File Title
1 A new molecular toolkit for the de-novo design of bioactive agents
2 ORNL research finds magnetic material could host wily Weyl fermions
3 Mobilizing mitochondria may be key to regenerating damaged neurons
4 Predicting advanced prostate cancer outcomes with NaF-PET/CT
5 Study shows long-term marijuana use changes brain's reward circuit
6 New cheap method of surveying landscapes can capture environmental change
7 How 4-D simulation can help construction projects come in on time--and on budget
8 New test allows for one-step diagnosis of HCV [Hepatitis C virus] infection
9 Anti-epileptic drug linked to birth defects when taken with other drugs
10 Preschool academic skills improve only when instruction is good to excellent
11 Children who spend extra week in the womb have higher school test scores, risk disability
12 Climate change will affect farmers' bottom line
13 Bad behavior may not be a result of bad parenting, but a lack of common language
14 Research finds offender risk assessment tools in US Are promising, but questions remain
15 On common ground: Liverpool and Palmyra, World Heritage in danger
16 LISA Pathfinder mission paves way for space-based detection of gravitational waves
17 Study examines unsafe behaviors in older adults who likely have dementia
18 Mayo clinic first to implant device to solve fecal incontinence
19 'Missing tooth' hydrogels handle hard-to-deliver drugs
20 Scientists craft an artificial seawater concoction
21 Scientists use modelling to show the role of metabolism and signaling in cancer metastasis
22 Ebola map may help prepare for future outbreaks
23 Neural stem cell transplants promote Parkinson's recovery in non-human primates
24 Study questions cancer link with bone growth factor for spinal surgery
25 New research on snakes may provide insights on evolution
26 Flight of the RoboBee
27 Two in five formerly depressed adults are happy and flourishing
28 Universe's first life might have been born on carbon planets
29 N/A
30 NYU researchers find weak spots in Europe's 'Right to be Forgotten' data privacy law
31 Natural killer cells have a memory
32 Computer simulations shed light on the Milky Way's missing red giants
33 Survival correlation for low versus high enrolling institutions for patients with LA-NSCLC
34 Revisiting trajectories at the quantum scale
35 Origami ninja star inspires new battery design
36 Recent research uncovers surprises about antibiotic resistance
37 Study uncovers clue to deciphering schizophrenia
38 John Innes Centre scientists identify protein which boosts rice yield by 50 percent
39 New types of blood cancer discovered in children
40 How did ignoring people for our smartphones become the norm?
41 Deer make collision-free escapes thanks to inbuilt 'compasses'
42 Is there a good way to deliver bad news? Psychologists examine layoff interviews
43 You are not as anonymous as you think online
44 Constrain the composition of Earth's interior with elasticity of minerals
45 Stem cells from umbilical cord blood may help treat eczema
46 Anorexia nervosa: Pleasure at getting thin more than fear of getting fat
47 Nordic countries: Highest in gender equality and intimate partner violence against women
48 Angina drug could inform a new strategy to fight cryptococcosis
49 Glass now has smart potential
50 Spintronics development gets boost with new findings into ferromagnetism in Mn-doped GaAs
51 Japan OISTER collaboration uncovers the origin of extraordinary supernovae
52 Chemical 'sponges' designed to soak up toxic cancer-fighting drugs after targeting tumors
53 Some Asian-Americans are predisposed to want more carbs and fast food
54 Benefits to timing chemotherapy to body's 'awake' time
55 Dartmouth-led study finds removal of dams in New England can help reconnect river networks and increase watershed resilience
56 New approach to MRI imaging links saturated fats to breast cancer in postmenopausal women
57 Individual support services help people with serious mental illness find employment
58 Study: Facing suicide attempts as a teenager could predict heart disease later in life
59 MDI Biological Laboratory to offer new signature course on aging
60 What happens when parents comment on their daughter's weight?
61 Fish can recognize human faces, new research shows
62 Seeing atoms
63 Cell transplants may alleviate Huntington's disease
64 Using terahertz laser, scientists change the macromolecular conformation of a polymer
65 Early detection, smaller cancer among benefits of skin cancer screening at PCP visits
66 Study finds opposing trends in hospitalizations, costs for gout and rheumatoid arthritis
67 Swapping sick for healthy brain cells slows Huntington's disease
68 Yale researchers map 6,000 years of urban settlements
69 Maternal weight gain between pregnancies is linked to complications and adverse outcomes
70 A third of young children in LMICs are failing to meet basic milestones
71 Coral reefs fall victim to overfishing, pollution aggravated by ocean warming
72 Screening for syphilis recommended for persons at increased risk of infection
73 Findings suggest small increase in obesity among US teens in recent years
74 Prevalence of obesity in the US increases among women, but not men
75 Anesthesia is safe in the young, study finds
76 A window to the gut's brain
77 New tool could help investors pick the clean energy project right for them
78 One-third of children in low- and middle-income countries fail to reach developmental milestones
79 Moving can be hazardous to your health and wellbeing
80 Saturated fatty acids linked to breast cancer in postmenopausal women
81 Prototype gravitational wave spacecraft sets new free fall record
82 1 hour of driving a day = 2.3kg more weight and 1.5cm wider waist, study reveals
83 Towards building next-generation batteries using a pigment electrode
84 Tarantula toxins offer key insights into neuroscience of pain
85 The biological clock gets a time stamp
86 Operation IceBridge completes 2016 Arctic spring campaign
87 Copper is key in burning fat
88 WSU researcher affirms 86-year-old hypothesis
89 Just a few more bites: Defining moderation varies by individual, study finds
90 War and peace in the human gut: Probing the microbiome
91 A new approach to chemical synthesis
92 New approach could make bone marrow transplants safer
93 Distinguishing deadly Staph bacteria from harmless strains
94 Study concludes that ultralow-dose CT may substitute for standard-dose CT in some COPD patients
95 The rise of intimate partner violence during the Great Recession
96 Interracial friendships decrease over time in elementary and middle school
97 Myricitrin may protect against neuronal loss in Parkinson's disease
98 Genetic variations linked with social and economic success
99 Wild parents' genomes reveal complex genetic past for garden variety petunias
100 Scientists develop protein with potential to modify brain function, memory in mice and fish
101 Personalized medicine leads to better outcomes for patients with cancer
102 Moffitt researchers present phase 1 study results of selinexor combination therapy; multiple myeloma
103 Methotrexate exposure impacts cognitive processes cancer survivors need to multitask
104 World Oceans Day: Bring the seas into your home, exploration is one click away
105 Lucy had neighbors: A review of African fossils
106 NHS England needs to stop stalling and make HIV preventing treatment available
107 Researchers can now build an inexpensive and flexible micro-raman system
108 New method seeks to diminish risk, maximize investment in cancer 'megafunds'
109 Clinical trial opens new avenues for pharmacological therapy in Down's syndrome
110 Videoconferencing between hospital clinicians, nursing home staff offers new dementia treatment