File Title
1 New study explains how very aggressive cancer cells use energy to divide, move
2 New xenon oxides may provide clues to the missing xenon paradox
3 Dietary fiber and microbes change the gel that lines our gut
4 Researchers simulate wear of materials as they rub together
5 Researchers find a way to extend life and improve performance of fuel cell electrodes
6 Electronic sensor that distinguishes dead bacteria from live by measuring 'osmoregulation'
7 Novel capping strategy improves stability of perovskite nanocrystals
8 Efficient hydrogen production made easy: Sticking electrons to a semiconductor with hydrazine creates an electrocatalyst
9 Weird, water-oozing material could help quench thirst
10 Ending a century of intrigue around 'membraneless' cell compartments
11 Chemist unveils latest forensic discovery to identify criminals
12 New material has potential to cut costs and make nuclear fuel recycling cleaner
13 A new way to control oxygen for electronic properties
14 Disjointed: Cell differences may explain why rheumatoid arthritis varies by location
15 Rare, blind catfish never before found in US discovered in national park cave in Texas
16 New lizard found in Dominican Republic
17 Gene copies were crucial to evolution of our eyesight
18 Pitch range produced by vocal cords
19 Research may point to new ways to deliver drugs into bacteria
20 Life as we know it most likely arose via 'long, slow dance'
21 New procedure allows long-term culturing of adult stem cells
22 Fishing gaps called malnutrition threat
23 Color vision helps birds find good food and the right partner
24 Survival of the fittest sperm: How new technology may help infertile couples
25 How red-eyed treefrog embryos hatch in seconds (Update)
26 Male banana fiddler crabs may coerce mating by trapping females in tight burrows
27 A male-killing bacterium results in female-biased sex ratios in green lacewings
28 Defining the consequences of genetic variation on a proteome-wide scale
29 Study resolves long-disputed theory about stem cell populations
30 When it comes to evolution, testes may play a key role, studies find
31 How the butterfly got its spots
32 Bee vampire picks the right host to suck
33 Study shows shoes change spring-like foot mechanics when people run
34 Researcher studies behavioural flexibility in the great-tailed grackle
35 Diarrhoeal pathogen measures human body temperature with RNA thermometer
36 'Mountain passes are higher in the tropics'--Divergent climate tolerances play crucial roles in how species evolve
37 Research reveals what turns bumblebees into copycats
38 Modern mussel shells much thinner than 50 years ago
39 Why do women live longer than men?
40 Ancient DNA shows perfect storm felled Ice Age giants
41 Analyzing how ISIS recruits through social media
42 Historic fossils find new life telling the story of ancient proteins
43 Why people help distant kin: Math simulations support theory of 'socially enforced nepotism'
44 When Britain was fringed by tropical seas
45 A simple numbers game seems to make kids better at math
46 Archaeologist claims he's found ancient Greek kings' throne (Update)
47 New 200 million-year-old British species of marine reptile discovered
48 Happiness equation: New equation reveals how other people's fortunes affect our happiness
49 Lasers uncover hidden secrets of Cambodia's ancient cities
50 Archaeologist points to hidden monument in Jordan's Petra (Update)
51 Who's the best-equipped superhero? Student research settles 'superpower showdown'
52 Decade of labor reveals philosopher's guide to the galaxy (Update)
53 Centuries-old database reveals clues on human reproductive habits, trends
54 New research counters claim that the 'Hobbit' had Down syndrome
55 Likely ancestor of mystery 'hobbit' found
56 Researcher finds link between diet, surviving childhood in medieval Italy
57 Big bird sex life revealed
58 Old World metals traded on Alaska coast hundreds of years before contact with Europeans
59 Mammals began their takeover long before the death of the dinosaurs
60 Farming was spread into and across Europe by people originating in modern-day Greece and Western Turkey
61 Conflicting theories of Mungo Man debunked: Research proves Aboriginal Australians were first inhabitants
62 Lucy had neighbors: A review of African fossils
63 Ice age bison fossils shed light on early human migrations in North America
64 Inbred Neanderthals left humans a genetic burden
65 Empathy for others' pain rooted in cognition rather than sensation
66 Need to remember something? Exercise four hours later
67 How fat becomes lethal--even without weight gain
68 Map of teenage brain provides evidence of link between antisocial behavior and brain development
69 Carrots and sticks fail to change behaviour in cocaine addiction
70 Researchers develop process to generate insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas
71 Electric fields weaker in slow-healing diabetic wounds
72 Healthy plant-based diet linked with substantially lower type 2 diabetes risk
73 Potential drug target identified for Zika, similar viruses
74 Study observes potential breakthrough in treatment of HIV
75 Scientists map molecular interactions at point of conception
76 A single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-related social behavior in mice
77 Cancer-preventing protein finds its own way in our DNA
78 Aging may blunt some of exercise's benefits
79 Very hot drinks 'probably' cause cancer: UN agency (Update)
80 Lab-grown nerve cells make heart cells throb
81 Fetal BPA exposure in mice linked to estrogen-related diseases after adolescence
82 Researchers discover mechanism for Rift Valley fever virus infection
83 Pregnant women's high-fat, high-sugar diets may affect future generations
84 Impaired decision-making may contribute to motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease
85 Summer session fruit fly data leads to promising new target in colorectal cancer
86 Stinky or fragrant? Predicting changing odor preferences
87 Mothers with diabetes, other metabolic conditions, more likely to also have anti-fetal brain autoantibodies
88 Super-resolution microscopy reveals unprecedented detail of immune cells' surface
89 Starving cancer cells by blocking their metabolism
90 Researchers first to grow living bone that replicates original anatomical structure
91 Blood pressure may soar if you live near an airport
92 Depression plagues many with COPD
93 Smoking can hamper common treatment for breast cancer
94 Scientists discover protective strategy against pesticide-linked Parkinson's disease
95 Deep, Old Water Explains Why Antarctic Ocean Hasn't Warmed
96 Uncovering the Genetics Behind Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
97 Unique Effects of Caffeinated Alcohol Consumption in Adolescents
98 Even Light Drinking May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
99 Alcohol Decreases Use of Condoms, Increases HIV Risk
100 Children with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Show Unique Handwriting Patterns; the Integrative Education System Should Consider this Factor
101 Using Biosolids to Fix Cities
102 Want to Conserve More Water? Target Those Who Already Save a Little
103 Cooler and Wetter: Study Links Irrigation to Inaccurate Climate Perception
104 'On-the-Fly' 3-D Print System Prints What You Design, as You Design It
105 Can Maternal Alcohol Biomarkers Help Determine Risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
106 Is Beer Good for the Brain?
107 2008-2009 Recession: Alcohol Use Contributed to Suicide Among Men
108 Cooling Down Chicago: How Green and Cool Roofs Could Impact Urban Climate
109 Alcohol's Rewarding Effects Can Enhance Memories of Environmental Stimuli
110 PROSPECT Experiment's Search for Sterile Neutrinos Garners $3 million DOE Grant