File Title
1 Slime mold reveals clues to immune cells' directional abilities
2 Using a model to estimate breast cancer risk in effort to improve prevention
3 Women may be able to reduce breast cancer risk predicted by their genes
4 NIH study visualizes proteins involved in cancer cell metabolism
5 Antarctic fossils reveal creatures weren't safer in the south during dinosaur extinction
6 Deep learning applied to drug discovery and repurposing
7 Refusing access to surgery recovery area at a UK hospital unless WHO Safe Surgery Checklist is fully complete
8 New meta-analysis shows ketamine effective against persistent post-surgical pain and could provide major cost-savings globally
9 Odor alternative
10 Cells engineered from muscular dystrophy patients offer clues to variations in symptoms
11 A critical inheritance from dad ensures healthy embryos
12 Schrodinger's cat is alive and dead in 2 places at once
13 Mars is emerging from an ice age
14 New 'genetic barcode' technique reveals details of cell lineage
15 TSRI scientists discover mechanism that turns mutant cells into aggressive cancers
16 Malnutrition results from more than just inadequate diet
17 Study dispels myth about millionaire migration in the US
18 Making or breaking habits: The endocannabinoids can do it
19 Mimicking deep sleep brain activity improves memory
20 Metagenomics pathogen detection tool could change how infectious diseases are diagnosed
21 Researchers show experience plays strong role in early stages of brain circuit development
22 Gut bacteria may contribute to poor health in patients with kidney disease
23 Genes that increase children's risk of blood infection identified
24 Potential impact of a dengue vaccine in the Yucatan
25 Why malnutrition is an immune disorder
26 Alternative odor receptors discovered in mice
27 Cuing environmental responses in fungi
28 Harbour porpoises are skilled hunters and eat almost constantly
29 In brain-injured patients, a way to measure awareness or its impending return
30 How a huge landslide shaped Zion National Park
31 The brain needs cleaning to stay healthy
32 How prions kill neurons: New culture system shows early toxicity to dendritic spines
33 New malaria drugs kill by promoting premature parasite division
34 The taste or smell of foods can affect aging, say scientists
35 Understanding your bacteria
36 Scientists create 'magnetic charge ice'
37 Differences in metabolism between androgen-dependent and castration resistant prostate cancer may lead to new therapies
38 NASA scientists explain the art of creating digital hurricanes
39 Boosting productivity at work may be simple: Stand up
40 NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission will have a map for that
41 Radiation oncologists meet with members of Congress, advocate for cancer research funding
42 King Tut's Blade Made of Meteorite
43 Why Archaeologists Are Intentionally Setting Early American Sites on Fire
44 Has Aristotle's Tomb Been Found? Archaeologists Doubt Claims
45 Space-age exploration for prehistoric bones in South Africa
46 Ancient crops provide clue to Madagascar's past
47 Looters Steal Civil War History at Petersburg National Battlefield
48 Municipality of Lima to stop guarding Huacas
49 The smoking gun 'proving ancient man killed woolly mammoth 45,000 years ago'
50 New Inca Ruins Charted Near Choquequirao
51 Charred bone, heat-rippled stone in Spanish cave date back 800,000 years
52 Ancient Mayan observatory was used to track sun and Venus, researchers find
53 Underwater 'lost city' found to be geological formation
54 19th-Century White House Garden Aligns with Solstice Sun
55 How southeastern Mayan people overcame the catastrophic eruption of Ilpango?
56 Roman Era Getae-Dacian Family Tomb Discovered in Bulgaria's Velikovo in Rescue Excavations after Treasure Hunting Raid
57 Ancient Wari Empire may have spread by diffusion, suggests research
58 Ancient Roman texts shed light on earliest Londoners in one of UK's most important archaeological discoveries
59 Ancient tomb unearthed in Paphos
60 Who Was Sattjeni? Tomb Reveals Secrets About Ancient Egyptian Elite
61 Statue dating back to 1400 years found in Kashmir
62 The man who really DID have a skeleton in his closet: Home owner discovers bones of 2,200-year-old warrior in his basement
63 Archaeologists Find First Ancient Oracle to Apollo in Athens
64 Ancient bison fossils offer hints about 1st humans in southern Canada
65 Yale researchers map 6,000 years of urban settlements
66 More information on the facilities of the Roman fort Tibiscum in Romania
67 Tracking the Glass Road
68 Rare Cache of Silver Coins from Hasmonean Period Found in Modi'in
69 Research proves Aboriginal Australians were first inhabitants
70 Lucy had neighbors: A review of African fossils
71 Experts found 60 Revolutionary structures off Limekiln Road
72 Ancient Seafarers' Tool Sites, Up to 12,000 Years Old, Discovered on California Island
73 Archaeologists Discover Grave of Medieval Bulgarian Princess 'Built into' Foundations of Stone Church near Botevgrad
74 2,500 year old tattooed 'ice princess' wears 'fur' to go on public display at next new moon
75 Body in well confirms Viking Saga
76 Boat timbers discovered
77 Scientists decipher purpose of mysterious astronomy tool made by ancient Greeks
78 New technology reveals enormous hidden monument in Petra, Jordan
79 Old World metals traded on Alaska coast hundreds of years before contact with Europeans
80 Livestock pens approximately 5,000 years old in Alava, Spain
81 New fossils shed light on the origin of 'hobbits'
82 Archaeological discoveries at rare 400-year-old American Indian homestead site
83 'The greatest palace that ever was': Chinese archaeologists find evidence of the fabled imperial home of Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty
84 French archaeologists unearth bones from 6,000-year-old massacre
85 The diehards who survey the sky from a backyard shed
86 Unnamed dwarf planet may be third largest in the solar system
87 Cannibal stars explode violently--as predicted by Darwin's son
88 Time capsule galaxy can help probe conditions after the big bang
89 Identity-crisis comet may really be closest asteroid to the sun
90 There might be a planet better than Earth--right next door
91 Mars was once devastated by giant 50-metre tsunamis
92 Tadpole galaxy spawns stars after eating invisible gas cloud
93 Incoming asteroids could crumble harmlessly before they hit us
94 Volcano in Chile dampened lunar eclipse's glory
95 India's reusable space plane takes its first test flight
96 Bloated baby black holes spotted in the distant universe
97 Rare cosmic balancing act makes Perseid meteor showers brighter
98 Building blocks of life spotted around comet for the first time
99 Packing for space flattened NASA's inflatable space hotel
100 Your explosive guide to the end of the universe
101 Why is the universe expanding 9 percent faster than we thought?
102 Gravity probe LISA Pathfinder achieves best ever free fall
103 Supersmart satellites reveal crops and fields like never before
104 Ghostly neutrino could be behind cosmic expansion mystery
105 Spongy minerals could explain why Mars gives off methane burps
106 Bully particle beats up atoms to fix cosmic accounting glitch
107 Supernovae 2 million years ago may have changed human behaviour
108 How the sun abducted dwarf planets from an alien solar system
109 Massive exoplanet's close dance is making its star spin faster
110 Flamingo stars turn pink when they gobble iron-rich planets