File Title
1 Volcano in southern Japan erupts in fiery show of nature
2 Lava flow crisis averted
3 More than 1,200 flee as Indonesia volcano spews ash, gas
4 Study: Mild winter followed ancient eruption of Toba volcano
5 Evidence of large volcanic activity in the Caribbean uncovered
6 Frictional heat helps trigger explosive volcanic eruptions
7 Unveiling the electron's motion in a carbon nanocoil
8 Researchers unleash graphene 'tiger' for more efficient optoelectronics
9 Carbon capture is substantial in secondary tropical forests
10 Novel functionalized nanomaterials for CO2 capture
11 Cooling graphene-based film close to pilot-scale production
12 University of Illinois researchers create 1-step graphene patterning method
13 Proteomics method measures carbon uptake of marine microbes
14 Cool combination produces easier carbon bonds
15 Nanoscrolls created from graphene's imperfect cousin
16 Simulating CO2 saturation in rocks offers clues to carbon capture, storage
17 Optical approach offers faster and less expensive method for carbon dating
18 Tiny tubes move into the fast lane
19 Graphene nanoribbons: It's all about the edges
20 Wrinkles and crumples make graphene better
21 Rare oval diamond expected to fetch $35 million in Hong Kong sale
22 Record leap in carbon dioxide seen in 2015
23 Carbon nanotubes improve metal's longevity under radiation
24 Molecular-level relationships key to deciphering ocean carbon
25 New research unveils graphene 'moth eyes' to power future smart technologies
26 Graphene slides smoothly across gold
27 Urban soils release surprising amounts of carbon dioxide
28 Graphene leans on glass to advance electronics
29 Graphene is strong, but is it tough?
30 Discovery of the specific properties of graphite-based carbon materials
31 Scientists guide gold nanoparticles to form 'diamond' superlattices
32 An alternative to platinum: Iron-nitrogen compounds as catalysts in graphene
33 Graphene oxide 'paper' changes with strain
34 Cost burden of Quebec's carbon market seen as modest
35 Combining nanotextures with Leidenfrost effect for water repellency
36 Daffodils help inspire design of stable structures
37 Machine learning accelerates the discovery of new materials
38 Army investigating new materials for explosive, propellant use
39 JILA extends laser 'combing' method to identify large, complex molecules
40 Exploring phosphorene, a promising new material
41 ORNL researchers discover new state of water molecule
42 New material combines useful, typically incompatible properties
43 Antimatter helps to unveil the secrets of liquid crystals
44 Liquid spiral vortex discovered
45 Mysterious 'four-dimensional' iron oxide explained
46 Progress of simulating dynamics in heterogeneous materials
47 Clearing the way for real-world applications of superhydrophobic surfaces
48 Catalyst could make production of key chemical more eco-friendly
49 Methods used to create textiles also could help manufacture human tissues
50 Ruthenium nanoframes open the doors to better catalysts
51 A low-cost, lightweight titanium alloy
52 Transparent wood could one day help brighten homes and buildings
53 Study finds metal foam handles heat better than steel
54 Microagents with revolutionary potential
55 Local fingerprint of hydrogen bonding captured in experiments
56 Tunable windows for privacy, camouflage
57 The world's blackest material is now in spray form
58 Spray-on coating could ice-proof airplanes, power lines, windshields
59 How to make porous materials dry faster
60 Smart clothing of the future will automatically adjust itself
61 New insights into atomic disordering of complex metal oxides
62 ORNL researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2-D materials
63 Ruby red improves in the microwave oven
64 Electron-beam imaging can see elements that are 'invisible' to common methods
65 How metal clusters grow
66 New trigger for self-powered mechanical movement
67 Crystal and magnetic structure of multiferroic hexagonal manganite
68 Nebraska researcher finds gold--and other metals
69 Engineering material magic
70 UBC researchers discover new glass technology
71 Chemical cages: New technique advances synthetic biology
72 A deep look into a single molecule
73 Extracting rare-earth elements from coal could soon be economical in US
74 The strain allows to control the magnetic properties of individual iron atom
75 Breakthrough enables ultra-fast transport of electrical charges in polymers
76 Weaving a new story for COFS and MOFs
77 High-performance material polyimide for the first time with angular shape
78 Polymer puts new medical solutions within reach
79 Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough
80 Sugar-based carbon hollow spheres that mimic moth eyes
81 Adjustable adhesion power
82 Japanese research team earns right to name Element 113
83 UCLA researchers create exceptionally strong and lightweight new metal
84 Super strong, lightweight metal could build tomorrow's spacecraft
85 Move aside carbon: Boron nitride-reinforced materials are even stronger
86 Artificial intelligence replaces physicists
87 Macau shows off robot croupiers as hopes of recovery rise
88 Hybrid hydrostatic transmission enables robots with human-like grace and precision
89 Soft wearable robot lightens heavy loads
90 This 5-fingered robot hand learns to get a grip on its own
91 Rover technology for space now being used on Earth
92 Robot built to aid astronauts nearly ready for Mars
93 Johns Hopkins scientist programs robot for 'soft tissue' surgery
94 Newly developed EOD robot delivered to Army
95 Machines can learn to respond to new situations like human beings would
96 Algorithm for robot teams handles moving obstacles
97 Autonomous vehicles face test limits to prove safety
98 University of Sussex research brings 'smart hands' closer to reality
99 Scientists invent robotic 'artist' that spray paints giant murals
100 Touching a robot can elicit physiological arousal in humans
101 Gestures improve communication--even with robots
102 Robot Technology Set to Invade Earth
103 Moving microswimmers with tiny swirling flows
104 Microsoft grounds foul-mouthed teen-speak bot
105 Light illuminates the way for bio-bots
106 Less than meets the eye
107 Amputee feels texture with a bionic fingertip
108 Super elastic electroluminescent 'skin' will soon create mood robots
109 In emergencies, should you trust a robot
110 Automatic programming makes swarm robots safer and more reliable