File Title
1 Teen Birthrates Reach Another Record Low, CDC Says
2 19th-Century White House Garden Aligns with Solstice Sun
3 Does the Universe Have an Edge?
4 New FDA Salt Targets: Which Foods Would Change Most?
5 Who Was Sattjeni? Tomb Reveals Secrets About Ancient Egyptian Elite
6 Schrodinger's Cat Arrives? Quantum Weirdness Gets Life Size
7 Newest 'Hole' in the Sun Is a Doozy
8 Workaholism Linked to ADHD and Depression
9 Prince's Death: Why It's So Easy to Overdose on Painkillers
10 New Artificial Intelligence Can Tell Stories Based on Photos
11 NASA Satellite Spots Toxic Air Pollution that Went Unreported
12 Males' Oversize Right Claw Lures Crustacean Ladies
13 Lost Underwater 'City' Revealed as Natural Geological Formation
14 Tiny Dancers: Meet 7 New Peacock Spider Species
15 Supreme Insect! Praying Mantis Named After Ruth Bader Ginsburg
16 Why Pregnant Women Shouldn't Give in to Food Cravings
17 Does the Sun Rotate?
18 The Science of Football: Which Positions Take the Hardest Hits?
19 Giant Panda Cub Born at Belgium Zoo Is a 'True Miracle'
20 Surprise! The Universe Is Expanding Faster than Scientists Thought
21 Ammonia Swirls Found Beneath Jupiter's Clouds
22 4 Biting and Stinging Bugs to Avoid this Summer
23 Who's Happier: People Who Hook Up, or Those in Relationships?
24 Take the Moon Home with Incredibly Detailed Lunar Globe
25 Reference: What Are Algae?
26 The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
27 Obsessed with Reality TV? You May Be a Narcissist
28 Animal Mating: How Scorpions Do It
29 Why Do Animals Hibernate?
30 Is It Safe to Drink Blood?
31 Bacteria Are Everywhere, Even in Ovaries
32 Muhammad Ali's Death: Can Head Injuries Cause Parkinson's?
33 Sit, Heel, Compute: Computers Learn Better by Imitating Dogs
34 'Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War': A Q&A with Mary Roach
35 Eating Fat Doesn't Make You Fat, Study Finds
36 Are Fewer Women in Exercise Studies Because of Their Periods?
37 Plan to Turn Asteroids into Spaceships Could Spur Off-Earth Mining
38 Who Owns Britain's Elgin Marbles? (Op-Ed)
39 Jumbo Jet Lies on Seafloor Awaiting Divers, Coral Critters
40 Massive Avalanche Formed Zion Canyon's Stunning Features
41 Retro Robot from the 1920s May Get 2nd Chance at Life
42 Obesity Rate in US Women Climbs to 40%
43 Book Excerpt: 'Full Fathom Five: Ocean Warming and a Father's Legacy'
44 What if: Dystopian Fiction, Water Rights and the Future
45 'Smart' Blocks Turn Lego Creations into Web-Connected Toys
46 Soda Pop Music? Entertainers Endorse Junk Food, Study Finds
47 Book Excerpt: 'New Charity Blues'
48 Fish Can Recognize and Remember Human Faces
49 Why Are Shark Attacks on the Rise?
50 The Size of Your Wine Glass May Affect How Much You Drink
51 Are 'Hands-Free' Phone Calls Really Safer for Drivers?
52 Reference: What Are Lichens?
53 Working Together? Male and Female Brains Just Aren't in Sync
54 Sex-Reversed Bearded Dragons Lay Eggs, Act like Males
55 Shock and Awe: Eels Leap to Deliver Electrifying Attacks
56 Silver Shekel Stash: 2,000-Year-old Coins Uncovered in Israel
57 Food Labels Have You Confused? Try the No-Label Diet
58 Miniature 'Hobbit' Humans Had Even Smaller Ancestors
59 Flash Mob! Glowing in Fishes More Widespread than Thought
60 Why the Deep Space Atomic Clock Is Key for Future Space Exploration
61 Child's Rare Injury: What Is Internal Decapitation?
62 How Accurate Are Fertility Tracking Apps?
63 Reference: Cenozoic Era: Facts About Climate, Animals & Plants
64 Reference: Kidneys: Facts, Function & Diseases
65 World's First Passenger Drone to Begin Testing
66 To Advance Science, It's Time to Tackle Unconscious Bias (Op-Ed)
67 How Much Sleep Does Your School-Age Child Need?
68 'Minecraft' Tree in 'Lost World' Forest May Be Tropics' Tallest
69 Genius: Can Anybody Be One?
70 Monster Black Hole Caught Feeding on Clumpy, Cloudy 'Rain'
71 Falling for the Sun: Heart-Shaped Sunspot Thrills Astrophotographer
72 Filling the Periodic Table: New Names for the Newest Elements
73 Cancer Clues in the Breath: Test Could Ease Screening
74 2 Teens Die After Drinking Racing Fuel & Soda Mix
75 Reference: Facts About Hyenas
76 CO2 Gets Stoned: Method Turns Harmful Gas into Solid
77 How Might Drone Racing Drive Innovation?
78 Rio Olympics: Scientists Predict How Many Medals Each Country Will Win
79 These Nifty Transparent Speakers Could Speak Directly to You
80 YouTube's Gross Science: Where 'Icky' Meets 'Intriguing'
81 Alaskan Bears Enjoy a Whale of a Meal
82 Long-Term Marijuana Use Linked to Changes in Brain's Reward System
83 How Can Drones Be Hacked? Let Us Count the Ways
84 Myth Busted: Taking Photos Doesn't Ruin Your Experiences
85 Light Pollution Ruins Night-Sky Views for One-Third of Humanity
86 Open-access journal eLife gets 25- million pounds boost
87 UK government slammed for losing track of its own research
88 Ancient genomes suggest dual origin for modern dogs
89 Plan to synthesize human genome triggers mixed response
90 CRISPR gene-editing system unleashed on RNA
91 'Zombie volcano' slowly grows beneath New Zealand
92 Massive ocean-observing project launches--despite turmoil
93 Electric eels leap from water in shock video
94 Fairer way to distribute last-ditch drugs gets real-world trial
95 The man who can map the chemicals all over your body
96 Can Delhi save itself from its toxic air?
97 Fast-spreading genetic mutations pose ecological risk
98 Four new element names proposed for periodic table
99 'Hobbit' relatives found after ten-year hunt
100 Google moves closer to a universal quantum computer
101 Brazil's scientists start street protests against ministry merger
102 First rodent found with a human-like menstrual cycle
103 France launches massive meteor-spotting network
104 Second chances
105 Energy hit
106 Humanity's forgotten family
107 Gene editing can drive science to openness
108 Conservation: The seas cannot be saved on a budget of breadcrumbs
109 Misconduct: Lessons from researcher rehab