File Title
1 Radar, bed sensors help health providers detect problems early
2 Reported data on vaccines may not build public trust or adherence
3 Racist history, lack of park-going culture reasons for few black visitors to parks
4 The science of cloud seeding
5 Solid-state physics: Probing the geometry of energy bands
6 What happens to hydraulic fracturing wastewater on cropland
7 Preparing students for college challenges reduces inequality
8 Dietary fiber intake tied to successful aging, research reveals
9 Ensuring the future affordability of wind turbines, computers and electric cars
10 Low-income, rural mothers express need for family time outdoors
11 Actuators inspired by muscle
12 Politics, not ignorance, may pollute support for pro-science solutions
13 Discovery of new IRAP inhibitors to improve cognitive functions
14 Study shows that black men with more West African genes have lower risk of obesity
15 Employers want college grads to have strong oral skills, ISU study finds
16 Seaweed could potentially help fight food allergies
17 New study of the memory through optogenetics
18 Online training helps prevent depression
19 Combination of cells and genes repairs damaged heart tissues in animal models of MI
20 State of the art management of aortic disease
21 CD34+ cell treatment reduced angina frequency for 'no option' patients
22 The association between Medicare eligibility and rehabilitative care
23 Belgian researchers check quality of chocolate with ultrasound
24 CRFR1--only for emergencies
25 Nanocars taken for a rough ride
26 New devices, wearable system aim to predict, prevent asthma attacks
27 How the names of organisms help to turn 'small data' into 'Big Data'
28 Ancient rice may hold key to solving the puzzle of the settlement of Madagascar
29 One of 8 new endemic polyester bees from Chile bears the name of a draconic Pokemon
30 Women find men more masculine when wearing deodorant
31 Pancreatic cancer: Aggressive behavior from the start
32 The organizer of body axes
33 Antarctic coastline images reveal 4 decades of ice loss to ocean
34 Elliptical galaxies not formed by merging
35 De-coding the character of a hacker
36 A new look at caspase 12 research
37 Perceived values of education from young people's perspectives
38 Opioids are not necessarily evil
39 Astronomers smash cosmic records to see hydrogen in distant galaxy
40 For women, barriers to physical activity can vary by weight
41 Scientists pioneer new method to classify praying mantises
42 The art and science of promotional pricing
43 Don't cut the tags off yet
44 Outlining a strategy for supermarket coupons
45 New study reveals the worldwide reach of social entrepreneurship
46 New measurement technique shows link between T-cells and aging
47 Purdue, CU-Boulder study shows how comets break up, make up
48 Survey suggests patients prefer dermatologists in professional attire, white coat
49 Studies examine use of newer blood test to help identify or rule-out heart attack
50 Long-term marijuana use associated with periodontal disease
51 A variation on a gene brings unexpected benefits
52 Genetic approach could help identify side-effects at early stages of drug development
53 Scripps Florida scientists create compound that erases disease-causing RNA defect
54 Schoolkids name a new tree species from Tanzania while fundraising for tropical forests
55 Long-term memory test could aid earlier Alzheimer's diagnosis
56 The deadly toxin acrolein has a useful biological role
57 Ironing out the mystery of Earth's magnetic field
58 Genetic switch that turned moths black also colors butterflies
59 Scientists find genetic cause of multiple sclerosis
60 Cooler and wetter: Study links irrigation to inaccurate climate perception
61 Hands-on science courses shown to boost graduation rates and STEM retention
62 More adults accept and have had same-sex experiences
63 Americans accept and engage in same-sex behaviors more than ever
64 Are drops in estrogen levels more rapid in women with migraine?
65 Just what sustains Earth's magnetic field anyway?
66 What will it take to protect hospital patients from UTIs? National effort shows promise
67 Ancient Wari Empire likely did not cause large shifts in population genetic diversity
68 Male orb-weaving spiders cannibalized by females may be choosy about mating
69 Neuropathic pain unmasks subliminal excitation in pain processing circuits
70 Street lighting disrupts pollinating moths
71 Workplace well-being linked to senior leadership support, new survey finds
72 Post coronary artery bypass infections may be linked to severe obesity
73 Scientists discover and test new class of pain relievers
74 AAA reveals top driving distractions for teens as '100 Deadliest Days' begin
75 First gene mutation explaining development of multiple sclerosis found
76 Uncovering the purpose of birds' extra fat
77 Shifting bird distribution indicates a changing Arctic
78 Study finds evidence of racial and class discrimination among psychotherapists
79 17 million women/children tasked with household water collection in 24 African countries
80 West African genes lower the risk of obesity in men, suggests study
81 UM study: Kodiak bears track salmon runs in Alaska
82 Cancer studies should include overweight, elderly mice
83 One in 5 women with ovarian cancer does not undergo surgery, Penn study reveals
84 Does obesity lead to more nursing home admission and a lower quality of care?
85 'On-the-fly' 3-D print system prints what you design, as you design it
86 Ancient anti-inflammatory drug salicylic acid has cancer-fighting properties
87 How doctors die in the United States
88 The unintended consequences of a hospital's attempt to improve
89 Study show female heart patients less likely to get blood thinning therapy
90 Like to get more bang for your sustainability-boosting buck? Here's how
91 PPPL physicist conducts experiments indicating efficiency of fusion start-up technique
92 'Baby talk' can help songbirds learn their tunes
93 Algorithm could help detect and reduce power grid faults
94 Leaving the electrical grid in the Upper Peninsula
95 Mantis shrimp inspires next generation of ultra-strong materials
96 A urine sample could be used to diagnose a complex and serious pregnancy disorder
97 Tiny probe could produce big improvements in batteries and fuel cells
98 UTSA professor's new study emphasizes the impact of leaders' language
99 Newly discovered gene regulates hyperglycemia-induced beta cell death in type 2 diabetes
100 Many patients continue using opioids months after joint replacement
101 Risk of international spread of yellow fever re-assessed in light of the ongoing outbreaks
102 Amid terror threats, new hope for radiation antidote
103 New class of protein could treat cancer and other diseases, study finds
104 RNA simulations boost understanding of retroviral diseases
105 'Super Mario Brothers' is harder than NP-hard
106 Novel type 2 diabetes risk model more accurately assesses disease trajectory
107 'Weak' materials offer strong possibilities for electronics
108 UM researcher embarks on field campaign to study effects of smoke on Earth's climate
109 Attosecond physics: Attosecond camera for nanostructures
110 Hydrothermal vents, methane seeps play enormous role in marine life, global climate