File Title
1 Peas and Prosperity
2 Timing, Resistant Varieties Help Decrease Wheat Virus
3 'Jumping Gene' Took Peppered Moths to the Dark Side
4 Russian-American Team Goes to Extremes to Answer Pressing Conservation Questions
5 Prototype of LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Detector Tested at SLAC
6 Wildfire on Warming Planet Requires Adaptive Capacity at Local, National, Int'l Scales
7 Nanocars Taken for a Rough Ride
8 Moon Plays Lead Role in New Astronomical Technique
9 USGS Assesses Carbon Potential of Alaska Lands
10 Tufts Engineer Earns NSF Career Award to Study Multidimensional Data Science
11 Ancient Rice May Hold Key to Solving the Puzzle of the Settlement of Madagascar
12 Antarctic Coastline Images Reveal 4 Decades of Ice Loss to Ocean
13 Evolution Painted onto Butterfly Wings
14 Spinning Electrons Yield Positrons for Research
15 Kodiak Bears Track Salmon Runs in Alaska
16 Quantum Satellite Device Tests Technology for Global Quantum Network
17 3D Printing of Patterned Membranes Opens Door to Rapid Advances in Membrane Technology
18 Silicon Sees the Light: Tiny Lasers Enable Next-Gen. Microprocessors to Run Faster, Less Power-Hungry
19 Texas Tech Researcher Aiding in Study of Eagle Interaction with Wind Turbines
20 3D-Printed Weather Stations Fill Gaps in Developing World
21 NASA's Hubble Finds Universe Is Expanding Faster than Expected
22 3-D Simulations Illuminate Supernova Explosions
23 A Plasma Tube to Bring Particles Up to Speed at SLAC
24 New Technique Helps Researchers Determine Developmental Origins of Cells
25 Scientists Find Surprising Magnetic Excitations in a Metallic Compound
26 Termites: Asexual Succession Strategy
27 May 2016 Was 2nd Warmest May in Satellite Record
28 Quantum Satellite Device Tests Technology for Global Quantum Network
29 Finding the Real Treasure of the Incas: Two New Frog Species from an Unexplored Region
30 How Southeastern Mayan People Overcame the Catastrophic Eruption of Ilopango?
31 De-Coding the Character of a Hacker
32 Genetically Modified Golden Rice Falls Short on Lifesaving Promises
33 Underwater 'Lost City' Found to Be Geological Formation
34 Bacterial Research May Lead to Less Polluted Waters
35 Social Adversity Early in Life May Affect the Expression of Stress-Related Genes
36 New Alloy Promises to Boost Rare Earth Production While Improving Energy Efficiency of Engines
37 Dartmouth Team Makes Breakthrough Toward Fish-Free Aquaculture Feed
38 Shy Wild Boars Are Sometimes Better Mothers
39 UF/IFAS Researcher to Be Honored as Citrus Engineer of Year
40 Inbred Neanderthals Left Humans a Genetic Burden
41 Listen Up! Alan Alda Names Flame Challenge Champs Who Best Explain "What Is Sound" to 11-Year Olds
42 Focus on Energy Independence Will Not Save the Climate
43 Churn, Churn, Churn: Pluto's 'Heart' Renews Itself
44 Scientists Use a Frozen Gas to Boost Laser Light to New Extremes
45 Echo Technique Developed at SLAC Could Make X-Ray Lasers More Stable
46 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Recognized for Its Green Programs
47 Reduce Cyberslacking and Increase Physical Activity with a Tap, a Click or a Kick
48 Electric Eels Make Leaping Attacks
49 This Desert Moss Has Developed the Ultimate Water Collection Toolkit
50 New Molecular Design to Get Hydrogen-Powered Cars Motoring
51 Tarantula Toxins Offer Key Insights into Neuroscience of Pain
52 Asteroseismologists Listen to the Relics of the Milky Way: Sounds from the Oldest Stars in Our Galaxy
53 Glass Now Has Smart Potential
54 Biodiversity Research Institute Assists the United Nations with the New Global Mercury Treaty
55 New Chemical 'Sponges' Designed to Soak Up Toxic Cancer-Fighting Drugs After Targeting Tumors
56 Bleachwatch Program Needs Volunteers to Monitor Corals in Florida Keys
57 Origami Ninja Star Inspires New Battery Design
