File Title
1 Baby with Zika-Related Microcephaly Born in New Jersey Hospital
2 FDA Issues New Guidelines to Reduce Sodium in Processed Foods
3 People Whose Ancestors Came from this Region May Be More Likely to Have Celiac Disease
4 Women with Migraines May Have Higher Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke
5 The Many Ways Stress Can Affect Your Skin
6 Babies Who Walk Earlier May Have Stronger Bones in Their Teens
7 Smoggy Days May Make Blood Pressure Spike
8 Why Lena Dunham Trying to Meditate Is All of Us
9 Record Numbers of Americans Are Now Surviving Cancer
10 Why Stroke in Middle Age Is More Deadly for Blacks than Whites
11 This Is Why It's So Important to Shower Before Swimming in a Pool
12 This Common ADHD Medication Could Pose Heart Risks for Some Kids
13 Report Hints Zika Can Spread Through Oral Sex
14 Antibody-Based Therapy Shows Promise Against Stomach Cancer
15 Celebrities Often Hawk Unhealthy Foods to Kids, Study Says
16 Risk of Seizures After Childhood Vaccinations Is Very Low, Study Says
17 Taking Hormone-Suppressing Drugs for 10 Years Could Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
18 This Teen's Brave Pics Turned the Internet's Attention to Invisible Diseases
19 The Facts About Parkinson's, the Disease Muhammad Ali Fought for Decades
20 You Won't Gain Weight from Eating a High-Fat Mediterranean Diet
21 This Type of Antacids Could Cause Stomach Bleeding, FDA Says
22 Gruesome Cigarette Pack Images Do Seem to Help People Quit
23 Pregnant or Planning to Be? How to Protect Yourself from Zika
24 Why Everyone on Facebook Is Taking the #22Pushups Challenge
25 Does Feeding Babies from Bigger Bottles Kickstart Weight Issues?
26 This Electrical Form of Acupuncture Could Help Ease Carpal Tunnel
27 More American Women than Ever Are Obese, CDC Says
28 This New Psoriasis Drug May Offer Long-Term Skin Improvement
29 Experimental Drug Acts Fast Against Chronic Migraine
30 Is the Secret of Success Found in Your Genes?
31 Dads Are More Involved than Ever, and Yes, It's Good for Kids
32 Young People with Chronic Migraines May Lack Vitamin D
33 From Shouting to Silent Treatment, How Couples Argue Can Affect Future Health
34 Antibiotics May Blunt Breastfeeding's Benefits
35 Eating More Whole Grains May Help You Live Longer
36 Got 15 Minutes? A Little Exercise May Boost Life Span
37 Many Doctors Give Out More Painkillers than Patients Actually Need
38 Alcohol Not Always Good for Your Heart, Study Finds
39 This New Weight-Loss Device Removes Food from Stomach After Meals
40 Cutting Back on Meat May Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
41 Experts Warn that Zika Could Spread to Southern Europe this Summer
42 Academia Fights to Retain Talent as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Pirate Their Best Artificial Intelligence Experts
