File Title
1 Research explains the role of the gene BRCA1 in DNA repair
2 Arctic Ocean methane does not reach the atmosphere
3 Hydrothermal vents, methane seeps play enormous role in marine life, global climate
4 Blood test supports use of potential new treatment for patients with stomach cancer
5 New class of protein could treat cancer and other diseases, Georgia State researchers find
6 'Weak' materials offer strong possibilities for electronics
7 New class of protein could treat cancer and other diseases, study finds
8 Ecologists advise an increase in prescribed grassland burning to maintain ecosystem
9 Honeybees pick up 'astonishing' number of pesticides via non-crop plants
10 'Dirty Blizzard' sent 2010 Gulf oil spill pollution to seafloor
11 'Super Mario Brothers' is harder than NP-hard
12 Mantis shrimp inspires next generation of ultra-strong materials
13 Leaving the electrical grid in the Upper Peninsula
14 Stick insects produce bacterial enzymes themselves
15 Synthesis of hydrogen: Enzymes assemble themselves in the test tube
16 Fiddler crabs' 'Morse code' attracts Mrs. Right
17 The mysterious sexual life of the most primitive dragonfly
18 Measuring the Milky Way: 1 massive problem, 1 new solution
19 PPPL physicist conducts experiments indicating efficiency of fusion start-up technique
20 US Army camera captures explosives in fine detail
21 Tiny probe could produce big improvements in batteries and fuel cells
22 Gels go drugs
23 Rice and mung beans as archaeological sources
24 Remains of rice and mung beans help solve a Madagascan mystery
25 Amid terror threats, new hope for radiation antidote
26 Ancient rice may hold key to solving the puzzle of the settlement of Madagascar
27 Researchers find new signs of stress damage in the brain, plus hope for prevention
28 CRFR1--only for emergencies
29 'Jumping gene' took peppered moths to the dark side
30 Genetic switch that turned moths black also colors butterflies
31 Scientists find genetic cause of multiple sclerosis
32 First gene mutation explaining development of multiple sclerosis found
33 Male orb-weaving spiders cannibalized by females may be choosy about mating
34 New devices, wearable system aim to predict, prevent asthma attacks
35 Wildfire on warming planet requires adaptive capacity at local, national, int'l scales
36 Actuators inspired by muscle
37 Preparing students for college challenges reduces inequality
38 Study highlights 'emotional labor' of college student-athletes
39 USGS assesses carbon potential of Alaska lands
40 Women with migraines have higher risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality
41 Antarctic coastline images reveal 4 decades of ice loss to ocean
42 Nanocars taken for a rough ride
43 New muscular dystrophy drug target identified
44 Purdue, CU-Boulder study shows how comets break up, make up
45 New insights into muscular dystrophy point to potential treatment avenues
46 Are drops in estrogen levels more rapid in women with migraine?
47 Ironing out the mystery of Earth's magnetic field
48 Just what sustains Earth's magnetic field anyway?
49 UM study: Kodiak bears track salmon runs in Alaska
50 US may be greatly undercounting pediatric concussions
51 Primary care is point of entry for many kids with concussions
52 Statistics predict France and Germany as UEFA EURO favorites
53 NASA satellite finds unreported sources of toxic air pollution
54 Purdue team finds convection could produce Pluto's polygons
55 Spinning electrons yield positrons for research
56 Quantum satellite device tests technology for global quantum network
57 Astronomers smash cosmic records to see hydrogen in distant galaxy
58 Study shows patients require less painkilling medication after breast-cancer surgery if they have opiate-free anesthesia
59 Many patients continue using opioids months after joint replacement
60 Florida drug database and 'Pill Mill' reg curbed state's top opioid prescribers
61 3-D printing of patterned membranes opens door to rapid advances in membrane technology
62 Cell insights shed light on how muscle-wasting disease takes hold
63 Novel compound shows promise against breast cancer
64 Rare eye disease that struck Oliver Sacks gives rise to new cancer treatment strategy
65 Hubble finds Universe may be expanding faster than expected
66 N/A
67 Scientists gain supervolcano insights from Wyoming granite
68 Tiny lasers enable next-gen microprocessors to run faster, less power-hungry
69 New radio map of Jupiter reveals what's beneath colorful clouds
70 How green and cool roofs could impact urban climate
71 How southeastern Mayan people overcame the catastrophic eruption of Ilpango?
72 Microplastics alter hatching, growth and feeding of European perch
73 Microplastic particles threaten fish larvae
74 Dogs were domesticated not once, but different parts of the world
75 Scientists pioneer new method to classify praying mantises
76 Genetic code of red blood cells discovered
77 Reading between the genes
78 Underwater 'lost city' found to be geological formation
79 Researchers unlock new CRISPR system for targeting RNA
80 At the cradle of oxygen: Brand-new detector to reveal the interiors of stars
81 Prevention may be essential to reducing racial disparities in stroke
82 Prevention is key to closing racial disparity gap in stroke
83 Study of almost 49,000 obese patients shows that mortality is much lower in those who have obesity surgery compared with those who don't
84 Study of UK diabetic patients suggests obesity surgery could save National Health Service almost 100,000 pounds per patient
85 Genetically modified Golden Rice falls short on lifesaving promises
86 Liquid by-products from wood and forest industry find use in wood-plastic composites
87 Intervention methods of stroke need to focus on prevention for blacks to reduce stroke mortality
88 Scientists find surprising magnetic excitations in a metallic compound
89 NASA looks at rainfall in Texas and Oklahoma flooding
90 Meaningful work not created--only destroyed--by bosses, study finds
91 Shy wild boars are sometimes better mothers
92 Personality changes can affect fish body shape, locomotion
93 Gene circuits in live cells can perform complex computations
94 Scientists discover oldest plant root stem cells
95 One in 5 women with ovarian cancer does not undergo surgery, Penn study reveals
96 UTSW study shows Zika virus directly infects brain cells and evades immune system detection
97 Dartmouth team makes breakthrough toward fish-free aquaculture feed
98 Latest Penn studies of personalized cell therapies define optimal doses
99 Diabetes drug metformin holds promise for cancer treatment and prevention
100 Type 2 diabetes drug could be beneficial for head and neck cancer patients
101 Two-drug immunotherapy deemed safe for lung cancer patients, Moffitt study shows
102 UTSW team find up to one-quarter of lung cancer patients ineligible for immunotherapy
103 New drug 'retrains' immune system to fight aggressive bladder cancer
104 Nivolumab shows promise in first-ever trial for patients with refractory, metastatic anal cancer
105 Nivolumab immunotherapy helps patients with advanced bladder cancer
106 MD Anderson researchers highlight advances in gynecologic cancer treatments
107 Novel protein inhibitors engineered as alternative approach to potentially treat cancer
108 Cleaning up decades of phosphorus pollution in lakes
109 'Wasteful' galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space
110 Inbred Neanderthals left humans a genetic burden