58 Farm-to-Food Study Aims to Understand the Effect of Manure Management Practices on Antibiotic Resistance and Residues
59 Bacteria Hairs Make Excellent Electrical Wires
60 Understanding and Predicting Self-Assembly
61 New High-Capability Solid-State Electron Microscope Detector Enables Novel Studies of Materials
62 Nature Knows How to Do It--as Does Research, in Principle
63 New Tool Could Help Investors Pick the Clean Energy Project Right for Them
64 Seeing Atoms
65 Using Lake Michigan Turtles to Measure Wetland Pollution
66 How 4D Simulation Can Help Construction Projects Come in on Time--and on Budget
67 Researchers Help Discover Ideal Growing Conditions for Guar
68 Laboratory Breakthrough May Lead to Improved X-Ray Spectrometers
69 Study Looks at Bacteria to Remove Metals from Mine-Impacted Water
70 New Cheap Method of Surveying Landscapes Can Capture Environmental Change
71 Coral Reefs Fall Victim to Overfishing, Pollution, Ocean Warming
72 Universe's First Life Might Have Been Born on Carbon Planets
73 Mammals Began Their Takeover Long Before the Death of the Dinosaurs
74 Secret Lives of Amazonian Fishes Revealed by Chemicals Stored in Their Ear-Stones
75 Chemical Analysis of Amazonian Fish Ear-Stones May Inform Conservation Efforts
76 Foreign Crops--From Maize to Mangoes--Dominate National Food Consumption and Farming Practices Worldwide
77 Hiking, Hunting Has Minor Effects on Mammals in Protected Eastern Forests
78 Sea Snakes Have Extra Sense for Water Living
79 Switzerland Winds Up Superconductivity
80 University of North Florida Professor Awarded NIH Grant to Study Aging and Lifespan
81 Scientists Craft an Artificial Seawater Concoction
82 Johns Hopkins Team Makes Hobby Drones Crash to Expose Design Flaws
83 Kansas State University Researchers Invent, Patent New Class of Lasers
84 World-First Pinpointing of Atoms at Work for Quantum Computers
85 Texas Tech Team's New Radar Prototype Could Help Lower Energy Costs
86 Provisional Names Announced for Superheavy Elements 113, 115, 117, and 118
87 Female Birds Select Sperm 'Super Swimmers'
88 Chemistry Lessons from Bacteria May Improve Biofuel Production
89 Gulf of Mexico Alliance Releases Governors' Action Plan III for Healthy and Resilient Coasts
90 Switched-on Salmonella: Fluid Forces Guide Disease Traits of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria
91 Ice Age Bison Fossils Shed Light on Early Human Migrations in North America
92 Rust Under Pressure Could Explain Deep Earth Anomalies
93 Massive Trove of Battery and Molecule Data Released to Public
94 Novel Solar Absorber to Improve Efficiency of Concentrating Solar Power Technology
95 Increased Bioenergy Demand to Put Pressure on Forests
96 Aquarium's New Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life to Focus on Fisheries Conservation, Aquaculture, Marine Mammal Health, Research
97 Consumers Sour on Milk Exposed to LED Light
98 New Research Shines Light on Surprising Numbers and Evolutionary Variety of Bioluminescent Ocean Fish
99 Metal Exposure--a Factor in Bat Population Decline
100 How El Nino Impacts Global Temperatures
101 One Snake's Prey Is Another Snake's Poison: Scientists Pinpoint Genetics Behind Extreme Resistance
102 Study Finds Link Between 2015 Melting Greenland Ice, Faster Arctic Warming
103 Young People with Older Friends Can Help Reduce Ageism
104 Research Could Lead to Safer Food Sources in Developing Countries
105 N/A
106 Camouflage Influences Life-and-Death Decisions that Animals Make
107 Ames Laboratory Scientists Leave Their Mark on Future Researchers
108 Relationship Advice from a Gender-Bending Fish that Mates for Life
109 Remarkably Diverse Flora in Utah, USA, Trains Scientists for Future Missions on Mars
110 Messina Discusses Rewards, Challenges for New Exascale Project