43 10-Year-Old Finnish Boy Hacks Instagram, Gets Paid $10,000
44 Scientists Double Life Expectancy for Embryos Grown Outside Womb
45 Baby in China Born with 31 Fingers Seeks Surgery
46 Can Obesity Spread like Other Infectious Diseases?
47 Luxembourg, Deep Space Industries Fund Testing of Asteroid Mining Technology
48 Mars at Closest Proximity to Earth in 11 Years
49 The Leonardo Project: Shedding Light on Life, Genius of Leonardo da Vinci Through DNA Science
50 NASA's Casinni Spacecraft Discovered Jets of Gas, Dirt on Saturn's 'Icy' Moon, Enceladus
51 Fossils of Unknown Extinct Primate Species Found in China
52 Scientists Uncover Huge Trove of 71 million-year-old Fossils in Antarctica
53 Free Mobile Game App, Sea Hero Quest, Built to Fight Dementia
54 Earth's Ancient Atmosphere Weighs Less than Half of Today's Atmosphere, Study Shows
55 John Oliver Lashes Out at the Credibility of Misleading Science Studies
56 Extremely Rare Violet Diamond Unearthed; Could Sell for $4 Million and Above
57 Canadian Teen Discovers Hidden Mayan City with the Help of Google Earth
58 How Dogs May Aid in Cancer Treatment
59 Life on Mars? 5 Things You Need to Know About a Possible Habitable Planet
60 Discovered Mayan City More Likely to be an Abandoned Field, Experts Suggests
61 This Glow-In-The-Dark Cement Could Save Electricity
62 World's Oldest Ground Axe Found in Australia
63 13,000-Year-Old Bones of Ancient, Extinct Bison Species Found in Florida
64 The Theory of Relativity is Relative Even in the Far Universe
65 Frog with 'Giant Penis' Takes Over the Internet; Scientists Say It Might Be an Unformed Leg
66 This Robot Can Teach Itself to Do Things
67 Subaquatic Music to Give Eerie and New Face of Art [Watch]
68 Youngest Egyptian Mummy Belongs to Miscarried Fetus
69 Air Pollution Rises at 8%, 10 Countries with Most Polluted Air Revealed
70 Scientists Discover First Ever Eukaryotes Without a Mitochondria
71 Amazing! Mysterious Human-Sized Mounds in South America are Actually Worm Poops
72 Meet Melbourne's Sea Monster: Prehistoric Sperm Whale that Killed Other Whales Roamed Australia, Giant Fossil Reveals
73 You Can Now Erase Unwanted Memories, Scientists Reveal
74 It's in the Genes: Why Same-Sex Sexual Behavior is Pervasive in Animals
75 Do Your Genes Determine How Smart You Are?
76 Florida Sinkhole Reveals Evidence of Ancient Humans
77 Yoga and Meditation, Best for Preventing Alzheimer's?
78 For the First Time, Scientists Document Same-Sex Sexual Behavior Between Female Gorillas
79 We May Soon Have Self-Driving Trucks on US Highways
80 Mom's Voice 'Light Up' Children's Brains, Study Shows
81 Andre Brahic, Discoverer of Neptune's Rings, Dies at 73
82 'Little Lion' Galaxy Reveals Little Secrets about the Big Bang
83 Eternal Life? Study Says Going to Church Kills Cancer, Makes You Live Longer
84 Skull Condition Believed to be Extinct Long Ago Still Exists
85 Amateur Fossil Hunter Accidentally Discovers New Species of Horned Dinosaur in Montana
86 Spectacular! Astronomers Spot Glowing Colored Gas Cloud Full of Young Stars
87 Study Says Even City Bees Stick to No Junk Food Diet
88 A New Evidence of Giant Asteroid Found in Australia
89 Scientists Discover Genes Associated with Nose Shape
90 Your Low-Salt Diet Might Be Putting You at Risk of Heart Attack
91 NASA's Alleged Cover-up of a Giant Hole at North Pole, Made to Hide the Entrance to Inner Earth, Conspiracy Theorists Claim
92 Archeologists Find Evidence of 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe in Ancient Chinese Pottery
93 Public Schools in Portland Banned from Using Teaching Materials that Denies Climate Change
94 Natural Ways to Get High: 5 Legal Herbs that Let You Control Your Dreams
95 New Calculations Suggest that Earth's Core is 2.5 Years Younger than the Crust
96 Scientists Create Transparent Wood, Find Out Its Uses
97 Are You Terrified of this Image? Scientists Explain Trypophobia
98 Google Launches Science Journal App, You Can Now Conduct Experiments on Your Smartphone
99 Two Blue Lobsters Found in Canada
100 Telstra Assigned to Create Cancer Database
101 New Class of Galaxies Harbors Strong and Hot Black Hole Winds Preventing Stars to Form, Study Shows
102 T-Rex and Other Dinosaurs May Have Lips, Study finds
103 Neanderthal Architecture: Ancient Man Built Inner Cave Structure, Scientists Baffled
104 Antarctic Fossils Suggest that Mass Extinction Event in Polar Regions as Rapid and Severe as Elsewhere in the World
105 15-Pound Newborn in India Could Be World's Heaviest Baby Girl
106 Swallowing this Balloon Can Make You Lose Weight, Scientists Say
107 Psychedelic Honey from Nepal Proved to be 'Healing'
108 Study: How Deep, Old Waters Delay Antarctic Ocean Warming
109 New Algorithm to Predict When Tsunamis Strike
110 Ancient Crops Shed Light on Madagascar Migration Mystery