File Title
1 New imaging method reveals nanoscale details about DNA
2 Experiments demonstrate how memristors work
3 Nanoprobe enables measurement of protein dynamics in living cells
4 Engineers develop a new biosensor chip for detecting DNA mutations
5 Discovery of gold nanocluster 'double' hints at other shape changing particles
6 Nanosubs gain better fluorescent properties for tracking
7 DNA shaping up to be ideal framework for rationally designed nanostructures
8 Nano 'hall of mirrors' causes molecules to mix with light
9 Researchers discover new way to turn electricity into light using graphene
10 New nanomaterial offers promise in bendable, wearable electronic devices
11 A chemically powered autonomous molecular nanomotor
12 Scientists design energy-carrying particles called 'topological plexcitons'
13 Drug candidate shrinks tumor when delivered by plant virus nanoparticle
14 Tiny diamonds could enable huge advances in nanotechnology
15 Transmission electron microscope technique reveals atomic movements useful for next-generation devices
16 Glass now has smart potential
17 New nanoparticle-based contrast agent that is pH dependent
18 Graphene-based transparent electrodes for highly efficient flexible OLEDS
19 New biomarker for heart disease using atomic force microscopy
20 Graphene device puts fuel-efficient cars in pole position
21 Nanocars taken for a rough ride
22 Plasmonic pixels could be used to make non-fading paint
23 Automating DNA origami opens door to many new uses
24 Top-down design brings new DNA structures to life
25 Designer nanomaterials caught by laser octopus
26 Marrying superconductors, lasers, and Bose-Einstein condensates
27 A new trick for controlling emission direction in microlasers
28 With spiraling light, SLAC X-ray laser offers new glimpses of molecules
29 Researchers refine method for detecting quantum entanglement
30 Tiny mirror improves microscope resolution for studying cells
31 Model that can give accurate descriptions of behavior in ferroelectric materials developed
32 Innovative approach makes for a smoother ride
33 How do hydrogen droplets behave when hydrogen-oxygen aerosol mixtures burn?
34 Physicists deploy magnetic vortex to control electron spin
35 New X-ray method allows scientists to probe molecular explosions
36 Did gravitational wave detector find dark matter?
37 Researchers break bandwidth record for data communication using laser-based visible light
38 Underlying connection found between diverse materials with extreme magnetoresistance
39 Physicists measured something new in the radioactive decay of neutrons
40 DNA in 'unbiased' model curls both ways
41 Quantum 1, classical 0: Bell nonlocality universally confirmed in any large communication complexity advantage
42 Natural quasicrystals may be the result of collisions between objects in the asteroid belt
43 How scientists inverted the Cheerios effect
44 Scientists amplify light using sound on a silicon chip
45 Technique for 'phase locking' arrays of tiny lasers could lead to terahertz security scanners
46 Ferroelectric materials react unexpectedly to strain
47 New track for converting waste heat to electricity
48 New kind of material able to convert near-infrared beam into visible light
49 Physicists observe behavior of quantum materials in curved space
50 Blue Origin has fourth successful rocket booster landing
51 Three International Space Station astronauts land in Kazakhstan
52 Ultra-sharp image uncovers the shocking lives of young stars
53 Astrophysicists release new study of one of the first stars
54 Astronomers explain mystery of magnetically powered jets produced by supermassive black holes
55 Astronomers detect glitch in a millisecond pulsar
56 Unexpected excess of giant planets in star cluster
57 Relax, it'll be 1,500 years before aliens contact us
58 Small asteroid is Earth's constant companion
59 How black hole jets punch out of their galaxies
60 NASA spacecraft barreling toward Jupiter for July 4 meetup
61 Scientists detect most distant signs of oxygen in the universe
62 Black holes and measuring gravitational waves
63 Desert telescope stakes out supermassive black hole
64 'Mosh pits' in star clusters a likely source of LIGO's first black holes
65 Gravitational waves detected from second pair of colliding black holes
66 SpaceX launches satellites but fails to recover rocket
67 Small planets hiding in giant cloaks
68 NASA spots single methane leak from space for the first time
69 First detection of methyl alcohol in a planet-forming disc
70 Rover Opportunity wrapping up study of Martian valley
71 Gluttonous star may hold clues to planet formation
72 Life's first handshake: Chiral molecule detected in interstellar space
73 Unknown alien rock found in Swedish quarry
74 Dwarf protoplanetary disk detected around distant young star
75 'Hack the Pentagon' program reveals 138 security flaws: US
76 Students develop tool that helps guests haggle with Airbnb hosts
77 Olli, a 3D printed, self-driving minibus, to hit the road in US
78 In Science essay, professor says FBI approach to investigations puts security at risk
79 Huge FBI facial recognition database flawed: audit
80 Eye-tracking system uses ordinary cellphone camera
81 Smartwatches are getting smarter, though not quickly enough
82 'Net neutrality' rules for fair internet access win in court (Update)
83 Apple opens up Siri, other systems to woo developers
84 Lean Xbox One eyes gamers as PlayStation VR turns heads (Update)
85 Cheap gas, coal won't hobble renewables: energy report
86 Microsoft shifts to social with huge LinkedIn deal (Update 3)
87 Coming later today: Apple's next big software improvements
88 Car giants see road to riches in sharing
89 Sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 aircraft reaches Statue of Liberty
90 Apple's next big challenge: Making Siri smarter
91 Aerospace firm successfully tests solar-powered aircraft
92 Can computers do magic?
93 Lenovo, Google unveil phone that knows its way around a room
94 Should you worry about 32 million hacked Twitter passwords?
95 ICANN endorses plan to cede Internet oversight
96 Mexican engineer extracts gas from urine to heat shower
97 Lenovo, Google unveil phone that knows its way around a room (Update)
98 Team makes hobby drones crash to expose design flaws
99 Researchers find the right balance to speed wireless downloads through use of duplexing
100 Researchers find new ways to make clean hydrogen and rechargable zinc batteries
101 Study shows band structure engineering is possible with organic semiconductors
102 Carbon nanobubbles as containers with unusual loading and release properties
103 Electronic nose using CMOS integrated circuits analyzes breath
104 Scientists using sunlight, water to produce renewable hydrogen power
105 Engineers discover light can stamp out defects in semiconductors for better solar panels and LED bulbs
106 Bioactive film improves how implants bond with bone in animal study
107 New method opens door to development of many new medicines
108 Scientists replace iron in muscle protein with non-biological metal
109 3-D printed polymer turns methane to methanol
110 Researchers improve biosensors to detect E. coli