File Title
1 Rice study details stress-diabetes link
2 Physicists predict novel phenomena in exotic materials
3 New photonic sensor opens the door to high-speed biodetection
4 Blood-born molecules could predict those who will develop liver cancer
5 This desert moss has developed the ultimate water collection toolkit
6 Walking and talking behaviors may help predict epidemics and trends
7 Gene TMEM230 suggests a novel mechanism for Parkinson's disease
8 Study may help reassure women taking tamoxifen for breast cancer
9 Rape kit data yield major implications for sexual assault investigations
10 Cancer drug trial success
11 Unexpected function of small nucleolar RNAs explains cause of some diseases
12 'Breaking me softly:' UCF fiber findings featured in Nature
13 A family-based weight management program improved self-perception among obese children
14 Intervention reduces rates of overweight tots by half
15 Babies don't just look cute, scientists find
16 Doctors unleash new weapon to fight pediatric neuroblastoma
17 Dartmouth researchers develop a new method to transparently measure health care value
18 Study finds one-third of women taking bisphosphonates remain at risk for fracture
19 Pandas don't like it hot: Temperature, not food is biggest concern for conservation
20 Immunotherapy improves survival, quality of life in rapidly progressing head and neck cancer
21 Algorithm could construct first images of black holes
22 Essential aspects of the regulation of the anti-tumor protein p53
23 Advanced cancer patients receive aggressive care at high rates at the end of life
24 Hearing problems reduce the quality of life of older people
25 Targeting B-cell malignancies with [kappa]-specific T cells can lead to complete clinical responses
26 Faithfulness is in the eye of the beholder
27 Residents concerned about use of genetically modified mosquitoes to curb insect population
28 Microgrids, not always economically efficient in regulated electricity markets
29 Penn study describes a better animal model to improve HIV vaccine development
30 Longer life, disability free
31 MPs want academic 'match-making' service to help inform policy
32 Lean gene discovery could lead to new type 2 diabetes therapies
33 Shorter patient consent forms, video formats improve comprehension
34 Genome engineering of quantifiable protein
35 More is better: The diversity and number of soil animals determine leaf decomposition
36 NRL develops new low-defect method to nitrogen dope graphene resulting in tunable bandstructure
37 Scientists use silver to make lights shine brightly
38 The mystery of the initial mass function solved
39 Roads 'a serious threat' to rare bats
40 How the brain merges the senses
41 Marine invertebrate larvae actively respond to their surroundings
42 A protective shield against the heavy metal uranium
43 Early farmers from across Europe were direct descendants of Aegeans
44 Enzyme-aided recovery methods help in extracting protein from rapeseed press cake
45 Cleaning up decades of phosphorus pollution in lakes
46 Expansion of kidney progenitor cells toward regenerative medicine
47 Blood test to personalize depression treatment for the first time
48 In CRISPR genome editing, Cpf1, proved its marked specificity and produced a mutant mouse
49 More than just hippos and crocs: The hidden biodiversity of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park
50 IL-33 ameliorates Alzheimer's-like pathology and cognitive decline
51 New molecular design to get hydrogen-powered cars motoring
52 Research proves Aboriginal Australians were first inhabitants
53 Spiders put the bite on irritable bowel syndrome pain
54 Inbred Neanderthals left humans a genetic burden
55 Combo immunotherapy for advanced melanoma: Two therapies may be better than one
56 Obesity and gestational diabetes in mothers linked to early onset of puberty in daughters
57 Ohioans say it is important for the state to lead in education and medical research
58 Evidence of hearing damage in teens prompts researchers' warning
59 Novel protein inhibitors engineered as alternative approach to potentially treat cancer
60 New gene shown to cause Parkinson's disease
61 New compound shows promise against malaria
62 Eddies enhance survival of coral reef fish in sub-tropical waters
63 Progression-free survival triples in select metastatic lung cancer patients with surgery or radiation after standard chemotherapy
64 'Wasteful' galaxies launch heavy elements into surrounding halos and deep space
65 Weak evidence for prescribed alcohol drug, say scientists
66 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Mediterranean diet high in healthy fat does not lead to weight gain, according to randomized trial
67 Two kinds of Medicare--2 kinds of patients? Findings may mean a lot for health policy
68 Larger wine glasses may lead people to drink more
69 Pembrolizumab elicits significant antitumor activity in head & neck cancer patients
70 Epigenomic alterations contribute to obesity-associated diabetes
71 Speeding up drug discovery to fight tuberculosis
72 Novel imaging model helps reveal new therapeutic target for pancreatic cancer
73 Study of 81,000 adults examines mental illness, gun violence and suicide
74 Late-term birth associated with better school-based cognitive functioning
75 Pictures warning of smoking dangers on cigarette packs increased quit attempts
76 Intensive treatment, severe hypoglycemia in adults with type 2 diabetes
77 New support for human evolution in grasslands
78 Intensive treatment of glucose levels can lead to serious complications
79 Ships flagged for illegal fishing still able to get insurance: UBC study
80 Women still excluded from meaningful sport and exercise research, argue experts
81 Substantial numbers of British adults find new sexual partners while travelling abroad
82 Soluble elements from a new corner of the periodic table
83 Study finds wide geographic differences in treatment of diabetes, hypertension, depression
84 The truth is out there: Scientists unlock X-Files DNA mystery
85 Asteroseismologists listen to the relics of the Milky Way
86 Electric eels make leaping attacks
87 Long after heart attack, chymase inhibitors could extend cell survival
88 Ice age bison fossils shed light on early human migrations in North America
89 Almost all food and beverage products marketed by music stars are unhealthy
90 Insufficient sleep cycle--especially for shift workers--may increase heart disease risk
91 Combination therapy cures tick-borne illness in mice
92 Study: News stories often wrongly link violence with mental illness
93 'Pristine' landscapes haven't existed for thousands of years due to human activity
94 Reduce cyberslacking and increase physical activity with a tap, a click or a kick
95 Researchers uncover new mode of action for HUMIRA in rheumatoid arthritis patients
96 Law reform in Canada may help curb organ transplant tourism
97 Electroacupuncture may help relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome
98 Army personnel most at risk for violent suicide
99 Increases in sFLT1 predict the onset of preeclampsia symptoms in mice
100 The scientists found out, that bats are transmitters of infections dangerous for humans
101 Immunotherapy effective against some types of sarcoma
102 Dual stem-cell transplant improves outlook for children with high-risk neuroblastoma
103 Novel targeted drug shows promise against advanced small cell lung cancer
104 LA BioMed researchers editorialize on new breast cancer study in NEJM
105 MD Anderson researchers highlight advances in gynecologic cancer treatments
106 Nivolumab shows promise in first-ever trial for patients with refractory, metastatic anal cancer
107 Nivolumab immunotherapy helps patients with advanced bladder cancer
108 New drug 'retrains' immune system to fight aggressive bladder cancer
109 Women and people under the age of 35 at greatest risk of anxiety
110 Direct patient engagement through social media speeds recruitment to cancer research study