Advisors'
41 Amazing Mars portrait: How did Hubble get that detail?
42 Why birds are red: Secrets of scarlet revealed in matching studies.
43 Aquatic answers: Why do sharks bite more people in Hawaii?
44 How did some birds become red? Scientists unravel clues.
45 How a Japanese company seeks to create artificial meteor shower
46 Google's new app helps anyone be a scientist
47 Sunday night, be dazzled by a bigger, brighter Mars
48 Weird dolphin-like fossil suggests reptiles evolved quicker than we thought
49 What's the difference between Arctic and Antarctic sea ice growth?
50 Squid, octopus, and cuttlefish more abundant: Finally some good news in the ocean?
51 Did dinosaurs look less scary than we have imagined?
52 Bad science? Former Microsoft exec accuses NASA of statistical errors
53 Did massive solar flares create conditions for life on Earth?
54 Inspired by nature: First woman to win Millennium Technology Prize
55 Depression lowers women's chances of pregnancy, BU study finds
56 Crowdsourcing contest using data from people, dogs advances epileptic seizure forecasting
57 As more states legalize marijuana, adolescents' problems with pot decline
58 Study shows which new moms post the most on Facebook
59 Gaps in vaccine coverage highlighted with new report and online tool
60 Lipid testing underutilized in adults taking antipsychotic medications
61 Wildfire--it's not spreading like wildfire
62 Organizational innovations to accelerate technology transfer & translational research do they work?
63 Internet addiction and school burnout feed into each other
64 Sugar substitutes may cut calories, but no health benefits for individuals with obesity: York U
65 Barium leaches directly from fracked rocks, Dartmouth team finds
66 APLCC 2016 calls on Asian-Pacific governments to help reduce lung cancer deaths
67 Scientists discover methane-producing microbes in California rocks
68 Early armored dino from Texas lacked cousin's club-tail weapon, but had a nose for danger
69 Global spread of CRE: A threat for patients and healthcare systems
70 Study into whether Chinese herbal medicine could be alternative treatment to antibiotics
71 OU astrophysicists detect most luminous diffuse gamma-ray emission from Arp 220
72 Does discrimination contribute to lower rates of flu vaccination in racial/ethnic minorities?
73 Babies fed directly from breast may be at less risk for ear infections
74 Making polystyrene dissolve like magic (video)
75 Getting the most out of natural gas
76 Alcohol exposure during adolescence leads to chronic stress vulnerability
77 Study of fungi-insect relationships may lead to new evolutionary discoveries
78 Can telehealth fill gap in autism services?
79 Revealing the nature of magnetic interactions in manganese oxide
80 Lessons today's banks should take from Great Depression Chicago
81 Nonprofit exec turnover more turbulent than previously thought
82 Low to moderate risk of locally transmitted cases of Zika in parts of Europe
83 We need the full picture to plan for climate change impacts
84 Vitamin A may help improve pancreatic cancer chemotherapy
85 Optics breakthrough to revamp night vision
86 Gigantic ultrafast spin currents
87 Zika conspiracy theories on social media putting vulnerable people at risk
88 People power crucial for low-carbon future, new research shows
89 May repairs full of mistakes develop into cancer?
90 Money really does matter in relationships
91 New way of growing blood vessels could boost regenerative medicine
92 Clue for efficient usage of low-cost nickel catalysts
93 New tools to manipulate biology
94 Targeted treatment for liver cancer under way
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96 N/A
97 Recent progress in tracking the viability of transplanted stem cells in vivo
98 Coral bleaching 'lifeboat' could be just beneath the surface
99 Light can 'heal' defects in new solar cell materials
100 More than a myth: Drink spiking happens
101 PET imaging with special tracer can detect and diagnose early Alzheimer's disease
102 Study documents African monkeys eating bats
103 Clinical trial demonstrates success of low FODMAP diet
104 Innovations in neuroimaging lead to important medical applications to aid clinicians
105 New tabletop instrument tests electron mobility for next-generation electronics
106 How much can a mode-2 wave move?
107 1 in 4 patients develop heart failure within 4 years of first heart attack
108 New Joint European Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines launched today
109 Deep learning enters the beauty industry
110 Researchers identify genes linked to the effects of mood and stress on longevity