File Title
1 Rare 'Baby Dragons' Hatch in Ancient Slovenian Cave
2 Underwater 'Lost City' in Greece Turns Out to Be Act of Nature
3 This Type of Fish Can Recognize Human Faces, Study Shows
4 What Causes Parkinson's Disease? Scientists Discover New Gene Linked to the Disease
5 Magma Build Up Under New Zealand Town Could Signal the Birth of New Volcano
6 Star-Disk Collisions Most Likely to Cause the 'Disappearance' of Red Giants in the Milky Way
7 Fossils Reveal Hobbit's 700,000-Year-Old Ancestors, and They Are Even Smaller
8 IUPAC Announces Provisional Names for the 4 Newest Elements in the Periodic Table
9 Stephen Hawking Redefining Black Holes, Points to a Possible Exit
10 'Three-Parent-Baby' Gene Technique Can Now Produce Healthy Infants, Scientists Say
11 Fertility Tracking Apps: Are They Accurate?
12 Human-Pig Hybrid Organs Could Be the Hope for Transplant Patients, U.S. Scientists Say
13 Milky Way Can No Longer Be Seen by One-Third of Humanity Because of Light Pollution
14 Scientists Develop New Stable Long-Lasting Carbon-Based Molecule
15 Hubble Space Telescope Discovers a Mysterious Isolated Galaxy
16 Almost 80% of the World's Population Live Under Light-Polluted Sky
17 China Doctor to Swap Heads of Two Humans, Says It's the 'New Frontier' in Science
18 Zika, Ebola Outbreaks Can Be Predicted Using Climate Change, Scientists Say
19 This Rodent Has a Menstrual Cycle Similar to a Human Female's, Could Be Used in Studying Reproductive Disorders
20 Astronomers Discover a New Born "Hot Jupiter" Being Torn Away by a Young Star 1,100 Light Years Away from Earth
21 Bye Chernobyl! Rare Material that Can Clean, Recycle Radioactive Waste Discovered
22 Scientists Detects First Mirror Image Molecule in Deep Space
23 2,000-Year-Old Butter Dug from Irish Bog Is Still Edible
24 Not 'Bird Brained:' Study Shows Birds Have More Brains than Monkeys
25 Study: Could Sad Music Help People Light Up Their Mood?
26 NASA Aims to Grow Human Tissue for Deep Space Explorations
27 Study: How Autonomic Nervous System Activity During Sleep Affects Memory Improvement
28 HIV Update: Multinational Study Enables First-Time Analysis of Earliest Stages of HIV Infection
29 Spot the ISS: NASA Offers App to Help People See the Station from Earth
30 Words, more words...and statistics
31 Neurological complications of Zika virus
32 UTMB scientists genetically engineered world's first Zika virus infectious cDNA clone
33 A beautiful instance of stellar ornamentation
34 Care for COPD: Could more be done?
35 Scientists create novel 'liquid wire' material inspired by spiders' capture silk
36 High blood pressure linked to vascular dementia
37 Mille-feuille-filter removes viruses from water
38 USF scientists discover Antarctic sponge extract can help kill MRSA
39 Evidence of repeated rapid retreat of the East Antarctic ice sheet
40 Stellar cannibalism transforms star into brown dwarf
41 Scientists predict extensive ice loss from huge Antarctic glacier
42 New horned dinosaur species with 'spiked shield' identified by Canadian Museum of Nature
43 New species of horned dinosaur with a spiked 'shield'
44 New horned dinosaur had spikes at back of neck shield
45 New study finds major earthquake threat from the Riasi fault in the Himalayas
46 What big eyes you have! Spider adaptation widened dietary net
47 Panda poop study provides insights into microbiome, reproductive troubles
48 Ocelot density in the Brazilian Amazon may be lower than expected
49 New data on the variability of the Earth's reflectance over the last 16 years
50 Scientists discover the evolutionary link between protein structure and function
51 Stellar mystery deepens
52 Robots get creative to cut through clutter
53 Bubble volcano: Shaking, popping by earthquakes may cause eruptions
54 Hornbills in the Kalahari desert may keep cool by losing heat through their beaks
55 New Berkeley Lab study tallies environmental and public health benefits of solar power
56 Burial sites show how Nubians, Egyptians integrated communities thousands of years ago
57 Your friends have more friends than you do
58 Review finds fathers' age, lifestyle associated with birth defects
59 Coal shipping threat to Great Barrier Reef
60 Fighting the Zika virus with the power of supercomputing
61 Fort McMurray fire continues in Alberta
62 Ancient tsunami evidence on Mars reveals life potential
63 NASA's Van Allen Probes reveal long-term behavior of Earth's ring current
64 Making injectable medicine safer
65 Scent guides hawk moths to the best-fitting flowers
66 Antipsychotic drugs are linked with an increased risk of heart attacks
67 Nearly half of all heart attacks may be 'silent'
68 Study shows GMU's Lyme disease early-detection test is effective
69 How is rattlesnake venom like fine wine? Both have regional varieties
70 Genes discovered that enable birds to produce the color red
71 How did cardinals get those bright red feathers?
72 How birds turn red
73 Plants are 'biting' back
74 Atmospheric aerosols can significantly cool down climate
75 A digital Rochester Cloak to fit all sizes
76 Plant cell wall development revealed in space and time for the first time
77 Close-up of the Red Planet
78 Hubble takes Mars portrait near close approach
79 Antimicrobial in common toothpaste doesn't impact gut, oral microbiome
80 Common antimicrobial agent rapidly disrupts gut bacteria
81 Lowering blood pressure reduces risk of heart disease in older adults
82 Hot tubs and swimming pools are not as clean as you may think
83 Exercise, more than diet, key to preventing obesity
84 Can a healthy lifestyle prevent cancer?
85 Even frail, older adults could benefit from intensive blood pressure reduction
86 NIH study confirms benefits of intensive blood pressure management among seniors aged 75 and older
87 Rapid rise of the Mesozoic sea dragons
88 Man-eating monster crocodile may be Florida's newest invasive species
89 Genital size doesn't matter--for fish
90 Too much sex causes genitals to change shape, beetle study shows
91 OU team develops new antibiotic to fight MRSA
92 Temporary oilfield workers are major factor in increased water use in N. Dakota Bakken region
93 Harvard chemists develop simple new platform for development of macrolide antibiotics
94 ORNL demonstrates large-scale technique to produce quantum dots
95 Power up when the temperature is down
96 'Canaries' of the ocean highlight threat to world's ecosystems
97 First evidence of icy comets orbiting a sun-like star
98 Natural regeneration of tropical forests helps global climate mitigation and forest restoration
99 A tool to support public health decisions on Zika virus predicts most planned interventions to be cost-effective
100 Physicists create first metamaterial with rewritable magnetic ordering
101 Temperature influences gene expression, life cycle in vibrio cholerae
102 Developing tropical storm triggers deadly landslides in Sri Lanka
103 Tropical Cyclone 01B named Roanu and is strengthening
104 In changing oceans, cephalopods are booming
105 Dartmouth team creates new method to control quantum systems
106 Exercise associated with longer life in patients with heart failure
107 End of the road for aliskiren in heart failure
108 Flu jab associated with fewer hospitalizations in patients with heart failure
109 Flu vaccination associated with lower dementia risk in patients with heart failure
110 Strange sea-dwelling reptile fossil hints at rapid evolution after mass extinction