File Title
1 Schrodinger's Cat Gets a Second Box
2 Hubble Image of the Week--Globular Cluster NGC 6496
3 New Cassini Image of Saturn's Moons Janus and Mimas
4 Lund Astronomers Believe Planet 9 Was an Exoplanet
5 New Models Show that Kepler-62f Might Be Able to Sustain Life
6 Astronomers Use a New Method to Detect Hydrated Material on the Moon
7 Dual-Phase Alloys Capable of High Strength and Ductility
8 Hubble Reveals Universe Is Expanding Faster than Expected
9 New Horizons Reveals Secrets from Pluto's 'Twilight Zone'
10 Bones and Shells May Lead to a New Formula for Concrete
11 The way we were before Google Maps
12 How do we cope with the new robot angst?
13 CubeSaturday deployed to view Sun's soft X-rays
14 What now for NASA's magnetic field probes?
15 Remains of giant asteroid found in outback Australia
16 AI learns Nobel prize-winning quantum experiment
17 How do fibre optic cables work?
18 Spider silk inspires new super-stretchy nano-wire
19 How the giraffe got its long neck
20 Europa's ocean may have chemistry to sustain life
21 Haumea's mysterious moons
22 New Horizons delivers first data on post-Pluto object
23 Watch: an experiment to create and 'taste' neutrinos
24 Chemists sniff out fake Parmesan cheese
25 Australian scientists smash solar cell efficiency record
26 Identical twins live longer, thanks to close bond
27 New spiky-necked dinosaur discovered in Utah
28 How supernovae get a boost of brilliance
29 Eric the robot, 3-D hurricane simulator and Mars up close
30 Early humans--out of Africa and back again
31 Why it's best to see red if you're a bird
32 First long-horned beetle found bearing live young
33 Antibiotics may play havoc with your memory
34 Meteorites whipped up mega-tsunamis on Mars
35 Big spider eyes put more insects on the menu
36 Painful pooping may stop panda sex
37 First contact: how we'll get the news that we found aliens
38 Why is Antarctica's sea ice spreading as the Arctic's shrinks?
39 ESA set to launch latest Galileo satellites
40 Beer packaging safe for sea life to eat
41 Neanderthals were broad and stocky from birth
42 Man-made molecule designed to destroy viruses
43 Solar 'superflares' fostered life on Earth: study
44 Recipe for 5,000-year-old Chinese beer unearthed
45 Icy moons cracked by short sharp tidal tugs: study
46 Monster black holes may be behemoths from birth
47 Superbug resistant to last resort antibiotic
48 Harbour porpoise catches 90% of fish it hunts
49 New evidence supports asteroid theory of dinosaur extinction
50 Did a climate fluctuation save Europe from the Mongol hordes?
51 Rosetta finds ingredients for life in Comet 67P's halo
52 50 years after Surveyor 1, what's in store for the Moon?
53 How Zika virus infiltrates the placenta
54 Maths mystery solved after 40 years
55 New silver snake species a 'rare, exciting' find
56 Computer cracks 200-terabyte maths proof
57 NASA releases most detailed close-up of Pluto yet
58 Algal 'dirty blizzard' helped scrub Deepwater Horizon fallout
59 Vibrating hairs help bees 'see' electric fields
60 Ancient crops tell Madagascar's history of colonisation
61 Inflatable room blown up on space station
62 Asteroids, not comets, delivered most water to the Moon
63 Flesh-eating disease sweeps war-ravaged Syria
64 Killer whales colonised the oceans in 200,000 years
65 Watch: lightning strikes in super slow motion
66 Juno enters Jupiter's gravitational clutches
67 Pluto's icy heart churns like a lava lamp
68 Core conundrum: how old is Earth's magnetic field?
69 Why mice freeze or flee in the face of fear
70 Rubber duck comets 'decapitate' and reconnect
71 Nine scientists named Kavli Prize winners
72 Peeling back Jupiter's skin to find ammonia within
73 Is biodegradable plastic a big lie?
74 Faint, distant galaxy offers clues of a universe 'dark age'
75 Urban air quality is getting worse, says UN. Can the trend be reversed?
76 Did scientists just settle the debate over supermassive black holes?
77 On World Turtle Day, how are the reptiles faring?
78 Mysterious cave edifice suggests Neanderthals were complex cavemen
79 Space station astronauts to test inflatable habitat
80 Do supermassive black holes squelch star formation?
81 Cloud seeding challenges our understanding of global warming
82 Is it time to redefine the second?
83 An Ice Age on Mars is ending, scientists say. Why is that important for Earth?
84 NASA plans deflate when expandable module inflation flops (+video)
85 Did weather defeat the Mongol Empire?
86 New silvery snake species slithers onto sleeping scientist
87 Fla. debates whether black bear 'conflict management' calls for another hunt
88 Antarctica wasn't a dinosaur refuge, after all, study argues
89 Is that a minivan or a sea sponge? Scientists find possible oldest animal.
90 Why Australia removed Great Barrier Reef from UN climate report
91 Why the drought is making California's beaches cleaner
92 This ancient Aussie marsupial dined on snails, say scientists
93 Zion Canyon was sculpted by a colossal rockslide, say researchers
94 Tropical storm warning for South Carolina coast
95 'Living fossil' in Yellowstone River needs help: Will $57 million dam save sturgeon?
96 Ancient Phoenician DNA suggests a new model of human migration
97 All sharks are not alike: A new study shows unique personality differences
98 A spectacular Mars to make its closest approach to Earth in 11 years on May 30 (+video)
99 Do a bumblebee's hairs talk to the flowers?
100 Could old, cold water rising in Antarctic seas solve climate change mystery?
101 Is an exoplanet 1,200 lightyears away capable of sustaining life?
102 Can ancient mung bean seeds solve Madagascar migration mystery?
103 Mark Zuckerberg will connect with astronauts over Facebook Live
104 Water on the moon? Asteroids, not comets, brought it.
105 Was 'Planet Nine' stolen by our sun?
106 Tiny shrimp's powerful punch inspires a new kind of human helmet
107 Britain's oldest hand-written document unearthed in London dig
108 King Tut: a ruler swathed in mystery also wielded a cosmic dagger
109 Satellite data shines light on hidden pollution
110 To save the bees, mind the household bug spray, study says
111 Does Pluto's heart have a pulse? Peculiar polygons suggest activity on dwarf planet
112 Do comets continually break apart and reassemble themselves?
113 These moths evolved to disguise themselves as soot in Industrial Revolution
114 Climate change could trigger toxic corn: what can be done?
115 Elon Musk wants to send humans to Mars in 2024. Can he do it?
116 Were there two first Fidos? Researchers propose a new origin story for dogs
117 Bionic leaf converts energy from the sun better than nature does
118 Mysterious underwater Greek city isn't actually a city, after all